BLACKPINK's Jennie Styled Her Backup Dancer's Outfit In Their 'Pink Venom' MV

BLACKPINK's Jennie Styled Her Backup Dancer's Outfit In Their 'Pink Venom' MV

All Photocredits: YG Entertainment

As a queen of fashion, Jennie applied her skills in personally dressing up one of her backup dancer in their ‘Pink Venom’ MV.

The face of the BLACKPINK showed everyone what a real fashion enthusiast is by personally applying her fashion sense and skills to one of her backup dancer. Recently, they made their grand comeback with their song ‘Pink Venom’ and one of her backup dancer was lucky enough to get dolled up by Jennie herself.

The backup dancer shared this on one of her social media platforms where she said “This is a venom outfit that Jennie Unnie styled for me one by one.” As flashed on the screen, Jennie made sure to make her look bomb as her. Surely, she did great. A cropped long sleeve paired with loose base is definitely a fire look.

One of her backup dancer post. Photo credits via: Koreaboo

Although it was not stated nor clarified by the dancer as to whether she was the only one touched up by Jennie, there’s a probability that the idol styled the other back up dancers as well. But what is sure is that Jennie’s styling skills are like a pro level. It definitely deserves an attention.


Truly enough, Jennie is a multitalented idol who could do almost everything whether it’s rapping, singing, dancing, modeling, acting, and even styling.  

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