BTS J-Hope Guests on IU’s Palette Ep. 14

BTS J-Hope Guests on IU’s Palette Ep. 14




BTS J-Hope is in the house! As he guest on IU’s show called “IU’s Palette”.



On IU’s Palette episode 14, One of the biggest boy group BTS member J-Hope guest on the show. IU was so excited to meet J-Hope  and revealed that it was the first time they were going to have an actual conversation. To be more comfortable and know each other more they began talking about their common interests and similarities. IU was fascinated when she found out that they have four similarities, like they both start achieving their dreams at an early age. 



Both kpop artists do well on the show and share their thoughts about their career and life. They performed perfectly as they are, and showed off their amusing visuals and outfits.

Both of them are wearing light colors. IU is wearing a white a white oversized long sleeve polo and pastel blue high waist slit denim pants partnered with white high heel boots Her simplicity fits to the background and makes her more beautiful with her messy hair bun.



Meanwhile J-Hope is wearing a white shirt and denim white jacket for his top and oversized pants and a brown belt with his brown sneakers. He also has accessories like his necklace with a large pendant and a gold metal bracelet. His outfit fits IU’s style. It’s so simple and neat.




BTS J-Hope is about to perform in Lollapalooza on July 31. He is also promoting his newest solo album “Jack in the Box”.



However IU is going to have her “The Golden Hour” concert at the Olympic Stadium on September 18-18, 2022.



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