Frequently Asked Questions "FAQs" About BLACKPINK

Frequently Asked Questions "FAQs" About BLACKPINK

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As one of the fastest rising K-pop girl band, fans never stop raising their questions about BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular third generation K-pop girl band who earned fans worldwide. Hence, many of them, primarily the new fans has so much question about them. Below, unnielooks have gathered the most frequent questions that fans look through different searching platforms. Read to improve your knowledge about BLACKPINK.

When did BLACKPINK had debut?

BLACKPINK made their debut on August 08, 2016 under one of the biggest K-pop label, YG Entertainment and started with their first song "BOOMBAYAH" on which they earned their popularity. The song's beat could make anyone dance in no time and this pave the way on bringing the K-pop across the globe. At present the song has over 1.4 billion views on YouTube, thus it's an understatement to tell that BLACKPINK is a famous band.

When will comeback in 2022?

Blackpink comeback with their album "Born Pink" last August 19 as they released their first single "Pink Venom" which already reached over 239 million views on youtube.


What BLACKPINK fans are called?

BLACKPINK calls their fans "BLINKS" and it was formed by getting the "BL" and "INK" from their group name which meant that their fans would stay with them until the end.

What BLACKPINK haters are called?

According to BLINKS, they are called Blackhead who dedicate themselves insulting BLACKPINK.

What BLACKPINK member are you?

We cannot directly answer this question, but we can provide you a legitimate quiz to know which among BLACKPINK member are you. Visit SOOMPI's quiz to know what BLACKPINK member are you.

What BLACKPINK member do I look like?

Like the previous question, we can't provide definite answer as there are diverse face shapes. Click here and take the test to find out.

What BLACKPINK song was in Amphibia?

The song "As If It's Your Last" was featured in the Disney channel series, Amphibia.


Which BLACKPINK song are you?

Everyone has different taste in music, and we couldn't directly tell what BLACKPINK song are you. But by taking this test, you'll surely know.

Which BLACKPINK is your soulmate?

We couldn't tell your standards and taste, but this quiz would help you find out who among BLACKPINK member is your soulmate.

Where was BLACKPINK Rosé born?

 Rosé was born in New Zealand, and was raised in Australia.

Where does BLACKPINK lives?

BLACKPINK members does not live together anymore, but their individual apartments can be found in Han River Banseom Apartments.

Who is the leader of BLACKPINK?

Kim Jennie is the leader of BLACKPINK.

Who is the manager of BLACKPINK?

Lee Sang Won is the protective manager of BLACKPINK since pre-debut era.

Will BLACKPINK come to UK?

After releasing their comeback song "Pink Venom", it's possible that they will held a concert and might come to UK.

Are BLACKPINK allowed to date?

BLACKPINK are under YG Entertainment which imposed a strict dating ban policy. Needless to say, BLACKPINK members are not allowed to date.


Jisoo and Jennie are the only full-born Korean members among BLACKPINK, as Lisa is thai while Rose is Australian.

Are BLACKPINK still together?

Despite having solo careers, their newly released comeback song "Pink Venom" only prove that they are still together.

How BLACKPINK was formed?

All of BLACKPINK went under 5 years of training and debuted together in 2016.

How BLACKPINK got famous?

Their debut song "Boombayah" became the starting point of their career which earned them popularity across the globe.


The answer is very evident, being a girl band, it's only obvious that they can sing and even rap as well as dance.

Can BLACKPINK come to India?

It's very likely possible that they could have a concert as they already returned with their comeback music "Pink Venom".

Can BLACKPINK drive?

All of them can drive except for Rose as she haven't got her driving license yet.

Can BLACKPINK speak Japanese?

Yes, they can speak Japanes, but Jennie and Jisoo are the fluent in the language. Meanwhile Rose and Lisa know basic Japanese.

Can BLACKPINK speak English?

Yes, all of them are fluent except for Jisoo as she know only basic English.


BLACKPINK already beat BTS when their song "How You Like That" became the fastest video to reach 100 million views on Youtube.


This pretty much cover most of the FAQs asked by the BLINKs and new fans. if you have further questions, please let us know by dropping your comments below.

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