IVE Released Their 3rd Single Album ‘After LIKE’

IVE Released Their 3rd Single Album ‘After LIKE’

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IVE blew fans away with their comeback song, 'After LIKE'.

IVE is one of the rising brand new K-pop girl group that earned their fame quickly due to their indubitable talent and out of the world visuals that certainly captured everyone's heart. Recently, they made their second comeback by dropping 'After LIKE' music video on August 22 which instantly made waves as it garnered over twenty million views in twenty-four hours. 


After LIKE is their third single album released following their previous albums, Eleven and Dive. Despite being newly-released, it already gained spots on music industry, primarily taking the first spot on Bugs, second place on Genie, and fourth on MelOn.

The song also consists of 70s disco beats with modern pop twist due to the presence of I Will Survive tune by Gloria Gaynor. Certainly, that's the primary reason why its beat sounds familiar and nostalgic. Although, the presence of the sample may overpower the song, some fans on the other hand are loving its integration. However, others are questioning Starship and hoping that they legally acquired the tune. Nevertheless,  the unique concept and upbeating sound made most DIVES believe that After LIKE may possibly outdid Love Dive.

Meanwhile, the song  primarily centers on expression of feelings through actions according to Rei in her interview with NYLON: "It’s a song about expressing your feelings not only with your heart but through your actions as well and we wanted to confidently and boldly express that in this song." This can be identified in the line which goes by, "“Don’t you dare doubt what I just said. I’m not just saying I like you. What's after ‘like?’” However, some fans believed is also about self-love as it boost one's self confidence by never settling for less.

But what made the After LIKE mv more appealing are the grandeur and chic outfits exhibited by the six members in the video. These fits also unveil a different version of them - a more mature look. Also, each of them flaunt luxurious and bigger brands like Alexander Wang, Dion Lee, D&G, Courrèges, and many more. 

Read the complete fashion breakdown of IVE in their After LIKE MV to know each details displayed in their outfits.

Currently, the fans are also waiting for the music video of other track B-side which contains 'My Satisfaction'. 

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