NewJeans Released Their 'Hype Boy' Performance MV Ver. 2

NewJeans Released Their 'Hype Boy' Performance MV Ver. 2

All Photocredits: HYBE Labels

NewJeans wowed the fans with their newly released ‘Hype Boy’ performance MV.

The Newest South Korean girl band previously rocked the K-pop industry with their latest music video ‘Hype Boy’, one of the tracks from their first EP album. Surely, their concept is far unique from the other K-pop groups as their entertainment released a music video of ‘Hype Boy’ for each member.

Now, they dropped their performance music video version two. The MV already reached almost a million view in a span of eight hours. While the previous version revolves on a more digital concept where it took place in an only one stadium, the second version, on the other hand has multiple approach. Not to mention that it’s a fashion bomb as it’s filled with a mix of chic, street style, Y2K, summer fit, and denim to denim style.


The MV started by depicting a night out bonding of the girls in an amusement park.

Then, the frame moved to a museum where they served us a girl crush concept with their crop top and miniskirt outfit.

Also, the frame switched from them in a street style look while dancing outside a mall.

In a couple of seconds, it shifted in a room where they’re all dressed in 90s and Y2K fashion.

After a while, it moved in a pool where they’re all spice up in their colorful summer outfits.

In their final look, they were all dressed up in an denim to denim fit.

With a concept as unique as them, surely they might secure their spot in running for the ROTY— Rookie of the year.

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