All Of aespa's Ningning Outfits for Vogue China - March 2023 Issue

All Of aespa's Ningning Outfits for Vogue China - March 2023 Issue

aespa's NINGNING Is The 'Lucky Girl' For VOGUE+ China March Issue!

aespa's Ningning has graced the march publication of Vogue+ China. Vogue+ is the bi-monthly print version of Vogue China which is intended to appeal to a younger readership.

In particular, Ningning showed off her modeling skills and fashion sense in the published pictorial. Her various styling showed her ability to execute it well and beautifully to the readers.

Do you find what she wears interesting? Then check out these eccentric outfits worn by aespa's NingNing below!

aespa's NINGNING Fashion Breakdown

#1 NINGNING's First Look

Ningning is enticing and captivating in her attractive red outfit. She confidently wore an entire YOEYYOU attire which consist of Square Neck Sling paired with Fold Up Trousers. Her sole accessory is a Rose Rope which was around her neck.

#2 NINGNING's First Look

Ningning stylishly pulled off a denim style look. She gorgeously flaunted a FABRIC QORN attire from its Spring/Summer 2023 Collection. She also displayed her YVMIN Large Bear Chain Necklace and Teddy Bear Gemstone Ring.

#3 NINGNING's First Look

She's voguish in her next outfit look which kind of reminds us a smart sexy casual get-up. She donned a MIU MIU Double Breasted Velour Jacket with Velour Top on the inside. She partnered it with Marbleized Denim Skirt with Leather Belt attached to it.

#4 NINGNING's First Look

Ningning managed to carry out this quirky yet creative style. She's fashionable wearing a MARNI X CARHARTT Embroidered Floral Print Jacket with a SHUSHU/TONG Crystal Embellished Top matched with Crystal Embellished Midi Skirt underneath it.

As for her footwear, she sported a GREEN BUTTER Fins Open Heel Gull Coco and SHUSHU/TONG Embroidered Flora Socks. Her headwear is a GREEN BUTTER Sparkle Flower Balaclava.

#5 NINGNING's First Look

Ningning looks powerful and fashionable in her all-LOUIS VUITTON outfit. She presented a Jet Ski Box Top which goes along with Textured Silk Carrot Pants that has Draped Linen Layering Skirt attached to it.


[All Images by aespa Ningning & Vogue+ China via SM Entertainment]
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