All of BLACKPINK’s Outfits in ‘Boombayah’ ('붐바야) MV

All of BLACKPINK’s Outfits in ‘Boombayah’ ('붐바야) MV

When talking about the Girl Crush concept in K-pop, look no further than BLACKPINK MVs. Their outfits showed the peak of this beloved era. 

By Julianne Babaran

All Photo Credit : YG Entertainment

In a two-joint force for their debut, 'Boombayah' definitely knocked it out of the park for our expectations. Their new and refreshing concept of 'Girl Crush' was very new in the scene and it was breath of fresh air for many K-pop fans. Their debut songs quickly won the hearts of many and attribute that concept to BLACKPINK specifically. 

The fashion style in this era is nostalgic and still have elements we know and love. Read more to see just what items caught out attention! 


Look #1 Lisa opened the scene looking youthful as ever. Wearing a metal style biker jacket, light neon yellow top with chokers and a cross earrings. 

Look #2 Channeling cute school girl, Lisa wears a pleated checkered skirt with a three-fourths length top. 


Look #3 Having fun while roller skating, Lisa wearing a colorful sequined bomber jacket, velvet hat and striped cropped top. 

Look #4 In this scene she wears ripped jeans with combat boots, and a high necked halter cropped top matched with chunky gold chained necklace.  

Look #5 Talk about girl crush, she killed this look! She wears a black bralette top under a white fishnet cropped top, skinny ripped jeans with chains and combat boots


Look #1 Her take on the cute school girl is a little different, she wore a white button down with a choker necklace and a black skater skirt. 

Look #2 It's hard not a take a second look of her in this! She wore an off the shoulder silk blouse with puff detail, with black shorts layered over fishnet stockings. 


Look #3 In this scene she wears a bold printed bomber jacket with layered chokers necklaces. 

Look #4 For this energetic scene, she wears a bold glittery long sleeve blouse with a collared bow design. It was paired with plain black shorts, fishnet stockings and combat boots. 


Look #5 In literal 'black pink', Jisoo wears a pink long sleeve under a cropped tank cropped top. The top is matched with black shorts, matched with a silver belt and leather thigh accessory.



Look #6 This cute theme is absolutely adorable! She styled her playful space bun hair with a multicolor pastel puffer sweater, denim shorts with a white belt, and bold pink stockings. 


Look #1 Rose's first look truly brought in the grunge edgy style. This fishnet long sleeve with graphic detail went perfectly with her dyed orange hair.  

Look #2 For the second look, she wore a bright electric green mini dress with sleeves. It was paired with a chunky belt and gold necklaces for accessories. 


Look #3 Her outfit here is a much higher end version of the ones normally seen in Coachella. She wears a pink neon cropped top with denim jacket, acid washed shorts with a black leather belt and combat boots. 

Look #4 How can we forget about suspenders?! This nostalgic look features a plain black tube top under a mesh top polo blouse with checkered pleated skirt. And last but the least, suspenders with bold text for accessory. 

Look #5 This vibe is to die for! She rocked sporty chick with this bright pink jersey top, black shorts and knee high socks with pink design. The nostalgic element with the hat can't be missed as well! 


Look #1 Together with Lisa for the opening scene they both had the same theme. For this, Jennie wore a studded leather biker jacket, with a neon top and colorful braided hair attachments. Talk about throwback!

Look #2 While the others wore school girl outfits, Jennie wore an oversized graphic tee with cut out detail on the neck and a large slit on the side. The look had a thigh leather accessory with black shorts and combat boots. 


Look #3 This look had to be the edgiest in all of the MV! For this, she wore fishnet long sleeves layered over solid black tube top. The bottoms were black skinny ripped jeans paired with a chunky belt and high cut beige boots.  

Look #4 Just look at how cute Jennie is in this scene. She wears purple ripped stockings, shorts and pink checkered button up.

Look #5 And lastly, her girl crush look rocked as well! She wears an asymmetrical cropped top, ripped jeans with chucky leather belt and pink fishnet stockings.  


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I have to wear Blackpink Mv outfits now, or i’ll won’t perform with Lisa Jisoo Rosé and Jennie at live concert.


Blackpink du du du duu dance practice outfits. 💘💘💘💘


Blackpink kill this love dance practice outfits.

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