All Of  ITZY's Outfits In 'SNEAKERS' MV & Fashion Breakdown

All Of ITZY's Outfits In 'SNEAKERS' MV & Fashion Breakdown


Put your sneakers on! As ITZY hyped us with their cool and fun song 'Sneakers"


ITZY always has stunning fashion, and today is no exception! On July 15, the K-pop girl group 'Sneakers' released their latest music video, which is completely enjoyable in every way. The music is upbeat and fun, the dance moves are cute and girly (as they always are! ), and the visuals couldn't be more colorful and entertaining!

But today, we're all about the fashion in this MV, which was jaw-dropping as expected from the girls. So, if you want to know what our lovely ladies wore in 'Sneakers,' just keep reading!


ITZY "Sneakers" MV Outfits

Ryujin’s Look #1

Fore her first outfit, Ryujin looks so fancy in her look. She wore a flawless ensemble that included a floral-embellished shirt by Miu Miu  and Outstanding chain sunglasses by Gucci.

Miu Miu
Puff Sleeve Shirt
Miu Miu
Floral-embellished Cotton Shirt



Ryujin’s Look #2

Another flawless appearance by Ryujin in the MV. This outfit featured a COURREGES Vinyl Reedition jacket, a HYEIN SEO black mini skirt.

Vinyl Reedition Jacket
Image 1 of adidas by Stella McCartney TruePurpose training sports bra
Truepace Padded Sports Bra
Black Neoprene Mini Skirt

Chaeyreong’s Look #1

Chaeyreong is up next, and she looked stunning in this Versace Jeans Couture printed dress.

Versace Jeans Couture Punto Milano Flared Dress With Print ...

Punto Milano Flared Dress



Chaeyreong’s Look #2

We already know you want to imitate Chaeyreong's youthful, distinct appearance. So all you need is a tulle top from Adidas x Gucci, a pair of Off-White Odsy-1000 sneakers, and a pair of Adidas x Gucci long cotton socks.


adidas x Gucci GG tulle top
GG Tulle Top
Blue Denim Shorts


Lia’s Look #1

Lia looked absolutely stunning in a V-neck silk dress by Michelle Mason and Dolce&Gabbana Super Queen sneakers.


Image 3 of Michelle Mason V-neck silk dress

V-neck Silk Dress
Dolce & Gabbana
Super Queen Low-top Sneakers



Lia’s look #2

Want to know what Lia wore to look so stunning here? BALMAIN's denim sleeveless mini dress and Mama Casar's double owl coin earrings.


Balmain Buttoned sleeveless dress
Denim Sleeveless Mini Dress



Yuna’s Look #1

Finally, Yuna looked as stunning as ever when she appeared near the end of the show wearing an Adidas x Gucci green jumpsuit.

adidas x Gucci jumpsuit in green | GUCCI® TR



Yeji’s Look # 1

She wore a sultry look that included a belted double-breasted blazer by Balmain.


Belted Double-breasted Blazer



Yeji’s Look #2

And what better way to end our list than with Yeji in Prada's logo-detailed mesh top?


Logo Detailed Mesh Top
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