All Of IU's Outfits In '[MV] IU strawberry moon' & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All Of IU's Outfits In '[MV] IU strawberry moon' & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All photos credits to: 1theK via YouTube.


Strawberry Moon and Scoop! IU gives her sweet looking outfits as she performed Strawberry Moon music video.


A fancy looking music video, that is how we can describe IU’s ‘Strawberry Moon’ music video. One of the most successful Korean Solo artists, IU made a huge comeback song entitledStrawberry Moon’ last year. Recently IU made an offline concert in Seoul and she decided to perform her song Strawberry Moon with her fancy hot air balloon surrounding the stadium. The song became popular again as she performed it to her fans with her sweet and lovely voice. The video spread all over the internet and became the hottest topic of the nation. Strawberry made a big hit after releasing its official music video on YouTube. It topped music charts and won many awards as IU performed it in every stage, as of now the music video has reached 31 million views on YouTube. 

One of South Korea's top performers, IU is energizing and dependable in both her acting and music. Many fans saw the look and the vibe of Jang Man-wol (IU’s character on the hit series, Hotel de Luna) that is still charting and the best Korean Drama that can be watched on Netflix. 

The song has a fanciful feel thanks to IU, who compares a fated encounter to a scoop of strawberry ice cream and makes numerous references to the color often associated with June's full moon.

The fancy music video and outfits of made everyone fall for the song and wants to dress up like IU. Here are some of her outfits shown in the "Strawberry Moon" music video. 

Look #1

On her first look for the music video. IU looks like a sweet young lady that is deeply in love. She completes the doll-like outfit with a pair of UGG Disco Stripe platform slide sandals, a white rose applique cardigan from Blumarine, and a pink floral-print little dress from INSTANTFUNK.



Look #2 

Second Look, IU looks like a hot shot celebrity in her black dress that made her look more enchanting. She also wore a matching necklace and a set of Divas' Dream earrings, both from Bvlgari, and emanated modest elegance.


Look #3

Her third outfit is so simple that made her much prettier than ever! She literally looks pretty and attractive in her outfit. With this sky-blue shirt from The Actually and a mélange grey Llege logo T-shirt from Recto, IU demonstrates how to lounge in elegance.


Look #4

We sense the vibe of Jang Man-wol on her forth outfit in the music video. The multicolored sequin embroidered ruffle dress from Gucci and a pair of daisy stud earrings from Dana Burton are both worn by IU as she lounges and sashays in elegance.

Look #5

With her dreamy outfit, IU slays and never fails to give us her highlight outfit for every music video she has. IU looks gorgeous wearing a Gucci silver script necklace and a sky-blue cardigan with fringe details by The Open Product.

Look #6

Last but not the least, IU looks natural in her sixth outfit. She also looks stunning in a Suzanne cardigan by Vanessa Bruno and a red sleeveless top with contrast stitching from HEART CLUB.


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