All Of Kep1er's Outfits in 'StarNews Interview’ for 2022 AAA

All Of Kep1er's Outfits in 'StarNews Interview’ for 2022 AAA

KEP1ER Is Charming In Their Respective Outfits For 'StarNews' AAA 2022 Interview!

One of the leading 4th Generation K-POP girl group right now, Kep1er, is posing together for an interview photo with StarNews.

The group appears to be donned in various styles, with some individuals wearing casual preppy outfits and others dressed in colorful way. A few members are also wearing jeans. Overall, the members appear to be happy and engaged in the moment.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these lovely and nice-looking outfits worn by Kep1er below!

KEP1ER's Fashion Breakdown

1. YUJIN's Outfit

Yujin is wearing BLANC & ECLARE McGill top paired with its Again Denim which complements in her long black hair that falls down back. Her outfit is completed by a pair of shoes with stars on them. The overall appearance is casual and relaxed, with her natural beauty taking center stage.

2. XIAOTING's Outfit

Xiaoting poses in a variety of ways, showcasing her unique style and personality. Her long black hair is a prominent feature in the photo, flowing freely.

In particular, she wears a top from ROMANCHIC 2023 Spring/Summer Collection paired with a simple BREAD N BUTTER A-Line Knit Skirt. Her expression showed confident and relaxed as she poses for the camera.

Her feet are shown wearing sandals while standing for a full-body shot. Overall, this photo captures the spirit and energy of Xiaoting as she expresses herself through fashion and personal style.

3. MASHIRO's Outfit

Mashiro is looking innocent and lean as she wears a white skirt and black sweater while posing for a photo. In particular, she donned a BLANC & ECLARE Clueless top matched with its Basic Pleats Skirt. She also sported her black leather mid-high boots.

4. CHAEHYUN's Outfit

Dominating the foreground is Chaehyun with long black hair, who stands confidently in front of the camera wearing a brown sweater and pants. She is wearing a BLANC & ECLARE Hanyang pants.

5. DAYEON's Outfit

Dayeon wears a black shirt and a tan skirt that falls just above her knees. Her outfit is completed by a pair of black boots that extend to her mid-calf. Dayeon's long, dark hair cascades down her back and frames her face, which is adorned with light makeup.

6. HIKARU's Outfit

Hikaru is dressed in a blue sweater and black denim skirt, with long black hair cascading down her back. The room is adorned with various decorations, including a pair of white DR. MARTENS Jadon Boots Smooth.

In particular, she is wearing an ITER Jacquard Collar V-neck Sweater partnered with AVANDRESS Curvy Miniskirt.

7. BAHIYYIH's Outfit

The main figure is BAHIYYIH with long blonde hair, standing and posing for the camera. She is dressed in casual attire, wearing jeans and a white top.

In the upper right corner, she is donning a LUCKY MARCHE Cable Knit Pullover coupled with CHUCK Fringed Bootcut Jeans. A pair of shoes are visible in the foreground which is PUMA Slipstream Sneakers. Altogether, the atmosphere exudes an air of casualness and relaxation.

8. YOUNGEUN's Outfit

Youngeun is dressed in an O!OI Mixed Cable Crop Knit Vest paired with ARIWR Tennis Skirt, with her long red hair cascading down her back. Her expression is neutral as she gazes directly at the camera.

In addition, a pair of white shoes and a TABIO 70-Denier Knee-High Socks rest on a black surface in the lower right corner of the photo.

9. YESEO's Outfit

Yeseo wears a blue top and white skirt, while her hair is dyed pink. Her outfit is complemented by TABIO 70-Denier Knee High Socks on her CHARLES & KEITH Platform T-Bar Maryjanes shoes.

In addition, she is captured in mid-motion, wearing SATIN Ribbon Decoration Round Neck Knit posing against white background with swirling patterns.


[All Images by Kep1er and StarNews via Wake One Entertainment]
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