All of LE SSERAFIM's Outfits In 'FEARLESS'  OFFICIAL M/V & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All of LE SSERAFIM's Outfits In 'FEARLESS' OFFICIAL M/V & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All photos credits to: HYBE Labels via YouTube


A music video with more than a hundred views from now, Le Sserafim had the successful debut of a rookie! The people and viewers, especially the fans, are delighted and indeed astonished with the music and the videography of the FEARLESS M/V. The six members, naming Garam, Sakura, Chaewon, Yunjin, Kazuha, and Eunchae. 

The music video is hella pleasing in the eyes! Not much of bright and hot color, the hues of black, white, blue and neutral colors are in the video, making the whole vibe cool, calm, refreshing and just chill.

And of course, we cannot forget the fashion of these six girls featured in the M/V! One comment said that, their logo 'LE SSERAFIM' looks like a luxury brand, plus FEARLESS sounds like a good song for a runaway, the girls are looking so heavenly great as fashion models, which we can all totally agree. 

They had performances together and they had outfits that ate the whole video up! First is in the gym, the 'to-go' gym outfit is sexy and undeniably pleasing in the eyes because of the neutrality of colors. The all-black themed fashion, the dresses and all, it looks like they were having a revenge and getting bold to face everything. And the car scene, all of them, having pink in their fits like showing a girly add the confidence of their personality.

Let's have a breakdown of each of the member's fashion styles in the music video!




A Korean princess-like, Garam's intro in the song is immaculate. Her simple white tube dress is enough for her to look so innocent at the same time, confident. The little headband of hers, looking like a tiara on her long black hair, was suspiciously made elegantly just for her. Garam sitting on the stairs going up to heaven? The white dress really compliments her angelic beauty.



The short-haired girl, Chaewon has the aura of a sassy and high-spirited person with her unique charisma throughout the whole music video. Her black halter neck dress in one of the outfits fits her body figure gorgeously. It complements her hair. She's owning this little black dress! 




Sakura, looks so cool and awesome girl! Her part in the music video is such a badass scene, the removal of her helmet and the sleeveless top under the jacket was enough to make sure it fits the concept, including a choker with a heart pendant. Sakura is a born slayer of the day! Truly fascinated with the leather shorts. It matches her aura very well.




The long black dress with a slit? This girl, Yunjin, is such a hottie! Looking so classy and bold with the color, it matches the energy she brings out. Plus the ginger hair in a low bun, a killer! She's so gorgeous. It reminds you of the so-called IT girl.



Charismatic and wholesome woman, Kazuha has a unique facial feature, it is firm, which carries the vibe of a heart-stopper! The heart-shaped tube top and red skirt with a long tail in front. A beauty! The whole vibe while sitting on the hanging car was scary but seeing her in her fashion like that, showcasing her flawless shoulders, is taking the background, focusing only on her.



A baby-faced girl, Eunchae has the most innocent and cute features among the six members. The color of her pink dress layering her white shirt says it all. Though she looks so goodie-goodie, it doesn't matter because her expressions and other outfits such as black with the other members are suited for her.



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