All Of MAMAMOO's Moonbyul Outfits in "Present" MV & Fashion Breakdown

All Of MAMAMOO's Moonbyul Outfits in "Present" MV & Fashion Breakdown

MAMAMOO's Moonbyul prepared a special album for her fans in celebration of her birthday + wearing trendy and fashionable outfits! | Unnie Looks

MAMAMOO's Moonbyul has released her special single "The Present" on various music sites on December 22nd.

Moonbyul held a special "Winter Festival" through the newsletter "The Present" with messages and warm music to fans who have always been with her through the cold winter until spring, summer, fall and winter.

The title song "PRESENT" is a punk-based R&B song that captures dreamlike moments with fans in the lyrics. The brass sound added to the right place further heightens the festive atmosphere.

In particular, this album is released on Moonbyul's birthday, adding to its meaning. It is an album planned to express gratitude to fans who have sent their unwavering love since their debut, and Moonbyul participated in writing and composing all the songs in the album to convey her extraordinary love for fans.

Moonbyul has been described as a "trustworthy solo artist" by presenting various genres and unique music colors for each album. Through this new album, it is expected to show her distinct musicality once again.

Along with her first special single album and most current song, Moonbyul also executed her clothes while rocking warm yet incredibly stylish attire that will make you want to dress like her.

The song video showed some outstanding outfits in a variety of looks. Keep a look at these stunning outfits below!

MAMAMOO's MOON BYUL Fashion Breakdown

MOON BYUL's First Outfit

Moon Byul's first outfit in the music video, is a Christmas Vintage Cardigan with a white crop top underneath. For her bottom wear, it is a pair of green cargo pants.

You can really feel the Christmas vibes in her outfit!

Photo Credits by RBW Entertainment

MOON BYUL's Second Outfit

Her second outfit consisted of a simple printed blue sweatshirt with colorful necklace and a white beret on the top of her head.

For her bottom wear, despite the fact that I didn't see it much and it wasn't shown fully in the music video, I can state that it is the same green cargo trousers she was wearing in the first half of the video.

Photo Credits by RBW Entertainment

MOON BYUL's Third Outfit

Her third outfit is stunning to look at and it's quite trendy and fashionable. Inside the puffy winter coat is a blue tank top.

The Plaid High Waist Skirt that was paired with it was a custom designed.

Photo Credits by RBW Entertainment

MOON BYUL's Fourth Outfit

The color palette of Moon Byul's fourth and final outfit is really aesthetically pleasing and goes well with the chilly weather right now.

It's a SisLinda's khaki Snowflake Print Cropped Zip Cardigan and its Mini Knit Skirt seems to be costumized as a tube top and beanie hat for her head.

For her bottom, it is brown cargo pants.

Photo Credits by RBW Entertainment
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