All Of NewJeans' Levi's Outfits in '501® Jean' Celebration

All Of NewJeans' Levi's Outfits in '501® Jean' Celebration

K-POP Trending Group NewJeans Has Finally Become A Levi's Global Ambassador!

Global denim brand Levi's® announced on March 6th that it has selected NewJeans, which is leading a new trend in K-pop, as Levi's Global Ambassador to commemorate its 150th anniversary since the birth of 501® jeans.

An official from Levi's® said, "In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of 501®, we prepared a meeting with NewJeans as the first step to appeal brand identity to Gen-Z generations..."

In the released campaign with Levi's®, NewJeans wore a variety of products, including 501® original jeans, '81 jeans, T-shirts, denim shirts, and jackets, to show off the wannabe look of the MZ generation, and all the members led the shoot with professional poses and facial expressions suitable for each outfit.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these simple yet cool outfits worn by NewJeans' members below!

NewJeans' Fashion Breakdown

1. MINJI's Outfit

Minji presently wore a casual and comfy style that is definitely suited in the weather in Korea today. She beautifully put on a LEVI'S Women's Dry Goods Pointelle Top paired with Middy Straight Jeans.

In the campaign poster version, she casually displayed LEVI's Ringer Mini Tee matched with 501® '81 Jeans. She also sported a DR. MARTENS 1461 Waxed Full Grain Leather Oxford Shoes.

2. HANNI's Outfit

Hanni is stunningly attractive in her all-LEVI'S outfit. In her first outfit, she's wearing a LEVI'S Graphic Ringer Mini Tee combined with Baggy Dad Cool Jeans.

Her second outfit is a LEVI's 90S Trucker Jacket and beneath it is a Graphic Homegrown Wild Spirit T-Shirt. She partnered it with 501® Original Fit Jeans. Her footwear is a DR. MARTENS Jadon HI Boot Smooth Leather Platforms.

3. DANIELLE's Outfit

Danielle looks gorgeous and lovely in her teeny vibes outfit. She confidently wore a LEVI'S Logo Perfect Tee Shirt coupled with a LEVI'S Cropped Blue Trousers. She also showed off her NIKE Dunk Low SE 85.

4. HAERIN's Outfit

Haerin looks boyish and cozy in her first outfit which consists of LEVI'S GOLD TAB Crew Neck Sweatshirt matched with 501 Mini Waist Jeans. As for her sole accessory, it's a LEVI'S GOLD TAB Baseball Cap.

Her second outfit is simply fashionable, her top wear is a combination of LEVI'S EX-Boyfriend Trucker Jacket and Perfect T-Shirt beneath it. She donned a Women's 501® '81 Jeans. Her footgear is a DR. MARTENS 1461 Smooth Leather Oxford Shoes.

5. HYEIN's Outfit

Hyein really pulled off her denim style outfit as she showed off a LEVI's Nola Menswear Shirt topped with Chore Jacket. She sported a CONVERSE 

Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Color

 as well.


[All Images by NewJeans and Levi's via ADOR]
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