All Of NewJeans' Outfits in "Coca-Cola Zero" MV & Fashion Breakdown

All Of NewJeans' Outfits in "Coca-Cola Zero" MV & Fashion Breakdown

NewJeans Is Back With Its Surprised Collaboration Song With Coke Studio!

NewJeans' Coca-Cola collaboration song "Zero" has been released on various music sites on April 3rd.

"Zero" is a CM song created as part of a collaboration project between NewJeans and Coke Studio. It is a song that mixes various genres and sounds, such as pop, R&B, and Jersey Club rhythm, and shows the insistence of drums, bass, and the sweetness of R&B together.

In particular, NewJeans were dressed in casual summer attire, with several members wearing skirts or dresses as they convey a sense of leisure and enjoyment in the warm sun and sandy shore.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these cool colorful pattern of stripes and dots outfits worn by NewJeans below!

NewJeans' MINJI Fashion Breakdown

1. MINJI's First Outfit

Minji looks beautiful, holding a cold can of Coca Cola in her left hand while wearing a CLOVE Argyle Wool Vest paired with Corduroy Shorts. A simple yet captivating beauty of Minji that evokes youthful energy and relaxation by the seashore.

2. MINJI's Second Outfit

Minji is dressed in a white shirt and wearing a MELTED POTATO Necklace, HYSTERIC GLAMOUR Skull Apple Bracelet stands on a red couch, smiling for throughout the video.

Exuding her long hair and sported a 2000 ARCHIVES 2000 Football T-Shirts. She also showed off her SKATERSOCKS Mid Calf White Tube Socks coupled with NIKE Jordan 1 Retro High OG.

NewJeans' HANNI Fashion Breakdown

1. HANNI's First Outfit

Amidst the picturesque backdrop of a sandy beach and glistening ocean, Hanni stands in a CLOVE Check Pleated Skirt and long hair flowing behind her. Her plain white top is draped over a SENTIMENTS NO. 268 Necklace Original Pearl, projecting a relaxed but stylish look.

Additionally, she sported a GANNI Contrast Stripe Long Socks over a UNIF Volta Mary Jane.

2. HANNI's Second Outfit

In a living room with a rich color palette, a Hanni wears a MAAP Axis Pro Jersey Long Sleeve partnered with NIKE x OFF-WHITE 003 Tracksuit Set and a BAPE APE Face Knit Cap.

As for her sole accessory, she presently wore NiRO Red Heart Beads Pearl Necklace. She is also seen wearing a pair of NIKE Jordan 1 Retro High OG.

NewJeans' DANIELLE Fashion Breakdown

1. DANIELLE's First Outfit

The vibrant seascape sets the scene for a lively day at the beach, a striking Danielle with long brown hair stands at the water's edge, taking in the breathtaking view.

She wears a STUDIO TOMBOY Sailor Collar Cardigan with AVANDRESS Half Patchwork Knit beneath it, an OVERDUE FLAIR 90s Check Mini Skirt, and a pair of UNIF Comma Shoes, exuding a relaxed and carefree vibe.

Overall, this idyllic beach scene encapsulates the joys of a summer day, complete with refreshing drinks and a cheerful atmosphere.

2. DANIELLE's Second Outfit

Danielle appears to be a stylish as she wears a DOUBLET Black Shibori Long Sleeve T-Shirt coupled with an ALEXANDER WANG Denim Hybrid Cargo Jeans.

She additionally presented a COLLINA STRADA Rhinestone Sun Earrings, a MELTED POTATO Finn Necklace, and a VINTAGE HOLLYWOOD Heart Beam Color Ring. As for her footgear, she sported a pair of NIKE Jordan 1 Mid Banned shoes.

NewJeans' HAERIN Fashion Breakdown

1. HAERIN's First Outfit

Haerin is seen holding a can of Coca Cola, dressed in casual attire and seems to be enjoying the beach scenery.

She stunningly donned a FRONT2LINE Basic Hood Windbreaker, a NOHANT Padded Rugby Shirt Camel paired with Piping Wool Shorts Beige. As for her footwear, she sported a pair of KAPITAL Ivy Smilie Striped Cotton Socks coupled with SUECOMMA BONNIE T Strap Loafer.

2. HAERIN's Second Outfit

In a cozy living room, Haerin is spotted in a 1017 ALYX 9SM PVC Cropped Jacket with an OFF-WHITE Off Stamp T-Shirt and SURGERY Long Length Double Jeans Coated Black.

Furthermore, she dances gracefully with a cool BAPE 'A Bathing Ape' Beanie at her head, as does a bright and cheerful smile that seems to fill the entire room with joy.

Her only accessory was also seen in the video, it is a BAPE Type 1 BAPEX. She sported a NIKE Jordan 1 High Zoom Air CMFT as well.

NewJeans' HYEIN Fashion Breakdown

1. HYEIN's First Outfit

A stunningly beautiful Hyein stands on a beach, posing confidently with a can of Coca Cola in her hand. She is wearing a DIAGONAL One Off Shoulder Knit partnered with CLOVE Culottepants, and her Asian features are enhanced by the warm sunlight that bathes her.

She also donned and charmingly sported an ERL Tube Socks paired with AMOMENTO Derby Shoes.

2. HYEIN's Second Outfit

In a lively scene, Hyein dances energetically under warm, vibrant lights with the latter dressed in cool brightly-colored outfit and moving exuberantly to the beat.

She's definitely the apple of everyone's eye as she is wearing a VETEMENTS Black Dolphin Unicorn T-Shirt that features a fun unicorn print, dancing with the other girls and drawing attention with her confident moves.

Additionally, she donned an LCDC Utility Cardo Denim Trousers Black with a HYEIN SEO Black Leather Belt attached to it. Her arm wear is definitely a highlight, it's a NAMILIA x NFS Moto Gloves. Finally, she was able to sport her NIKE Dunk Low SP Champ Colors.

Overall, the scene radiates with joyful energy, and the lighting enhances the sense of euphoria that characterizes this moment in time.


[All Images by NewJeans and Coke Studio via ADOR]
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