All Of NMIXX's Outfits in 'Secret of Sweet Oasis' Video

All Of NMIXX's Outfits in 'Secret of Sweet Oasis' Video

NMIXX Unveils Cryptic and Mysterious New Era for K-Pop Girl Group: What's the Secret of Sweet Oasis?

NMIXX's "Secret of Sweet Oasis" is a mysterious and intriguing teaser video for their first mini album, expérgo. The video opens with a news anchor, played by leader Haewon, introducing the world's most popular candy store, Sweet Oasis. The store is described as a place where "all your dreams come true," but the video quickly reveals that something sinister is lurking beneath the surface.

The video cuts to a series of scenes showing the members of NMIXX exploring Sweet Oasis. They are initially greeted by a friendly staff and a seemingly endless supply of candy. However, as they venture deeper into the store, they begin to experience strange and unsettling phenomena. The walls begin to bleed, the candy turns to ash, and the staff members become increasingly hostile.

The video ends with a shot of the members of NMIXX trapped in a room filled with melting candy. They are surrounded by dark figures, and their faces are filled with fear. The video cuts to black, leaving viewers with a sense of unease and anticipation for the release of expérgo.

The "Secret of Sweet Oasis" video has been praised by fans for its unique and visually stunning style. The video's dark and atmospheric tone has also generated a lot of excitement for NMIXX's debut. The group is sure to make waves in the K-pop industry with their unique sound and captivating visuals.

Furthermore, the outfits in NMIXX's "Secret of Sweet Oasis" video are a mix of spiky cute and edgy, with a focus on bright colors and bold patterns. 

Their outfits are definitely eye-catching and help to create a fun and upbeat atmosphere. They also reflect the group's youthful energy and their willingness to experiment with quirky and unique styles.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these jaw-dropping quirky spiky outfits worn by NMIXX below!

NMIXX's Fashion Breakdown

1. LILY's Outfit Look

A playful and colorful scene unfolds in front of the viewer, showcasing Lily dressed in a cute blue outfit, she is clearly the center of attention, positioning herself in adorable, somewhat quirky poses and attire.

Lily charismatically showed off a CHET LO outfits from its 2022 Autumn & Winter Collection with assertive features, holding a large blue teddy bear in her arms. Lily's enthusiasm and wild pink hair is standing out.

2. HAEWON's First Outfit Look

Haewon stands posing in front of a bright red door. She has long wavy hair and is dressed in a purple spiky Top, arm warmer, and skirt. Her entire look is from CHET LO's 2022 Autumn & Winter Collection.

3. HAEWON's Second Outfit Look

A bold and colorful abstract background complements the plaid coat worn by Haewon who stands at the center of the composition. She wears a GUCCI Macro Check Wool Cropped Coat, complemented by THE ROW Ace Shirt In Cotton beneath it.

A close-up of a LOEWE Anagram Brooch In Metal is located towards the midst of her attire, adding a touch of elegance to the overall composition.

This seemingly playful and casual scene is intriguing to the viewer, eliciting a sense of curiosity regarding the context of the various elements captured in the video.

4. SULLYOON's Outfit Look

Against a vibrant backdrop of red hues, Sullyoon poses in a pink puffer jacket. This trendy ensemble complements her full, dark hair styled in bangs framing her face.

Despite this urban ambiance, Sullyoon imbues the image with a youthful, playful energy. It captures her CHET LO's AW22 Top, Skirt, and Boots in vivid detail, while showcasing her stylish haircut.

5. BAE's Outfit Look

In this charming scene, Bae is dressed in a CHET LO AW22 outfit, posing for the photo with an expression of delight. Her pair of shoes is a MOON BOOT Protecht Low Monaco White Faux-fur Boots.

Overall, this image evokes a sense of joy and whimsy, with the use of bright colors and playful props. The composition is carefully arranged, with the central figure of Bae in the white dress drawing the viewer's attention and providing a focal point for the scene.

6. JIWOO's Outfit Look

In this colorful and dynamic image, a cheerful girl wearing a bright yellow dress with intricate braids arranged on her head stands in front of a bold red door.

In different poses and combinations, she appears throughout the video, drawing the viewer's eye and exuding confidence and energy. She is dressed in a yellow dress from CHET LO AW22 Collection, adding a playful touch to her appearance.

7. KYUJIN's Outfit Look

A playful and colorful portrait depicts Kyujin with a cheerful expression, showcasing her love for sweet treats. Clad in an eye-catching, furry pink and blue outfit, she exudes a sense of whimsy and innocence. The lollipop is a signature accessory, complementing her playful personality and adding to the vibrant color scheme of the video.

Throughout the video, she is seen wearing a CHET LO AW22 Collection with two combine-colored spiky swirls and shapes. 


[All Images by NMIXX via JYP Entertainment]
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