All Of NMIXX's Outfits in 'StarNews Interview’ for 2022 AAA

All Of NMIXX's Outfits in 'StarNews Interview’ for 2022 AAA

NMIXX Is Dressed In Adorable And Refreshing Outfits In An Interview With 'StarNews' For AAA 2022!

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these quirky yet refreshing outfits worn by NMIXX below!

NMIXX's Fashion Breakdown

1. LILY's Outfit

Lily's overall attire is a vibrant and eclectic scene that captures the viewer's attention, with a variety of elements competing for prominence. She is wearing Calcifer leather patch hoodie in cotton partnered with a Skinny jeans in denim.

A pair of Flow runner in suede and nylon catch the eye as they rest on a white surface and it adds an intriguing touch to this already diverse scene.

2. HAEWON's Outfit

Haewon strikes a thoughtful pose with her hand on her chin. She can be seen wearing Calcifer jacket in wool with a Calcifer pocket T-shirt in cotton underneath it.

Her bottom wear is a Tracksuit trousers in technical jersey. The scene is colorful and lively, with pops of red and white adding visual interest to the beauty.

3. SULLYOON's Outfit

Sullyoon stands out wearing a blue sweater and skirt, posing for a photo. In particular, she wears a Magical Sky sweatshirt in cotton paired with Calcifer wrap skirt in wool. Finally, her footwear is visible wearing a pair of Deconstructed sneaker in denim.

4. BAE's Outfit

Bae is wearing a Heen LOEWE T-shirt in cotton while her bottom wear is a Trompe l'oeil jeans in denim. For her footwear, it's a Ballet runner in lambskin. Her outfit conveys an overall sense of creativity and individuality.

5. JIWOO's Outfit

Jiwoo showed off her long ponytailed black hair and poses in her refreshing outfit. Specifically, she wears a Calcifer shirt in viscose as her top while sporting her footwear which is a Bicolor Wedge Loafer Boots.

6. KYUJIN's Outfit

Kyujin looks cozy in her knitted sweater featuring an animal design. Her outfit is completed by a pair of Padded ankle boot in lambskin, which can be seen in the lower corner of the image.

In addition, she is wearing a Heen embroidered sweater in woolOverall, her attire conveys a sense of warmth and comfort through its cozy knitwear designs and soft color palette.


[All Images by NMIXX and StarNews via JYP Entertainment]
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