All Of SHINee’s KEY 'Gasoline' MV Outfits & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All Of SHINee’s KEY 'Gasoline' MV Outfits & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

SHINee's Key made his solo comeback extra-lit with his unique and out-of-the-world outfits.

Shawols were hyped with the multi-talented idol, Key's newest music video 'Gasoline' which was recently released on August 30, 2022.  Gasoline is his second solo album, and the newly released MV also shares the same name, but the whole album is consist of 11 songs including Gasoline itself. Meanwhile, Key's gasoline unfolds an empowering message which pushed one to unleash their grit by using gasoline as a symbol to fuel one's journey. Besides, the tune and choreography were also dope, but what made the mv more attractive and appealing are the lavish and avant-garde outfits of Key. Below, we covered all of Key's outfits in Gasoline. 


Look #1

The introduction of the MV showed Key as a stellar prince dressed in golden coordinates. Specifically, Key pulled a golden long-sleeve suit paired with golden trousers. Both of which were embellished with golden carvings of odd designs. In addition, the golden chain and pieces of jewelry scattered on the coordinates did well in adding extra lavishness to his look. Not to mention that he has also golden carvings on his face which shout for a royal attribute.


Look #2

Meanwhile, Key went a little bolder and more fierce in his second outfit where he pulled an avant-garde all-black ensemble. As flashed below, he achieved the style by wearing a cut-out muscle tee layered with a cropped leather bolero to make it voluminous. Key also wore an arm warmer for extra detail and finished the look with a leather and fitted base topped with thigh belts for a little embellishment. Meanwhile, in the other part of the video, he preferred to look a little mysterious by wearing a  black headdress that resembles Maleficent's.


Look #3

In his third attire, Key brought a god into his MV by dressing like one. As flashed below, he pulled sky-blue coordinates with pearl and crystal embellishments which were mostly white to make the look more polished without overpowering the creativity of the fit. Meanwhile, the silver crystal, star, and laces designed headpiece made look more powerful, thus creating a godly-figure.


Look #4

While the main style is avant-garde, Key, on the one hand, added a sexy look by wearing sheer long sleeves, primarily a fishnet type which was topped off with a vest-like outer garment made with silver belts. Then, he paired it with leather loose shorts and knee-high boots. Meanwhile, the gloves added a classic touch as well. Above all, the pieces of jewelry made the look more creative.


Look #5

Key pulled a villain look, primarily a joker-like style by having thick eyeliner and smudged eyeshadow. But his leather black overall suit layered with skeleton ribbed bones costume for a more antagonist-looking approach, made his appearance more enticing.


Look #6 

Finally, Key's last avant-garde outfit resembles a wolf boy from a mountain tribe. Here, he wears a black inner top and a cut-out arm warmer with gloves. Then, he layered it with a stylish vest and paired it with baggy cargo pants. To make his tribe appearance more obvious, he finished the fit with a wolf fur headpiece.

This pretty much covered all of Key’s outfits in his MV, ‘Gasoline’. Currently, the MV already reached over 10 million views on YouTube. 

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