All Of TWICE's Outfits in "Set Me Free" Choreography Video

All Of TWICE's Outfits in "Set Me Free" Choreography Video

TWICE's "Set Me Free" Choreography Video Celebrates Female Empowerment!

TWICE's new choreography video for "Set Me Free" is a celebration of female empowerment. The video features the group performing the song's catchy dance moves in a clean white background which emphasize their beauties.

The girls look confident and powerful as they move to the music, and the video's message is clear: women should be free to be themselves, no matter what anyone else says.

The video has been praised by fans for its positive message and empowering visuals. It has also been a commercial success, racking up over a million views on YouTube in just a few days.

In particular, TWICE's outfits are designed to be both stylish and functional. The girls wear white, beige, and greenish crop tops and high-waisted pants, which show off their toned abs. They also wear white sneakers. The outfits are simple but effective, and they allow the girls to move freely as they dance.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these cool eye-catching and calming outfits worn by TWICE's below!

TWICE's Fashion Breakdown

1. NAYEON's Outfit Look

Nayeon is wearing a PAIN OR PLEASURE Pixie Bolero Set Beige and a SCULPTOR Bootscut Cargo Pants while gracefully dancing in front of a white wall in a well-lit room. Her entire look conveys a sense of elegance and poise, with contrasting each other in attire and posture.

2. JEONGYEON's Outfit Look

Jeongyeon is dressed in CITYBREEZE Double Zip Hoodie Light Beige paired with TRUNKPROJECT Drawstring Pants Beige, looking abundantly with light. She also sported her pair of NIKE Air Force 1 '07 shoes.

3. MOMO's Outfit Look

Momo is wearing a THREETIMES Jewel Tank Top Cropped Length and a vivid pink PAIN OR PLEASURE Nix Cargo Pants. She performs a dynamic dance move, again demonstrating the rich variety of movements.

4. SANA's Outfit Look

Sana is performing a dance routine and is dressed in casual yet comfortable clothing, with the woman sporting a BLACKUP Shern Button Down Longsleeve Bodysuit and tan THEOPEN PRODUCT Classic Cargo Pants.

Her dynamic poses and body movements suggest a lively, rhythmic dance style. The background is simple and unobtrusive, with the focus solely on the performers themselves.

5. JIHYO's Outfit Look

In the center of a spacious dance studio, Jihyo is gracefully executing a series of dance moves, seemingly lost in the music. She wears a sleek ZELOTIS Two Way Geist Opening Top matched with CLOSECLIP Legacy String Cargo Wide, exuding focus and determination as she perfects her craft.

This dance video captures a moment of intense personal dedication, as the dancer pours her heart and soul into her art, while the surrounding emptiness accentuates the solitary and introspective nature of her endeavor.

6. MINA's Outfit Look

The lively scene depicts Mina dressed in pink pants enthusiastically dancing in front of a camera, while also wearing an ITOV Seoul Hook Tank Top topped with ANDTHEOTHER Gray Modified Ribbed String Cardigan.

Mina strikes various poses with confidence and the vibrant energy of the dance is evident in their movements, which seem to be synchronized with the music.

7. DAHYUN's Outfit Look

In this alluring video, Dahyun is captured performing a graceful dance while dressed in ATHENAEUM Moonoom Top partnered with PAIN OR PLEASURE Nix Cargo Pants Khaki that reveals her toned midriff.

Aditionally, her long dark hair is styled effortlessly, framing sharp and inquisitive facial features.

8. CHAEYOUNG's Outfit Look

Chaeyoung wears a stylish outfit, one in an ULKIN LSD Twisted Cropped Knit Top and gray pants. In the first part, she strikes a pose while dancing gracefully.

The overall mood of the scene is energetic and vibrant, capturing the artistry and beauty of dance.

9. TZUYU's Outfit Look

Tzuyu's outfit is a AS"ON Tap Corset Hoodie Pink and a beige THEOPEN PRODUCT Knee Velcro Graffiti Pants which gives her plenty of room to move. She also wears a pair of NIKE Air Force 1 '07 shoes. Overall, the outfit is simple but stylish and comfortable, allowing her to show off her dancing skills.


[All Images by TWICE via JYP Entertainment]
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