ATEEZ Mingi: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

ATEEZ Mingi: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Mingi (민기) is a member of the South Korean boy group ATEEZ under KQ Entertainment who debuted last October 24, 2018.


Stage Name

Mingi (민기)

Real Name

Song Min Gi (송민기)

Date of Birth

August 9, 1999


183 cm (6’0″)


134 lbs (60 kg)


-Global Cyber University 

-Baekseok High School 

-Suju High School


Watching animated movies, Goinh to jjimjilbang (Korean sauna), Sleeping, Hanging around at home

City of origin / Country

Incheon, South Korea.


Singing, Making music


Mingi has a cute and adorable personality. He gets surprised easily and is easily scared as well. He is also humble and sweet. Mingi has a really intriguing personality that's both a blend of 'gentle giant' and 'hyper' personality.

Ideal Type 

Mingi likes someone as passionate as him and puts in a lot of effort on things.  

Personal Life

Mingi wanted to be an idol because he was interested in rapping and dancing and that his interest led him to this field


Kpop Idol, Singer, Dancer, Rapper, Song writer

Hidden Talents

Mingi said that his hidden talent is Daydreaming 

Brand Endorsements


Fashion Brands Worn


Dating History / Rumors

Song Mingi is currently single and not dating anyone.


Mingi is an ENTP also known as Debater, They tend to be bold and creative, deconstructing and rebuilding ideas with great mental agility. They pursue their goals vigorously despite any resistance they might encounter. No one loves the process of mental sparring more than the Debater personality type, as it gives them a chance to exercise their effortlessly quick wit, broad accumulated knowledge base, and capacity for connecting disparate ideas to prove their points. Debaters are the ultimate devil’s advocate, thriving on the process of shredding arguments and beliefs and letting the ribbons drift in the wind for all to see. They don’t always do this because they are trying to achieve some deeper purpose or strategic goal, though. Sometimes it’s for the simple reason that it’s fun


Instagram followers

ateez_official_ (7.2M followers)

Minji Facts

-Mingi was born in Incheon, South Korea.

-His nickname is Mingki.

-His family consists of his mother, father, and his older brother.

-Mingi is the main rapper of ATEEZ.

-He participated in the survival program ‘MixNine’ prior to his debut.

-He has a cute personality.

-He is the second tallest member after Yunho.

-He has a mole below his right eye.

-Mingi can’t eat cheese except for mozzarella cheese.

-Mingi said he resemble actor Jisoo.

-His favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate.

-His role model is Park Jaebeom (Jay Park) and Rain.

-The members said he’s the most coward member.

-Mingi acts like the youngest when they’re in their dorms or in the studio.

-He has a cute personality.

-His special talent is sleeping.

-Mingi is a former Maroo Entertainment trainee.
-Mingi wanted to be an idol because he was interested in rapping and dancing and that his interest led him to this field.

-He's scared of bugs.

-He likes nacho chips.

-He is right handed.

-His favorite food is chicken.

-He attended Joy Dance Plug In Music Academy along with fellow member Yunho.

-His stage name prior to his debut was “Leah”

-He halted his participation in group activities due to psychological anxiety since November 15, 2020.

-His personal microphone color is charcoal.

-Mingi is right handed

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Mingi is actually my boyfriend what do you mean “single” this article is wrong and i feel disrespected, neglected, insulted, offended, outraged, slappe in the face.


I love mingi from ATEEZ but when they’re all together it’s even better to see them all together like it melt’s my heart to see them together and happy as one group.

K-Pop Boy Bands lover

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