ATEEZ San: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

ATEEZ San: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)


San (산) is a member of the South Korean boy group ATEEZ under KQ Entertainment who debuted last October 24, 2018.


Stage Name

San (산)

Real Name

Choi San (최산)

Date of Birth

July 10, 1999


175.5 cm (5’9″)


134 lbs (63 kg)


-Namhae Elementary School (Graduated)

-Namhae Middle School (Graduated) 

-Namhae High School (Transferred) 

-Korean Arts High School Department of Music (Graduated)


Singing, Dancing, Playing sports, Sleeping, Taekwondo 

City of origin / Country

Namhae, South Gyeongsan, South Korea.


Singing, Looking cool while performing onstage, Playing taekwondo


San is anspeaks very carefully and thinks deeply

Ideal Type 

San once mentioned in his Vlive that his ideal type is someone who is warm-hearted and is a good person. He said that he doesn't consider looks because the pretty heart is what matters, even if a woman is gorgeous and beautiful but if she didn’t have a pretty heart then it’s not for him.

Personal Life

After passing the audition for KQ Entertainment, San also applied for and didn’t make it onto MIXNINE. But this didn’t discourage him, and he became the lovable vitamin and amazing performer that he is in ATEEZ.


Kpop, Dancer, Singer

Hidden Talents

Whistling, Voice impersonation

Brand Endorsements


Fashion Brands Worn


Dating History / Rumors

Recently, a rumor began spreading around online that ATEEZ‘s San had been “exposed” for having a girlfriend, with a photo of the alleged pair shared as evidence. The photo began trending on an online forum which appears to have since been deleted with comments wondering why the ATEEZ member was being so “open” about being seen “dating” someone. The rumor wasn’t allowed to get very far, however, because it was quickly clarified that it wasn’t San’s girlfriend in the photo. So as of now Yeosang doesn’t have a girlfriend or dating someone.


San is an INFP “Mediator”. These rare personality types tend to be quiet, open-minded, and imaginative, and they apply a caring and creative approach to everything they do. Although they may seem quiet or unassuming, Mediators (INFPs) have vibrant, passionate inner lives. Creative and imaginative, they happily lose themselves in daydreams, inventing all sorts of stories and conversations in their minds. These personalities are known for their sensitivity. Mediators can have profound emotional responses to music, art, nature, and the people around them.



Instagram followers

ateez_official_ (7.2M followers)

San Facts

-San was born in Namhae, South Gyeongsan, South Korea.

-His family consists of mother, father, and an older sister.

-He really likes plushies and has a collection.

-He always carries with him a plushie named Shiber.

-His family is raising a female Birman cat called Byul.

-He is in the vocal line alongside Jongho and Seonghwa.

-He sang EXO’s Overdose for his audition at KQ Entertainment.

-He is the lead vocalist and performance member of ATEEZ.

-His signature number is 00.

-He has been doing Taekwondo steadily since he was young, so he has a sleek body, good flexibility, and strength.

-He has 52 cm long broad shoulders.

-He has dimples in both cheeks.

-Lots of fans think that he looks like actor Lee Dohyun.

-His fans think that he looks like NCT’s Ten.

-He has four moles on the left side of his face.

-He’s learning Japanese.

-He’s fluent/has a good pronunciation of English.

-He auditioned for MIXNINE but didn’t pass.

-When he was growing up, his grandparents spent more time with him than his parents did.

-His favorite singers are Dean, Zion T, and Justin Bieber.

-His dad owns a Taekwondo studio.

-He’s right-handed.

-When he was in high school, he used to play volleyball and was the libero.

-He has read many books recently but the most recent one was ‘What The Cat Taught Me At The Bottom of the Sorrow’.

-He likes watching TV and playing games with the other members.

-His favorite snack is ‘Oh Yes’.

-San is like the comedian when it’s just the group in private according to Seonghwa.

-He really likes purple.

-He likes reading thriller and mystery novels.

-He searches Twitter for his name a lot.

-He watches Mukbang on YouTube a lot.

-San is the mood maker of the group.

-He enjoys watching ASMR videos.

-His favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors are mint chocolate chip and pistachio almonds.

-He likes dolls, he said he sleeps while holding a doll.

-He was the student president when he was in elementary school.

-He is schoolmate with AB6IX’s Park Woojin and TXT’s Yeonjun.

-There is a small burn wound on his left hand, the accident happened while he was making dalgona for a friend when he was a kid.

-He is a fan of the webtoon ‘Cheese in the Trap’, his favorite character is Baek Inho.

-He was the first idol singer from Namhae-gun.

-San did a LASIK surgery.

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