ATEEZ Wooyoung: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

ATEEZ Wooyoung: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

ATEEZ Wooyoung Photo

Wooyoung (우영) is a member of the South Korean boy group ATEEZ under KQ Entertainment who debuted last October 24, 2018.


Stage Name

Wooyoung (우영)

Real Name

Jung Woo Young (정우영)

Date of Birth

November 26, 1999


173 cm (5’8″)


134 lbs (63 kg)


Hanlim Multi Arts High School


Singing, Dancing, Playing games, Collecting clothes, Bullying Seonghwa, collecting watches

City of origin / Country 

Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.


Dancing, Singing 


-Wooyoung is known as one of the team's more mischievous members.

-Wooyoung is clearly a hardworking person, he is also one of the members that can always be counted on for a good laugh

Ideal Type 

His ideal type is someone who likes to order him around and is attractive. But, he also found someone who messes up a lot but laughs about it as attractive. Wooyoung is someone who loves to socialize, that’s why he needs some freedom and a partner that is not too dependent on him.

Personal Life

-Wooyoung is a total fanboy of the kpop group  sensation, BTS. He is also a former BigHit Entertainment trainee.

 -He wanted to be an idol since performing in school stages and hoping to perform in bigger ones.


Kpop idol, actor, Singer, Dancer

Hidden Talents

Wooyoung can touch his nose with his tongue

Brand Endorsements


Fashion Brands Worn


Dating History / Rumors



Wooyoung is ESFJ (Consul), ESFJ are attentive and people-focused, and they enjoy taking part in their social community. Their achievements are guided by decisive values, and they willingly offer guidance to others.People who share the Consul personality type are, for lack of a better word, popular – which makes sense, given that it is also a very common personality type, making up twelve percent of the population. In high school, Consuls are the cheerleaders and the quarterbacks, setting the tone, taking the spotlight and leading their teams forward to victory and fame. Later in life, Consuls continue to enjoy supporting their friends and loved ones, organizing social gatherings and doing their best to make sure everyone is happy.



Instagram followers

ateez_official_ (7.2M followers)

Wooyoung Facts

-Wooyoung was born in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

-Wooyoung attended Hanlim Multi Arts High School.

-He attended the same class as Golden Child’s Tag and Idol School’s Bin Haneul.

-Wooyoung role models are HIGHLIGHT’s Gikwang and BTS’ Jimin.

-Wooyoung has a sexy aura that he often shows during performances, but he’s actually very cool and playful off stage.

-He is friends with Stray Kids’ Changbin.

-Wooyoung ranked 57th in the MIXNINE Just Dance showcase and later on, he got 72nd rank.

-His hobbies are collecting clothes, gaming, and teasing Seonghwa.

 -His favorite color is black.

-His talent is dancing.

-His nickname is sexy performance.

-His favorite snack is honey butter chips.

-Wooyoung is a former trainee of BigHit Entertainment.

-His favorite artists are BTS.

-He’s right-handed.

-Wooyoung has a tattoo.

-His face and neck have very extra stretchy skin.

-He wanted to be an idol since performing in school stages and hoping to perform in bigger ones

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