BABYMONSTER Asa: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

BABYMONSTER Asa: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Asa (아사) is a Japanese trainee under YG Entertainment. She is a member of the upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER who is set to debut this 2023.


Stage Name


Birth name

Enami Asa (榎並 朝)

Birth date

April 17, 2006

Birth place



 164/165 cm (5’4″)

Zodiac Sign




Blood Type




Years active




Career Timeline

Debut with BABYMONSTER- 2023

-YG Entertainment released a teaser poster on December 30, 2022, announcing their plans to debut a new girl group.

- The name of the group was confirmed as BABYMONSTER on January 1, 2023. Asa could be seen practicing in the same video, seemingly confirming her membership in the group.

- Asa was introduced as the fourth member of BABYMONSTER during a live performance on January 26. 




Asa Facts

- Asa was born and raised in Japan.
- She is a Japanese national.
- She makes a point of asking lots of questions when learning new dances.
- Leejung, their dance instructor, frequently praises Asa for picking up choreography the quickest.
- She began learning to dance in Year 2.
- Her interests include dancing, cooking, and skipping rope.
- She is fluent in Japanese, Korean, and a little English.
- Asa writes and speaks Korean so well that she can joke about being a "native speaker."
-  She joined YG Entertainment between late 2016 and early 2017.
- In 2017, she appeared in the musical LADYBIRD GREEN.
- Due to her buck-teeth, fans believe she resembled a bunny when she was younger.
- On January 26, 2023, she was the fourth member to be officially revealed.
Asa wrote and composed her own song.
- She and fellow member Ruka will be among the first Japanese females to make their YG Entertainment debut.
- When she was seven years old, she performed "Very Very Good" by Block B at a dance school in Japan.
- Prior to her debut, she worked in musical theater.
- She first auditioned at the age of 12 with the song "Weekend Warrior."
- Her mother enjoys Block B's music.
- Asa and fellow BABYMONSTER member Ruka will be YG Entertainment's first female Japanese idols to make their debut.
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