BLACKPINK's Rosé Saint Laurent Outfits in Paris Fashion Week (2023)

BLACKPINK's Rosé Saint Laurent Outfits in Paris Fashion Week (2023)

BLACKPINK's Rosé Amazed Everyone With Her Stunning Look at Paris Fashion Show!

K-pop star and BLACKPINK's Rosé is proudly humble establishing herself at the center of French luxury brand 'Yves Saint Laurent,' also known as Saint Laurent and YSL in Paris, France.

Major foreign media, including AFP, reported on February 23rd that K-pop is leading fashion around the world.

Analysts say that the atmosphere in which the love calls of existing luxury brands were concentrated on actors and models has recently shifted to K-pop idol stars, led by BTS, NewJeans, and BLACKPINK members, which has also affected the increase in luxury consumption of MZ generations around the world.

As a Global brand Ambassador and one of the forefronts in the fashion industry, Rosé made a surprise appearance at Paris Fashion Week for Saint Laurent and made everyone stunned and awe with her fashion look and gorgeous visual.

Do you find what she wears interesting? Then check out these eye-catching outfit worn by BLACKPINK's Rosé below!


She boldly donned a LONG TRENCH IN LAMBSKIN from YSL Spring 2023 Collection with an alluring Cut-Out Midi Bodycon Dress on the inside paired with a SAINT LAURENT Platz Platform Sandals in Smooth Leather.


[All Images by BLACKPINK ROSÉ & K-Medias via YG Entertainment]
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