ENHYPEN Heeseung: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

ENHYPEN Heeseung: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Heeseung (희승) is one of the member and the real ace of the group ENHYPEN who debuted last November 30, 2020.


Stage Name

Heeseung (희승)

Real Name

Lee Hee Seung (이희승)

English Name

Ethan Lee

Date of Birth 

October 15, 2001


183 cm (6’0”)


149 lbs. (68kg.)


Jinjeop High School —Gwangnam High School
Pungyang Middle School
Hwabong Elementary School


Eating ramen, playing games

City of origin / country

Namyangju, Gyeonggi, South Korea


Singing, Dancing


Heeseung is great at using his creativity to solve problems, honest and insightful, and passionate in a way that will definitely help him as an idol.

Ideal Type 

-His type is someone with a critical and analytical mind. Someone intelligent, who’s introspective, chill, just owns that soothing aura. Probably reads a lot, and it’s wise too.
-Hard worker. Definitely the type of person who’s not afraid of work.

-Someone who is down to earth/ humble.
-Heesung likes someone who is confident in her own skin, an extrovert, romantic, and enjoys spending time together.

-Based on his astrology, Heesung likes a girl who holds onto commitment and is easy to talk to.
-Heesung, who is a Libra, tends to like someone who does not wear clothes that are very revealing.
-Heesung also likes a girl who has a good smell and attractive looks.

Personal Life

-Heeseung was only 18 year’s old ( international age) when he entered and participated in I-Land.
-Even since his childhood, Heeseung's dream was to be a singer.


Heeseung's childhood dream was to become a singer. As he became older, Heeseung became a trainee under several agencies and ended up being BigHit Entertainment trainee for 3 years,
Then he participated in the famous reality show I-Land and successfully debuted as a member of ENHYPEN.

Hidden Talents

-He could create sounds with his fingers


Weverse Magazine

HEESEUNG: “I could be happy forever by holding onto the memories I’ve made up to this point”
Heeseung Photo in ENHYPEN DIMENSION: ANSWER comeback interview 2022.01.19
HEESEUNG: “I feel reassured about myself”
Heeseung Photo in ENHYPEN BORDER : CARNIVAL Comeback Interview 2021.05.03
HEESEUNG “I’m just a person who lives his life with passion”
Heeseung Photo in ENHYPEN debut interview 2020.12.27
HEESEUNG “I don’t want to define music in one word”

Brand Endorsements



Fashion Brands Worn

LMOD, NIKE, BALENCIAGA, AMI, Off-White, RAF SIMONS, alexanderwang

Magazine Covers

ENHYPEN ‘MANIFESTO: DAY 1’ comeback interview 2022.07.12
Heeseung ENHYPEN DIMENSION: ANSWER comeback interview 2022.01.19

Dating History / Rumours



Before he retook the test, Heesung was an INFP. After the test, his result changed to an INTP. INTPs are known as the Logician type. This MBTI type is known for being more unconventional and flexible in their approach to life, wanting to be creative and curious.


Instagram followers

@enhypen (11.1M followers)
Twitter followers

Twitter followers

@ENHYPEN_members  (9.5M followers)

Heeseung Facts

-His Blood Type is A.
-His nicknames are Heedeungie, Heeddeungie, Bambi
-He is quite good in English and can communicate with his fans easily.
-His favorite foods are ramyun and jjamppong.
-Heeseung can name the pitch/note by just listening on it
-He knows every notes and its sounds 
-He has a perfect pitch talent
-Heseung is a really calm person
-He used to train together with TXT when they are still trainees
-Heeseung entered I-Land without sub unit
-All I-Land participants are amazed as Heesung entered the building and called him as the ace of the show.
-He’s from Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
-He performed NCT U‘s Boss in the first episode of I-LAND.
-He said that his father is his role model
-He likes Dickies (a clothing brand) and wore all
-Heeseung is close with Jaehyuk from Treasure.

-Heeseung sounds Jungkook sometimes whenever he sing

-He said that he wanted to cover “Euphoria” by BTS Jungkook 

-Heeseung can play piano
-His Chinese Zodiac Sign is Snake
-His favorite icecream flavor is Rainbow Sherbet

-His favorite song is “Night Flight” by Yerin Baek.
-His favorite colors are purple and ivory.
-His favorite seasons are winter and spring.
-Heeseung is a popping master
-He has an older brother
-He likes to wear hats.
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