ENHYPEN Jay: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

ENHYPEN Jay: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)


Jay (제이) is one of the member of the boy group ENHYPEN who debuted last November 30, 2020 from the reality show I-Land.



Stage Name

Jay (제이)

Real Name

Jay Park

Korean Name

Park Jong-Seong (박종성)

Date of Birth

April 20, 2002


180 cm (5’11”)


132 lbs. (60kg)


Hanlim Art School


Cooking, Cleaning, Shopping, Gaming

City of origin / country

Seattle, Washington, United States


Dancing, Singing, Cooking


-He has a bold personality
-The debater, exciting, source of energy.

Ideal Type 

-Jay likes someone who is humble, has a sense of humor, and is patient.

Personal Life

Jay is born and raised in the United States with his family. He is an only child. Jay’s father is the co-owner and president of Sinar Tours. Despite having a blessed family, Jay stayed humble and down to earth and followed his dream to be a Kpop idol.


-Jay really wasn’t that interested in becoming an idol at first. But he got offered to join an audition. He took the lesson for about 2 to 3 days and managed to join the company. But for some reason, Jay left the company. He saw BTS’s performance that made him aim for joining Big Hit Entertainment. He took the lessons for about a month or two and got accepted into Big Hit Entertainment.

-He trained hard for 2 years & 11 months then joined I-LAND.

Hidden Talents

He has flexible double-jointed fingers meaning he can bend his finger back and front.

Magazine Covers


Brand Endorsements



Fashion Brands Worn



Jay ENHYPEN ‘MANIFESTO : DAY 1’ comeback interview photo
JAY: “Everyone needs someone to help them up so they can stand together”
Jay ENHYPEN DIMENSION: ANSWER comeback interview photo
JAY: “I’m always trying to keep an open mind”

Jay ENHYPEN BORDER : CARNIVAL Comeback Interview photo
JAY “I want to become an adult who sees other people as his equal.”

JAY “I’m extremely passionate about what I like”

Dating History / Rumours

He is entangled in a dating humor with ITZY Yuna, but both ENHYPEN's Jay and ITZY's Yuna are not dating at all.


Before he retook the test, Jay introduced himself as an ENFP, After the test, his result changed again to an ENFJ. ENFJs are known as the Protagonist type. This MBTI type is known for having strong ideas and values, which they support with immense creative energy. They make it a goal to be kind and helpful to others.


Instagram followers

@ENHYPEN (11.1M followers)

Twitter followers 

@enhypen_members (9.5M followers)

Jay Facts

-Jay is born in Seattle, Washington, United States.
-He is an only child
-His representative emoji is 🦅
-His favorite emoji is 😎
-He was only in 4th grade or around 10 years old when he moved back to South Korea. 
-Jay is the son of the president of the Sinar Tours
-He knows how to cook
-Jay's favorite foods are pasta, curry and corn.
His most treasured item is a watch gifted by his father.
-Jay has an allergy to cats
-Jay is an independent person
-Jay's favorite color is purple.
-His favorite season is autumn.
-Jay likes people who'll accept him for his flaws and are patient with him.
-He always got angry whenever he saw messy places or things
-His nickname is angry bird
-He and Sunghoon performed together NCT U‘s The 7th Sense in the first episode of I-LAND.
Jay and Sunghoon are the only subunit who entered and successfully debuted as ENHYPEN members in I-Land.
-His iconic quote during his participation in I-LAND was “RAS (Resentment, Anger and Shame)”.
-He is competitive and never lose hope.
-Jay earned the second place on the final ranking of I-Land
-He sometimes wears prescription glasses and lenses.
-Being a singer and idol is not his first dream, he dreamed of being a chef.
-His favorite cartoon character is Pororo
-He is fashionable and outfit influencer 
-Jay loves to go shopping 
-Jay is born rich 
-His Korean name, Jongseong, means “collecting stars” in Korean.
-His favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio.
-He can speak basic Japanese. He learned it by studying by his own

-Jay always wear his eyeglasses if he is not performing onstage 
-He has poor eyesight
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