ENHYPEN Sunoo: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

ENHYPEN Sunoo: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Sunoo (선우) is one of the members of the boy group ENHYPEN who debuted last November 30, 2020 from the reality show I-Land.


Stage Name

Sunoo (선우)

Real Name

Kim Seon Woo(김선우)

Date of Birth 

June 24, 2003


175 cm (5’9″)


143.3 lbs. (65kg)


Chilbo High School, Hanlim Arts School


Taking Selfies, Singing, Playing online games and video games, Watching movies, dancing

City of origin / country

Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


Singing, Dancing,being pretty is his talent.


Sunoo is known as being sassy and soft hearted that made him look more attractive.

Ideal Type 

He is more of a witty and sarcastic person.

Personal Life

Sunoo has pneumothorax which is a lung problem since he was young and had surgery last year. He is also easy to infect by that virus.


Kpop idol

Hidden Talents

Being cute and charismatic 

Magazine Cover

ENHYPEN ‘MANIFESTO : DAY 1’ comeback interview

Brand Endorsements


Fashion Brands Worn



SUNOO PHOTO IN ENHYPEN ‘MANIFESTO : DAY 1’ comeback interview 2022.07.16

SUNOO: “I feel love best when it’s expressed directly”

SUNOO PHOTO IN ENHYPEN DIMENSION: ANSWER comeback interview 2022.01.23
SUNOO: “ENGENE is the force that keeps my life moving forward”
SUNOO PHOTO IN ENHYPEN BORDER : CARNIVAL comeback interview 2021.05.04
SUNOO “I’m so grateful, and I won’t let this moment pass me by”

SUNOO “The stage is my happy place”

Dating History / Rumours



He is ENFP, ENFPs are known as the Campaigner type. This MBTI type is known for being free-spirits that encourage big ideas. They’re very social, particularly desiring emotional connections with others.


Instagram followers

@ENHYPEN (11.1M followers)

Twitter followers

@enhypen_members (9.5M followers)

Sunoo Facts

-Sunoo is from Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
-He used to be active in school when he was still an ordinary student.
-He participates more in dance performances within his school.
-Sunoo is a total student model, he is a former student council member and a class president during his middle school days.
-Many students from his school are falling in love with his angelic beauty.
-His schoolmates call him sam-oh-oppa meaning Year 3, Class 5, handsome oppa.
-He was one of the members of a sub unit with ENHYPEN Jake and Youngbin in I-Land that performed TXT’s “Crown”  on the first episode of the show.
-According to I-Land participants, Sunoo's hobby is taking selfies. He can take 50 photos of himself per day.
-Sunoo went to the Ground ( a small dancing studio where every participant failed to enter I-Land) in the first episode.
-When Sunoo successfully entered I-Land he wanted to be close with Sunghoon.
-Sunoo loves mint chocolate and rainbow sherbet flavored ice cream
-He’s a big fan of spicy foods.
-Sunoo debuted as the member of ENHYPEN with the judges final vote that he totally deserved.
-Sunoo has a perfect body figure (an hourglass figure).
-Despite of Sunoo’s angelic face, he has an ability to lower his voice that made him looks so attractive.
-His favorite “soul food” is tteokbokki
-Sunoo can also play piano.
-Sunoo’s alma mater is Chilbo High School.
-After he finished middle school he decided to pursue his entertainment career to become an idol.
-Sunoo was born in à Christian family. 
-Sunoo loves his mother’s homemade foods.
-Because of his health issues Sunoo gets easily tired during his dance practices in I-Land.
-He is following a healthy diet given to him to maintain his weight around 65kg.
-Sunoo undergoes 10 months of training before participating in I-Land.
-Sunoo loves listeria to mellow and soft songs.
-He is now currently in a contract under BELIFT LAB Entertainment Agency.
-Many fans said that Sunoo and Jungwon look-a-like when they first stan the group. 
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