Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Kim So Hyun

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Kim So Hyun

Little Sister Style from as seen from So Hyun 


As a historical drama superstar set to be one of the most prominent up and coming actresses, she's got the amiable style that goes with the title. Perfectly youthful and GP friendly, her style as seen on her Instagram features her in many different places that shows off her style. 

Read more to see what she wears and how she wears them!

Tops: Timeless Basics

White Eyelet Top

A perfect and no fail outdoor option is white, bonus points for eyelet detail. It's a common color in casual K-style outfits for outdoor specifically. Sohyun styled it as everyone can with light wash jeans and a plain bucket hat.  

One Shoulder Silk Top

Elegance is the association with silk, for an event she opted for a one shoulder draped silk top paired with a white midi skirt. Light on light colors means opting for a dewy and simpler make-up too. A timeless classic most appropriate for night occasions. 

Basic Black V-Neck Tank

Her formal outfits are just as simple and chic as her everyday outfits. A quick selca for the gram, she wore a black deep V tank top with textured linen jeans. In styling plain outfits, adding texture even in plain colors adds charm and flow. 

Dresses: Elegantly Smart

Button Down Dress

Art events are a great way to dress up but opting for a smart casual fit won't look out of place. For a teamLab: LIFE exhibit, she wore a light gray button down dress with a formal collar and folded up sleeves. Dressed up for the exhibit balancing looking smart and casual. 

White Linen Dress

A staple for any woman just as a little black dress, is a little white dress! Posing behind a vintage camera with an equally vintage filter, she wore a classic square neck puff sleeve dress hugging her bodice snug exudes elegance and youth. Vintage style photos calls for looks and styles that's time sensitive to fit the mood. 

Multi Print Silk Dress

Another no context series of pictures, So Hyun shared this look featuring a silk and mesh multi printed dress. Styling bold dresses, it was balanced with a relaxed style hair and equally body shoes for proportion and balance with the dress. 

Jackets: Varied Cardigans

Baby Pink Wool Sweater

TB to this gold and very aesthetically pleasing picture, posing with a flower gift basket she wears a baby pink wool cardigan. Something people should have in variety. A subtle color, still on the plain side, can refresh a monotonous wardrobe. 

Gray Toned Cardigan

On the note of monotonous colors, there's many different kinds to explore. For an appearance for the group 2AM's Should've Known MV a two part series, she wore this faded gray cardigan. Yet another example of simple elements in style. 

Thick Gray Shrug

Shrugs are a love-hate item, but no one can argue of its convenience and superior flexibility for unpredictable weather. Layering it on top of solid color tops is best as it makes it look put together and cohesive, seen in So Hyun below!

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