Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Kim Yoo-Jung

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Kim Yoo-Jung

Household talent Kim Yoo-Jung's style has the perfect local and international balance

By: Julianne Babaran 

Child star ever since the age of four! Yoo-Jung is already making waves in the industry as she racks her portfolio with dramas. Her most recent one coming out on Netflix titled, 20th Century Girl. The movie's coming of age theme is interesting to say the least and perfectly fitting from her history and style. 

Recently active again on Instagram, she shares snaps of her looks, whereabouts and activities. Beyond the sets and photoshoots, we see a glimpse of her personal style. Mostly in themes of youthful, sultry and casual, you can catch it all there. In this article, we share her best looks and common styles she wears so you don't have to! 


Pastel Block Top Set

Kicking off with a classic, set tops are super trendy in East Asia particularly. Paired with your best jeans of choice and they can match with any casual occasion most especially as they come in different colors. Styled easily with laid back hair, there's no denying the outfit is still picture perfect. 

Collared Green Top

Posing with most adorable little guy, Yoo-Jung wears a knit style collared top. Knit tops that aren't particularly for warm has been a stable piece of clothing. Its fabric and style elevates that compared to one in thinner material, likewise a collar detail just adds to the formal feel of any top matching any kind of skirt or jeans.  

Fila Red Top

Worth noting the child star is an endorsement queen for many brands including Fila. As seen she wears a red baby tee style crewneck T-shirt styled with a red bow, minimal make-up and a pop off red. Still youthful at 23, she's styled in semi-mature but still carefree styles. 

Dresses & Overalls

Black Mini Dress

It's giving urban grunge LBD vibes for all the obvious reason, styling a black mini dress, she pairs it with a crop cardigan blazer and matched it with the most dramatic leather knee high boots. Keeping the hair youthful and fun in wavy style space buns. 

Crochet Dress

A woman in style knows crochet is not just for the trends but it's forever. In a refined take for crochet, she wore a multicolored crochet dress with stripe detail matched with wavy hair and dainty jewelry for the perfect sultry but summer vibe. 

Muted Green Overalls

Actresses love overalls for off set looks, she matched muted green green overalls with classic Converse sneakers, and a white button down top. The look is comical and easy on eye accented with brown accessories for her hat and handbag.  


White Tweed Blazer

Tweed Blazers are normally very formal and tight fitted but ones that are a oversized with the shoulder dropped down can be the best last layer to accent any top underneath. Yoo-Jung matched hers with a white ribbed top and it instantly had an elevated element about it. 

Celine Varsity Jacket

The Coveted Celine Varsity jacket only handful of idols wear have naturally reached Yoo-Jung. She wears over a layered top and jeans casually. Normally opting for jeans, a jacket like this doesn't need anymore distractions and she understood the assignment.

Pastel Knit Pullover

Lavender, soft colors and prints are reserved for homey looks like this! She paired a pastel lavender knit pullover with pastel checkered home boxer style shorts and of course repping the some chunky Fila slides. 

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