Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Park Shin Hye

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Park Shin Hye

Household K-drama actress Park Shin Hye is the golden standard for setting fashion trends

By: Julianne Babaran 

Active as an actress since 2001, Park Shin Hye has a stellar list of TV shows, dramas, and features in the course of her career. Trained by entertainment mentors in acting and music from an early age, the path was set for her to take reins. She's been a prominent force, as she was listed in Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list numerous times. It's undeniable the household name is not shock for K-drama fans as well. From the clothes she wears on and off shows, it's safe to say her style is something to take note of. 

Her modest style as seen on her Instagram can be a testament to her casual and off work lifestyle. Mostly featuring clothes that are laid back, light and casual, there are some noteworthy elements for important occasions. In this article, we listed the most common styles and elements she showcases in her outfits so you can imbibe them for yourself. Time to see how the classic and long standing stars keep their charm in their individual style. 

Tops: Classic Style

Burnt Orange Print Top

Instead of bold colors and multiple layers, going back to the basics of blouses and prints is a show for class and uniqueness. Opting for an elegant blouse for social events or errands is simple and more convenient than more stylistic options. 

White Eyelet Top

Idols and actresses alike love white eyelet blouses for outdoor activities, a classic white blouse or dress is perfect for the outdoors. Pairing it with light brown hair and glasses is a popular and common look in K-drama scenes particularly in warmer and sunnier weathers. 

Powder Blue Blouse

For more formal events, experienced actresses opt for the modesty and class with long sleeve blouses. More detail in the design of the front, the seams, the color and shape is given utmost attention compared to dresses or preppy style clothes, such is the occasion to show off jewelry. 

Jackets: Diversified Basics

Neutral Blazer

A staple accessory in any K-drama realm is a trusty brown tweed blazer in any neutral pattern. It's perfect and fitting for even day activities or any place in the city. If you ever want to imbibe the aura of a main character, a blazer can help you get there. 

Oversized Wool Cardigan

For a tired, cozy and warm hug type of day, an oversized wool cardigan is a great option to get you there. You'll normally find these for idols who prefer a less showy look. They easily match any type of look and mood, as shown by Park below. 

Red Tweed Jacket

Almost like a fancy dress equivalent, tweed blazer and skirt sets are very famous in East Asia. It has a mix of masculine all while looking feminine in color and style. More mature idols style the classic looks, particularly ones that are known to be staple and classic. 

Dresses: Conservatively Playful

White Linen Dress

Linen rompers need more love. Getting the same benefits as a traditional denim overall. Linen rompers are more loose and more cosmopolitan for more sophisticated places. 

Houndstooth Print Dress

Going conservative with clothes, makes the jewelry and elements of the look pop out more. Going for printed midi dresses exude an elegance that's doesn't go overly bold as a gown or traditional blouse. 

Black Midi Dress

Printed Midi dresses are very in, Shin Hye style palettes gravitate to the neutrals and black and white more often than bold colors. Such dresses go best with bold colors as accessory as shown below with her bold yellow basket bag. Midi dresses are flowy and lighter than they seem and they're great for dressier but casual occasions. 

Bottoms: As seen K-drama

Wide Leg Black Slacks

Staple for both men and women, wide leg slacks give the shape that can compliment a wide shoulder blazer. They're the best pair for editorial city looks for the structure, color and comfort. Its a versatile pair that most idols opt for when wearing sneakers and heels for events. 

Wide Leg Denim Jeans

As one who is known for styling them on the picturesque scenes in TV, there are more than enough references of her wearing these. Wide leg jeans are perfect for the quintessential age for working class. For these outfits, more emphasis on your top and jacket combo becomes extra important. 

Mom Jeans

Although the unpopular choice for jean styles, Mom jeans are still very much popular. The versatility, convenience and simplicity of it are best for active characters on TV. The comfort and stretchiness make it comfortable for everyday activities where its not overly casual or formal its the perfect in between. 

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