Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Bang Chan From STRAY KIDS

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Bang Chan From STRAY KIDS


Leader, producer, songwriter, composer, lead vocalist, rapper and dancer, a total package! Stray Kids Bang Chan serves you all his talented self as part of the forth generation K-pop boy group of the world


Bang Chan, the band's leader and rapper, has the ideal body for any male. The nut bolt that holds all members together is the leader and most talented idol. The main lyricist and concept creator has had an impact on the world, but he does not appear to be consumed by all of his accomplishments and milestones. He maintains a cool and calm demeanor while acting and speaking up for the rest of the band. By guiding the band to global recognition, the underground rapper turned idol has turned the world upside down.

As Bang Chan shines and continuously shinning in his career as a k-pop idol, he is also making a name in the fashion industry as one of the best fashion icon that become an ideal for any fashionable outfits that everyone wants to try. We all know that Bang Chan has a cool and swag vibe that is why are going to focus on learning how to dress up like him. This blog will help you to learn more and know more hoe to dress up like Stray Kids' leader Bang Chan.


TOPS: Shirts

Black Plain Shirt

Black shirts look great with other items of clothing in the same color. Wear it under a black blazer or a tailored trench, or over elegant slacks or sleek black denim.


Muscle Tee

Style your muscle tee with vintage jeans and black booties for an edgy look.


Button Down Polo Shirt

Polo shirt represents elegance and discretion. As a result, it remains fashionable even when it is classic, basic, or boring. You can style it with button down like Bang Chan did.


BOTTOMS: Denim, Neutral Colored Bottoms 

Black Ripped Denim Fitted Pants

Fitted ripped jeans will always give you a cool and swag vibes like Chang Bin, his hotness is on fire as he wear this jeans on his concert stage with his other group members, ripped fitted jeans ia always perfect to partnered with boots also.


Black Slack Pants

Slack pants will always bring you elegance, In his recent photo shoot Chang Bin shared his photo on his Instagram account wearing slack pants and partnered it with his graphic polo and black sandals.


Cream Chino Pants 

Denim pants are too predictable and may even be uncomfortable for his OOTD, so he opts for light or cream colored ones. This simple departure from the norm looks more appropriate and adds more color contrast to his outfits.


JACKETS: Hoodie, Jacket

Black Hoodie

This is the typical way Chan styles his outerwear when it gets a little chilly. He jus wear a simple hoodie and that really made him look more cool.


Black Bomber Jacket

Style these with black on black on black. However, the star frequently wears these oversized black jackets. Perhaps to tie everything together, the style is timeless and easy to match with anything underneath, and it is also suitable for formal events.


Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are still popular because they go with almost any outfit and are comfortable to wear all year.

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