Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Beomgyu From TXT

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Beomgyu From TXT

We have finally arrived at our 4th Generation Idols series, starting with the 4th Gen representatives, Tomorrow by Together, popularly known as TXT. TXT is a five-member group that debuted with their hit song, Crown, released on March 04, 2019.

     Beomgyu In A Black Leather Jacket With A White Graphic Shirt Underneath Paired With Tattered Black Denim Jeans.


For this blog article, we will discuss our second member for this topic, Beomgyu. Beomgyu debuted as the group's Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper, Center, and Visual- they are a group of aces. In one of their group's fan signs, Beomgyu revealed that he likes the Spring the most out of all seasons. This favorite of him mirrors well how he wants to style himself- pullovers, jackets, shirts, any garments as long as it's comfy to wear.

If you're still wondering how TXT's Main Visual and Center styles himself around the aesthetic of the Spring, brace yourselves as we have so much to discuss.




When it comes to tops, Beomgyu has a favorite- none other than shirts. Shirts really are, to be honest, one of the best to wear apart from its comfortable, they could also be stylish at some point. Although Beomgyu likes wearing them as it is, you could also wear them as a layering piece.

Black Shirt With A HYBE Print

Here's Beomgyu in his black t-shirt with a print that says HYBE- his company. It seems like he is proud of where he came from.  


White Shirt With A Cursive Print

Another is this white shirt with a cursive print as loungewear he's wearing at their dorm—such a comfy piece just by looking at it. 


Cream-Colored Graphic Tees

He also has worn these cream-colored graphic tees for their group comeback LO$ER=LO♡ER. You could check it out here.


White Shirt With A Minimalist Print

And lastly, this white shirt with a minimalist print. This could also be the perfect wear for practicing. 



Speaking of layering, Beomgyu actually likes layering his clothes. He has a pattern he always uses when he does layering, which is the simple shirt underneath and a sleeved top or jacket over it. 

Striped Blue And White Button Down Shirt

For example, Beomgyu wore a striped blue and white button down over his white tee. It could also be a perfect summer outfit if paired with khaki shorts and sandals.


White Plain Shirt

In this TikTok video, they posted with Kai, Beomgyu can be seen wearing a brown jacket over his white shirt. He then paired them with black denim pants.


Button-Down Shirt With A Green Undertone

In another TikTok video he posted,  Beomgyu can be seen wearing a button-down shirt with a green undertone over his white t-shirt. It seems like he loves wearing a white shirt as his layering piece. 



When it comes to bottom wear, Beomgyu loves wearing denim pants as his choice. He likes wearing them when traveling, going out, and for some reason when practicing too.

Black Denim Pants

For example, Beomgyu can be seen rocking this all-black outfit from head to toe using denim pants, shirt combo, and non-ending converse high-top shoes. 



Acid-Washed Denim Pants

If he has them in the dark, he also has them in light. Beomgyu sported his acid-washed denim pants with a simple white shirt as the top and, of course, the converse high-top shoes. 


Black Fitted Denim Jeans

For a twist, Beomgyu wore his black fitted denim jeans with a layered top of a white shirt and a gray button-down polo, paired with high-top converse shoes -- such a perfect casual and smart fit. 



On other days when comfy clothes are needed for a fresh breath of air, Beomgyu likes wearing sweatpants for these times. They are comfortable and easy too, and they could be stylish depending on how you style them.

Gray Sweatpants

For this example, Beomgyu could be seen wearing sweatpants in cold weather. He paired the monochromatic look with a puffy jacket for an extra heat source.


Black Sweatpants With White Details On The Side

Taking the sweatpants to another level, Beomgyu also likes wearing his Black sweatpants with white details on the side when working out seems like the perfect fit for building the muscles. 



It looked like Beomgyu has been loving pullovers lately- cotton-wise or knitted ones. He likes wearing them on different occasions and styles. Certainly, the group's visual never disappoints when wearing these clothes. 

Gray Pullover

As seen in this picture, Beomgyu wore a gray pullover with his unique pet, Toto, a Turquoise Fronted Amazon. I so much love the owner-pet bonding moments.


Black graphic pullover

In this picture, Beomgyu can be seen sporting this black graphic pullover to what seems to be the HYBE Building- it smells like another comeback is being cooked as we speak. 


Neon orange pullovers with metal accents

You could never go wrong with bright-colored pullovers. In this series of pictures, Beomgyu shared, he can be seen sporting these neon orange pullovers with metal accents.



Hooded jackets should be added to your list because it seems like Beomgyu likes wearing his hooded jacket whether going out or chilling at their place. Honestly, no one could resist a hooded jacket- the comfort feeling is endless with it.

Zipper-Up Gray Hooded Jacket

In this picture she shared online, Beomgyu can be seen sporting a zipper-up gray hooded jacket. It must've been nice wearing these while watching movies and eating popcorn on the side.


Black Zip-up Hooded Jacket

A late-night go-out wouldn't be complete without a hooded jacket- it's the most accessible garment you could have, especially when you feel hungry in the middle of the night. In this picture, we could see Beomgyu wearing some Black Zip-up Hooded Jacket, he paired with sweatpants.



Clear Glasses

It looks like the group's visual likes wearing clear glasses to spice up his fashion game. He could be seen sporting these clear glasses in different shapes and sizes, whether he's just in the company practicing or traveling.


Hoop Earrings

Just like his bandmate, Yeonjun, Beomgyu also has five piercings all-in-all- he has three in his left ear and two on the right. He also loves wearing hooped earrings to fill up the piercings he has.



I already told you all TXT is not complete without converse high-top sneakers. At this point, these high-top sneakers should already be their 6th member in commemoration of the service, just joking. Moving on, they have been obsessed with the sneakers they wear everywhere they go.

Chuck All Taylor Classic Gray

Just like these photos of Beomgyu wearing these classic high-top sneakers while traveling. This is an excellent piece since it's lightweight and easy to wear.

Run Star Hike Platform In Black

Beomgyu also wears them to work. Just like this photo of him wearing these chunky run star hike platform shoes to his DJ-ing gig. 
If you like reading fashion articles like this, You could also check out TXT's Main vocalist and Rapper, Soobin, here.
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