Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Chaewon From LE SSERAFIM

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Chaewon From LE SSERAFIM

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As a face of bigger brands, Chaewon flaunts her eye-popping fashion styling skills.

LE SSERAFIM's leader Chaewon was also a former member of IZ*ONE like Sakura. However, when she debuted as a LE SSERAFIM, she completely changed her looks such as going for short hair and opting for chicer styles. Nevertheless, having a gorgeous visuals and alluring charms, Chaewon is surely versatile and could adapt any styles she wants to slay. Given that, it is not indubitable why she got the attention of luxurious brands. Her fashion skills also help her accentuate her best features more that contribute in getting more attention from bigger brands. Below is a Chaewon's fashion breakdown to give you a picture of how she became a face of luxurious brands.



Crop tops are quintessential staples that women surely have in their wardrobe, and Chaewon has variety of these. Below she showed us how to style and rock them off.

Asymmetrical Black Crop Top

Chaewon wears a black asymmetrical crop top while having her practice. She paired it with a loose pants and a nike sneakers to show us that crop tops could easily do better in creating swag but sexy style.


Cropped Vest Layered Tube

Meanwhile, below she throwed off a 90s fashion with a modern twist by opting for shorter vest which she used for layering her black tube.


Spaghetti Strap Crop Top

As a Burberry girl, Chaewon flaunts this brand by complimenting her lola bag with a black chic ensemble. Specifically, she styled her spaghetti crop top by layering it with a cropped bolero, and a cow designed mini-skirt.



Cream Denim Culotte Pants

Chaewon pulled an edgy look below by matching her culotte pants with an oversized asymmetrical side buttoned top.


High-Waist Denim Pants

Here, she aimed for a boyish look as she styled her high-waisted denim with a tucked mens polo, and a navy green converse shoes for a more boyish gait.


Loose Denim Pants

Chaewon also loved looking eclectic and showed that by pairing her asymmetrical one-shoulder sleeve top with a loose base. Here, she looked a bit edgy but definitely fashion-forward.



Ribbon Embellished Mini Dress

Chaewon was impeccably dolled by her stylist as she dressed her with this clear strap mini dress with big bow in front and embellished with crystals. The dress didn’t only gave her a sophisticated look, but also unveiled her full-feminine side.


Sequin Black Mini Dress

Meanwhile, the shade of black compliments her fair complexion more, and so she opt for this sequin mini dress that also gives her sparks when she dance.


Seaman Inspired Dance Attire

In this photo, Chaewon brought the ocean to the stage by wearing this seaman-like polo top paired with navy-blue pants with the same design.



Cow Sleeveless Dress

Chaewon enjoys a luxury dress moment with the help of this famous brand, Burberry. Here, she wears an unusual design of sleeveless dress – cow print.


Bodycon Wide Strap Dress

As the caption says so, “watch out for the heat” for she looks sexily gorgeous in her wide strap bodycon mini dress.


Clear Spaghetti Strap Dress

Below she played her fashion game by using her dress for layering a white shirt, creating an A+ chic look.



Cropped Denim Jacket

Chaewon strut like a professional model in her post below by wearing a tattered and cropped shirt layered with a cropped denim jacket. Then she paired it with a pleated skirt for a touch of edginess.


Oversized Green Jacket

Chaewon looks comfy with her oversized green jacket without sacrificing style, for she still remained to look stylish as well by throwing off  choker for extra detail.


Button Down Burberry Jacket

As a face of Burberry, she flaunts her printed button down jacket from the brand while looking iconic and ubercool.



Black Beret Hat

Chaewon added a touch of Parisian feels by wearing a beret to her Korean fashion dance attire, creating another unique chic look.


Nike Red Beanie

Here she sported a luxurious streetwear where she worn a shirt from Balenciaga paired with a shorts. The Nike products – sneakers and beanie added a sporty vibe and completed the look.


Black Chanel Bucket

Chaewon loves to flaunt big brands as she wears another luxurious beanie from chanel in completing her black chic ensemble.



Black Ankle Boots

This outfit of Chaewon was previously featured in the dress cataegory, but what made he fit chicer and more eye-popping are these pair of ankle boots.


White Nike Sneakers

Chaewon completed her Celine top with a jogger and a white Nike sneakers that speaks for a sexy street style.


Black Leather Shoes

Meanwhile, Chaewon opted for a contrast style in the image below for she chose to wear a mens black leather shoes in pairing her formal coordinates. Thus, creating a full-boyish style.



Clear Glasses

Chaewon had worn these clear oversized round glasses to highlight her panda yet cute eyes more, giving them an extra spotlight.


Cat-eye Sunglasses

However, below she aimed at looking iconic by matching her black dress with a black cat-eye sunglasses as well.


Cat-eye Clear Glasses

Meanwhile, she wears the same frame here, but the glasses are clear, and they helped making her look more serious in her formal outfit.


Confidence is definitely Chaewon's weapon, and thus, you must also bring that aspect to perfectly emulate your favorite Chaewon inspired outfit. Read Sakura's article as well to learn other fashion styles.



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