Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Dawon From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Dawon From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Photo credits: SBS

Dawon's mix and matching abilities is what set her fashion sense extremely unique.

Dawon embodies the quote, "Try and try until you succeed", as she never gave up despite failing on her first footstep on becoming a singer. Back then, she joined K-Pop Star 2 where she failed on passing at her first audition. However, this didn't stop her from pursuing what she wants so she went to Starship Entertainment, and finally became a trainee. Soon, she made her debut and obviously became a member of WJSN. In addition, she also apply the aforementioned quote in her fashion styles as she tries the best of her abilities in mix and matching staples. Truly enough, she knows what she really wants and this is not only determine on her perseverance of her dream and passion, but also in making herself unique by standing out using her eccentric fashion styles

You may be tugged by her inspiring story above, but you may also wonder how she slays in her own unique fashion styles. Worry no more as Unnielooks would be presenting various outfits to elucidate how she styles each of these and look distinctly beautiful in her own way.


Thick Spaghetti Strap Knitted Crop Top

Knitwear are the perfect staples to combine fashion and comfort in one. They are very soft and comfortable, and indubitably gives a preppy vibe. While they are often worn during colder days, they have also variation that are good for summer especially when the heat is beating. One concrete example is the thick spaghetti strap crop top in the playful shades of color and green. Surely, this gives a vibrant touch while keeping Dawon’s look fresh. Also, she paired it with a teal high-waist pants to add more playful color. Thus, creating an edgy chic look.


Beige Knitted Crop Top

Certainly, Dawon loves to flaunt her flat belly and small waist, doesn’t she? Well, this photo of her speaks for the truth. Here, she had worn another cropped knitwear in the neutral shade of beige, giving her a clean touch. To accentuate her slim figure, she paired it with a high-waist fitted denim pants. The space shown in the pants only proves that Dawon has really a slim waist which most of us dream of having.


Black Cropped Knitted Long Sleeves

But, on her relaxed days, she still prefers knitwear primarily the semi-loose cropped long sleeve as shown below. Here, she paired it with a wide leg loose pants in the same shade to compliment her top. Hence, creating an all black chic yet cozy style.



Black Chino Shorts

Chino shorts are mostly worn by men, but they are unisex staple that even women can wear and slay. They are primarily good when creating a boyish fashion. However, Dawon did the contrast by creating an edgy feminine chic style. As flashed below, she went all-black again by wearing a black chino shorts paired with asymmetrical top, and pointed boots to complete the look which also speaks for eclectic style.


Black Sporty Leggings

But, when she’s working out to maintain that sexy figure of hers, she prefers wearing a sporty legging like what is being shown on the video. This help her execute the proper work out activities like the side leg lift that she’s doing for instance. While the primary purpose of leggings is to provide comfort, these staples also makes on look good when working out, walking or jogging outside for it has great silhouette that easily accentuate one’s curves and figure easily.


Black A-Line Maxi Skirt

However, when you’re conservative but still wants to look stylish and fashionable, opting for flowy maxi skirt is ideal. Take a look at Dawon’s black A-line flowy maxi skirt for your reference. Obviously, she still looks fashionable despite not showing much skin. Also, she paired hers with a fur sleeveless top and tucked it under her skirt which creates an illusion, making both staples looking like a dress.



White Bodycon Dress with Trumpet Lace Sleeves

Bodycon dresses can also be worn in formal events as long as they are not too fitted and revealing. Also, these dresses have different variation. Hence, opting for the formal ones is advisable when going to formal events. For instance, Dawon’s bodycon dress below, it’s not too fitted to look very sexy. It has just enough silhouette to show off her curves. Also, it has lace trumpet long sleeves to give the look a touch of style but not overpowering the formal look it has. To complete the look, Dawon paired it with platform heels that compliments the dress, and accessorized herself with chandelier earrings and a silver hair clip to add more details. Above all, this outfit is perfect when you’re a wedding guest, attending a funeral, or simply has a formal party to attend.

Photo Credits: MBC

White A-Line Long Prom Dress

However, if you’re opting for a full glam, long gown are ideal not only because they give one a queen feels. But also, they provide a grandeur fashion and makes one easily look lavish. One concrete example is the white A-line long prom gown that Dawon wears below while performing. It definitely unveils her expensive aura. So, if you wish to be a prom queen, choosing the same style will help you win the crown.

Photo Credits:Kpopping

Formal Pair: Satin Long Sleeve Blouse, and Plaid Pencil Skirt

However, if you’re just going to some corporate events like seminar, conferences, team building and the like, or it’s your wash day at work but you still have to look formal, opting for this outfit of Dawon below or similar style is ideal. As flashed on the picture, she wears a pink satin long sleeve blouse paired with a plaid pencil skirt, creating a feminine yet formal style.

Photo Credits: The Bling Magazine


Cream Coordinates: Cropped Vest, Wide Leg Pants, and Ankle Boots

There are many dance outfits like shorts, jogger, tube, skirts, dress, personalized staples, and many more. However, one of the trends in the K-pop industry is matching fits of coordinates especially for women idols, as they are very flattering and harmonious. They aren’t overdesigned and shares the same palette so it would prevent the dancer to look ridiculous. To give you a visualization, just take a look of the following outfits of Dawon. On this first photo, she layered her inner black tube with a cream cropped vest paired with a cream wide leg pants, creating an eclectic style. To complete the look and add a touchy of chic, she had worn a black ankle boots.


Black Coordinates: Asymmetrical Skort Dress, and Platform Heel Shoes

Meanwhile in the second photo, Dawon went all-chic by wearing a black asymmetrical skort dress paired with black platform heel shoes. To make the dress more fitted, she accessorized it with a belt which created an illusion as if she was wearing only one staple. Never forget the earrings when going for a chic style, as they add a touch of glam and easily elevates your outfit.


Neutral Shade Coordinates: Spaghetti Strap Crop Top, Jogger Pants, Jacket, and Sneakers

Finally, on this third featured video, she illustrated a hip-hop dance outfit which both give a touch of swag and sexiness. Here, she wears a black fitted spaghetti strap which easily show off her flat belly. Then, she paired it with gray jogger pants, and a black jacket tied around her waist for details. To complete the fit, she had worn a white sneakers. If you’ve noticed there are three shades of color, but it’s still considered as coordinates as the hues are all neutral and go well together. Hence, if these shades aren’t your thing, choosing for other shades is also accepted as long as the colors look good together.



Playful Haltered Mini Sheath Dress

Have you ever saw a dress with multi vibrant colors? Some of you may think it’s ridiculous. Well, Dawon could definitely prove you wrong with her haltered mini sheath dress on which its shades are red, pink, orange and a little bit of white splashed in a marble-like design. It’s definitely a playful colored dress, but she easily slayed it without looking weird. In fact, the shades even complimented her complexion and blonde hair. To make look it fitter and add finer details, she embellished it with a belt bag on the waist. It may seem eclectic, but when you swipe right you’ll see that she paired her dress with white sneakers and crew socks, creating an edgy style. However, if you opt to go all-feminine, pairing it with stilettos or platform heels is better.


Layered Black Haltered Mini Dress

But, if you feel conscious wearing a haltered dress alone, layering it with bolero jacket or sweater would help you prevent feeling risqué. As flashed below, Dawon wears another plain black haltered dress but its fabric is satin. Then, she layered it with white bolero to create a cozy chic style.


Little Black Dress or LBD

However, if you want to wear a simple staple but still look elegant and fashionable, LBD is for you. Little black dress are very versatile dresses and comes in different variation. Here, Dawon wears an LBD with small sleeves and opt for fitted one to accentuate her hour-glass figure. In addition, the shade of black gave her a classic touch and a sleek look.



Black Bolero Jacket

Bolero jackets are the most popular and stylish types of jacket nowadays. They work well in layering especially when you don’t want to hide most part of your inner top. Also, they look great in layering on almost every tops, may ut be a crop top, sleeveless, or even a dress like Dawon wears. As flashed below, she wears a spaghetti strap dress which she layered with a black bolero jacket. Thus, creating a sleek look. Also, as mentioned previously, bolero jackets are advisable when wearing dresses to prevent feeling conscious.


White V-neck Long Sleeves

But, when Dawon is lazy and just want to look cozy and stylish, she opts for plain sweaters as flashed below. Hers has specifically V-neck that help show off her sexy neck while enjoying being comfy in her sweater.


Cream White Fur Jacket

When she goes out in the midst of winter season, she prefers wearing fur jacket. First because they are stylish and lavish, giving her an expensive look. Second, they are thick enough to give her warmth and comfort. Finally, they are soft and lightweight that they even allow your skin to breath even through those thick layers. So if you’re into fashion and comfort, going for these type of jackets is better.



Beige Bucket Hat

When it’s really cold and Dawon likes to keep her head warm, she opt for thicker hats like this beige bucket hat that she had worn in this photo below. While it primarily make Dawon comfortable, it also helped elevating her winter-chic look. As you see, she paired it with her knitted sweater to compliment the overall fit. Not to mention that fur types easily give one a lavish touch because these type of fabric are quiet expensive.


Straw Hat

Straw hat are one the underrated hats nowadays. Although they are ubiquitous, you may rarely see someone matching them with their fit, aside from runways and fashion gala of course. However, Dawon’s photo below could surely encourage you into wearing this type of hat. These hats gives an island girl feels, but here she kept herself looking magnificently mysterious by wearing a straw hat paired with her handkerchief scarf and plain black top. Obviously, this only proves that straw hat can be paired with casual attire. But, as previously mentioned, it gives a summer feels. Hence, wearing them on beach is preferable.


Black Baseball Cap

When Dawon is out, just like any idol, she chose those baseball cap as it easily cover their hair and prevents them from being blown by the wind. Most importantly, they also help every idol to hide from fans when they are trying to keep themselves lowkey and away from attention. But, even if you’re not an idol, you can still pair these hats with any outfit. For instance, Dawon paired hers with a formal attire. Nonetheless, it still looked great.

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Black Leather Knee-High Boots

If you have keen eye or simply good at observing, you might probably notice that most K-pop idols wear boots, and that’s how why many of K-pop fans now also wear the same footwear. Surely, this is the signature footwear in the K-pop industry and no one would argue that. One concrete evidence of this is the following photos of Dawon wearing different kinds of boots. In the first picture, she slays in her black leather knee-high boots that gave her look a more style and feminine touch. This type of boots works well in dresses, pants, skirts, shorts and almost everything.


Black Combat Boots

Here, she wears a combat boots to create an eclectic look and contrasting style. As seen on the photo, she wears a very feminine mini sheath dress. But, she layered it off with a formal of men’s oversized coat that makes look edgy, and completing her look with a combat boots that gives an ubercool effect. Surely, she aimed for creating a statement that is unique to herself.


Black Ankle Boots

But, if you think that combat boots look quiet boyish, opting for flat ankle boots like what Dawon wears on the picture is a great alternative. Although they make your feet look bigger, their great in giving more feminine feels. Here, Dawon went for themed outfit by layering her inner top with a black oversized coat, and wearing a black mask for a perfect balance and easily pulling off a casual but street style look.


Silver Necklace Embellished with Heart and Crystal Pendants

Another necklace that we found cute and stylish is this silver necklace with heart and crystal pendants all over. Here, this necklace helped her to go full-feminine by simply wearing it. It doesn’t only flatters her gorgeous and adorable visuals, but gave her neck a more attention.


Silver Necklace with Small Heart Pendant

But if you think the previous necklace feels quiet heavy and has more designs, this silver necklace with small heart pendant is perfect for you. It’s simpler but still looks elegant. Surely, it is lightweight to prevent your neck from being stiff or irritated. Here, Dawon simply added it to elevate her outfit a little more.


Fashion does not have limitations, and you can do whatever you want as long as you're confident like Dawon. You can create a style that could be a way of voicing a part of you or your personality.

To help you build that, you may read the rest of WJSN's fashion guide articles: Bona'sSeola'sLuda'sDayoung'sYeonjung'sCheng Xiao's, Exy'sEunseo'sYeorum's and Xuanyi's and learn more about details.and styling techniques.

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