Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like EU From EVERGLOW

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like EU From EVERGLOW

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EU's exotic visuals is best accentuated when she pulls off chic fashion styles!

Park Ji Won (박지원) also known as EU is the eldest member of EVERGLOW. She was also their former leader before Sihyeon, and she's currently playing the roles of being a main dancer, and a main rapper. Moreover, many of their fans have noticed that EU's appearance and visual is exotic and ethereal. In fact, she was even thought as a foreign due to her unique visuals. But in truth, she's a full born Korean. Given that, today Unnielooks will help you discover on how EU's ethereal and exotic visuals is best accentuated when opting for chic styles, which most of you could surely emulate.



Black Cropped Long Sleeves

Crop tops are the basic chic staple that every women needs. Their silhouette are simply flattering. Here for instance, EU wears this black cropped long sleeves which brought out her sexy aura. Meanwhile the shade of black gave her a sleek look.


Green Knitted Crop Top

While neutral hues are popular among crop top, EU on the photo below, proves that playful colors could also make you look stunning. EU here, specifically worn this green knitted crop top which gave her a bolder appearance, while at the same time convert freshness to everyone who see her. Also, pairing this with white base like what she did would be better to create a perfect balance.


Pastel Blue Knitted Sleeveless Crop Top

Pastel colors on the other hand, gives a more minimalist vibe but would surely add aesthetics on your look. As seen on the image, EU wears a pastel blue knitted sleeveless crop top which showed off her angular shoulders. Meanwhile if you take a closer look at the photo, you’ll see that EU paired hers with neutral shade for the base that made her fit less discrete. Hence, making her look more mature.



Plaid A-Line Miniskirt

Who ever pioneered miniskirt should be awarded, as these staple definitely changed the mainstream fashion. Nowadays, miniskirt are can be worn with whatever styles you’re pulling or just simply wants to look normal and casual. But EU in particular, opt to pull a feminine yet sporty look by pairing her plaid a-line miniskirt with a layered knitwear, and completing the look using white sneakers with crew cut socks.


Black and White Plaid A-Line Miniskirt

Another A-Line and plaid miniskirt that EU pulled off is this black and white one as flashed below. However, she went all-chic and full-feminine by specifically wearing a cropped long sleeves which has the same pattern. Hence, completing the chic coordinate style. This fit is perfect when going out with your girls or simply hanging around on a weekend wonder.


White Pleated Miniskirt

However, if you would like to pull a casual style with a feminine touch, this EU’s look is definitely for you. Here, she wears a white pleated miniskirt and topped it off with a red sweater. Thus, creating a cozy and casual chic style.



Disney Princess Gown—Elsa’s

We have repetitively mentioned that the greatest ingredient in rocking off a formal event is to know its theme. With that, you could definitely have an idea of what to wear. For instance EU, she followed their theme as she, together with her co-members transformed into Disney princess for the event they had attended. EU specifically chose to imitate Elsa, hence she had worn the iconic blue long gown with chiffon trail embellished with snowflakes. To complete the look she also braided her hair, and not to mention that the color of her hair is the same with Elsa’s. Surely, EU told everyone “the cold never bothered me anyway” without literally speaking it.


Black Chiffon Long Gown

Since see-through staples are going in vogue, opting for chiffon gowns for a formal event will make you look trendy. However, you still have to carefully choose a type that would still confine formality. For instance, EU’s black chiffon long gown, it’s not to sheer to be too revealing. That’s definitely the type that you should go for. However, EU loves to be eclectic so she added a dose of edginess to her feminine and sophisticated style by wearing a combat boots instead of a heels.


Black Tuxedo with Fine White Stripes

Tuxedo is definitely every men’s must have in matters of formal or corporate event. They’re common but very classic. Also, they are considered as androgynous staples in fashion. Hence, they can be worn by both sexes which is why EU herself worn one and use it for layering her polo.



Knitwear, Leather Shorts, and Fishnet Stockings

While coordinates are common among dance attire, unmatched staples also looks best as long as they are styled right. In this photo, EU unveiled her sexy aura by specifically wearing a loose long sleeve crop top embellished with alternate red and black box. To avoid feeling risqué while dancing, she also put a tube underneath her crop top. Then, to look even sexier, she paired her top with a black leather shorts which added a touch of coolness while the stockings provided hot flair to the overall fit. Not too mention that the black choker and her accessories made the look more stylish.


Black Long Sleeves with Circular Shoulder Cut, and Rugged Denim Shorts

While EU looks really stylish above, here she still managed to slay even two plain staples. As flashed on the video, she only worn a black long sleeves embellished with circular cut on the shoulders to add a bit detail, and a rugged denim shorts. The secret on how EU nailed this simple chic ensemble is confidence. Take note of that.


Micro-mini Staples

Unleashing your sexy aura instantly never goes wrong with micro-mini staples. Although these shouts for an edgy fashion, they do really great in accentuating your enticing features. Here, EU wears a white micro-mini top that unveiled a portion of her upper body skin. Meanwhile the micro-mini skirt helped flaunt her legs. Surely, this look would captured many eyes while she’s hitting the stage off.



Purple and Black A-Line Mini Dress

Everyone should thank Christian Dior for creating A-line silhouette among dresses that looks flattering on any body type. Also, they’re great in pulling whatever style you want depending on your mood. EU, in particular, transformed herself into a real Barbie by wearing an A-Line long sleeve mini dress embellished with alternate slanting lines of purple and black. What made her look like a Barbie even more is her OTK (over the knee) boots.


White Maxi Dress

Maxi dress aren’t only for conservative people who prefers to hide most portion of their skin. They also do great in unveiling someone’s delicate and pure side. For instance, EU looks innocent and delicately beautiful with her white maxi dress. While this was for their photo shoot, this kind of dress can also be worn for semi-formal events, or even for a beach wonder.


Little Black Dress (LBD)

As every women has LBD, EU makes sure that she has one as well. Here she combined classic and chic look by primarily opting for an LBD with puff sleeve. Thus, gave her a sleek look with at timeless touch.



Navy Blue Knitted Sweater

The primary purpose of sweater is to give one a warmth and comfort. But it has also a bonus of providing one an A+ styling point. For instance, EU below looks extremely cozy with her navy blue knitted sweater. Tucking this with an A-line skirt would turn you instantly chic, and thus provides a bonus fashion points to your look.


V-neck Gray Knitted Sweater

Here, EU wears the same staple in a different neck cut and shade but still looks cozy. However, in this specific photo, she achieved a boyfriend style by pairing her semi-loose knitted sweater with a denim jeans and a gray shoes with white crew socks for a balance. Also, she brought personality to her plain gray sweater by accessorizing it with a necklace, hence adding a bit touch of femininity.


Orange Off The Shoulder Knitted Sweater

Oversized off the shoulder sweater gives you a cozy style while showing off your shoulder and neck area, and at the same make you look more feminine. As flashed below, EU easily look comfy yet chic with her orange off the shoulder knitted sweater. Since she opt for playful shade, she paired hers with a white base for a perfect balance.



Cream Beret with Cherry Print

Beret hats are Onda’s go-to when she feels like adding a class and sophistication to her fit and look. On this photo, she elevated her cozy chic style with a cream beret hat to create a balance on her fit’s palette. Also, the beret hat did well in preventing her hair to look messy. In fact, it also helped styling her hair in the simplest and easy way.


Ocean Blue Beret

But on this photo, she completed her aesthetic style by pairing wearing a beret hat on which its shade—ocean blue matches her outfit’s palette. Also, it helped, again, styling EU’s hair.


Black Beret Hat

Surely EU wears beret hat for the primary purpose of giving her hair a more style or simply help her hairstyle to be easily noticed. As seen on the photo below, her she didn’t worn her beret hat fully. Instead she pinned it on the top of her hair near her bangs to easily accentuate her iconic full bangs that give her a doll-like beauty.



Black Knee-High Boots

Boots never goes wrong in transforming one’s look into a chic style. But choosing the right size and style would do the magic in providing an A+ styling points. For instance EU paired her dancing coordinate attire with this black knee-high that aren’t only chic but ubercool.


Black OTK Chunky Boots

Meanwhile if knee-high boots aren’t longer enough, surely OTK are the perfect choice. EU’s legs were emphasized more with these booties rather than the previous ones. Their length aren’t only flattering but instead added a more elongating effect especially when they have chunky heels. Hence, if you would like to cheat your height without being so obvious, these are great options.


Red Pointed Heels

Heels on the other hand, are more chic as they give a more feminine gait. Hence, EU wears one, primarily an embellished type in the shade of love—red to let it do the talking. Surely, she told everyone she’s sizzling hot without literally saying it.



Gradient Heart Shaped Glasses

EU is not really a fan of glasses, but when she wears one, she’ll certainly prefers to look iconic. In this photo below, she wears a pink and blue gradient heart shaped glasses to add aesthetic on her casual look.


Blue Tinted Heart Shaped Glasses

Here she wears another heart shaped glasses, but in the different shade—blue. As seen on the video, she used her blue heart shaped glasses in elevating her eclectic rock star look with a parish touch. Basically, the glasses did well in making her style iconic without making her looking ridiculous.


Clear Wayfarer Glasses

But when she prefers to look casual and simple, she prefers the plain ones, primarily the clear wayfarer glasses as seen on the image below. The glasses easily gave her a timeless touch and not too mention that these type are also iconic and trendy.


EU's signature chic style surely pushed you to dress like her, isn't it? But if you feel like you need to see more of chic look fashion, it would be best to read her co-members articles as well: Yiren'sAisha's, Onda's, Mia's and Sihyeon's. 


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