Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Han From Stray Kids

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Han From Stray Kids

Smart with a mix of hip hop and streetstyle 


The rapper, singer-songwriter and producer from Stray Kids Han is another rare all-in-one package. Loved by fans for his humor, but more on his musical talents, there is abundance in his singles out on Youtube showcasing his all around producer-singer-songwriter magic. His singles 'HaPpY' and 'Close' were met with so much loves garnering over 3 million views. 

His creativity is seen in his style as well though there is a healthy mix of smart casual elements peppered into his most common outfits. 

In this article I'll dive into his style elements and the details he wears in order to identify the common way to dress like Han. 


Tops: Conservative Creative 

Monochrome Grunge BTD

K-con in LA is a great way to showcase their individual style through outfits. For dressier events, Han goes for bold and artistic tops but with monochrome colors, normally letting such tops shine he would match white shoes, dark wash pants and cap. 

Wool Muscle Vest Top

If you've got the muscles, why hide it with a long sleeve top? On a trip to the beach Han wears a wool vest V-neck top paired with light wash wide leg jeans for that slouchy and comfortable fit. 

White Long Sleeve with Patch Detail

For dressier but comical tops, he wears a long sleeve collared top with multiple patch detail with outline style jeans. Playing with the elements of classic and fun the seemingly light colors will contrast well with small artistic detail. 

Jackets: Artsy Basics

Floral Vest Jacket

When Han wants to be stylish, he'll show you. His affinity to softer and more cute styles is seen in pattern but he mixes it with grunge or streetstyle. Exhibit A is here without the floral vest, it looks like an average skater boy outfit but with the added vest it elevates it and makes it more artistic.  

Bomber + Puffer Jacket Combo

Running away from home and exploring the snow, Han opts for a jersey bomber jacket and puffer combo layered over a hoodie. 

V-Neck Sweater

Knit wear in neutral colors is a great way to break into the smart style. But not overdoing it, V-necks in ribbed and softer texture is the best way to not overdo it.

Bottoms: Clean Cut 

Black Slacks

Instead of joggers or sweats, Han opts for a comfortable pair of cotton pants. The pair is a step above joggers as it delivers comfort without appearing too relaxed. The most pinnacle part of the outfit is highlighted in the shoes by having a high cut platform detail from Converse.  

Straight Leg Jeans

His love for relaxed fit is best seen in wide leg jeans. But he refines it and makes the look more 'smart' is by pairing it with a blazer, a turtle neck and leather shoes. An unlikely combo that works for more intentional looks. 

Black Slacks

All black outfit which Han loves the best, such outfits call for the best fit. For styling classics, a fitted hip and straight leg slacks is timeless. His go to pair to match a cardigan and go for dress up leather shoes work best. 

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