Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Hwasa From Mamamoo

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Hwasa From Mamamoo

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Mamamoo's Hwasa, the queen of sexy staples never fails to make one's jaw dropped with her unique and enticing fashion styles.

Whenever you hear the line which goes by, "Maria maria. Neol wihan mariya", you either danced sexily to the beat and tune, or be reminded of Hwasa, the singer of the lyric. Not to mention that this song definitely made waves in the pop and K-pop industry due to its great concept, beats, and its sexy dance choreography. In fact, the song even dominated one of the popular social media platform, TikTok as it became a challenge participated and enjoyed by many. In addition, the MV on YouTube also reached over 254 million views. Hence, this made the sexy star and pop singer even more popular. Besides, many had noticed her sexy figure being always accentuated with her amazing fashion styles. Whether she's in or out of the stage, she never fails to make people perplexed with her sexy styles. Well, having an almost perfect body frame is surely worth flaunting, and so Hwasa always flex hers. Given that, today, Unnielooks would give you a glimpse on how the fierce and sexy star, Hwasa hailed herself as the queen of sexy fashion.


Black Tube Tucked Dress Top

Hwasa wouldn’t be called a queen of sexy fashion without wearing a staple that speaks for her. Starting off with the basics which you could surely emulate. As flashed below, Hwasa pulled off a sexy chic look by simply wearing a black tube top on which its silhouette accentuate her curves. Also, the top is actually a dress. However, she tucked it to make it look like a plain top. She also paired it with a fitted jeans for more sexy touch, and accessories to elevate the look even more.

Get the Hwasa’s inspired top here, and make everyone’s jaw drop.


Gray Striped Flower Knotted Crop Length Shirt

Hwasa also loves to combine unique and sexy staples in one to look iconic. As flashed below, she wears this gray striped crop length shirt with a flower knot in front that adds more details. She finished it off with a simple skirt base for a perfect balance.

Having of one this Hwasa’s inspired unique crop length shirt would allow you to create a bomb outfit.


Silk Long Sleeves

However, if short and skin-revealing staples are not your thing, this blue silk long sleeves that Hwasa wears below is perfect. Although it covers most portion of your skin, leaving the three button unbuttoned will instantly create a v-neck style that shouts for another sexy touch.

Pair this with a simple jeans like Hwasa would add a twist of casual, so consider yourself getting one and pull whatever style you prefer.


Powder Blue Striped Long Sleeves

Here, Hwasa had worn another long sleeve but in a lighter shade. She loves to keep her signature sexy style by tucking it in and leaving most of the part unbuttoned. Hence, showing off her inner staple.




Besides being a queen or sexy staples, Hwasa is also considered as the queen of denim bases as she’s mostly seen wearing one. Surely, her wardrobe if full of these. Below are some of which.


Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are the iconic denim bases that Hwasa have. In fact, it’s her must-have denim jeans because of its stylish details. Here, she specifically opt for a semi-loose type to create a unique look as her top is somehow chunky as well.


Fitted Ripped Jeans

Meanwhile in this photo, she chose a fitted version to accentuate her sexy curves and match her fitted top. She finished it off with a fur coat to add a touch of lavish feels.


Wide Leg Ripped Jeans

No one would argue that she specifically loves ripped bases, right? Here, she thrown off a polished chic look by choosing a white crop top with spaghetti strap.


But on this photo, she went all feminine and classy by primarily paring her light denim ripped jeans with a puff sleeve and square neck green top. Also, the contrasting colors of her fits are flattering.


Meanwhile, on this third image, she primarily loves to look classic and exquisite. As seen below, she wear the same denim base, but to add an expensive touch she paired an LV top.


Cartoon-embellished Denim Pants

Hwasa has definitely wide variation of denim bases, primarily pants or jeans. As seen below, she pulled an iconic style by choosing this cartoon-embellished denim pants. Not too mention that it has a matching denim jacket beside her. Hence, when she wear these coordinates at once, it’ll surely make her look iconic and set another cool trend.


Denim Mini Skirt with Heart Prints

If pantsuits aren’t your type, Hwasa offers you this denim mini skirt as an alternative. It’s embellished with little heart prints all over that makes it quiet iconic. Pairing this with any top would look great. But Hwasa specifically pulled off a chic cozy style by choosing a button down cardigan.



Mermaid Black Gown

Mermaid types are one of the best cuts among dress and gowns. In truth, they have perfect silhouette and flares out like a trumpet dress at the bottom. Here, Hwasa loves to maintain her sexy aura by specifically choosing a semi-sheer type. As seen on the photo, its see-through on the leg part, but remains black covered on the rest. Also, Hwasa specifically wear this on her award night.


Asymmetrical Black Dress

Here, Hwasa received another excellence award on MBC last 2019. To look sleek and gorgeous, she opt for a body con dress with asymmetrical top. Surely, she loves the shade of black!


White Tube Dress

While she looks great in black gowns or dresses, she also slays the shade of white. Below, she wears this white tube dress for her KBS Entertainment awards last 2018. The dress doesn’t only have perfect silhouette that easily flaunts Hwasa’s curves, it also gave her a polished and clean look.



Black Sexy Ensemble

Hwasa totally went sexy in this photo by specifically wearing enticing staples. As seen on the photo she wears a cropped coat with a rose print at the back that gives a modern twist of an office style attire. If you swipe right, you’ll also see that she used this to layer her tube top. Meanwhile, she wears a fishnet stockings to add a touch of flair. Then, she layered this with a black high waist brief shaper. Hence, giving her an ubercool yet sexy look style like a black Harley Quinn vibe.


Layered Yellow Coordinates

Hwasa wouldn’t be called a sexy queen for nothing. As flashed below, she wears a yellow coordinates, primarily a yellow bra top and a mini yello shorts. But make the fit extra, she layered her bra with a see through cropped long sleeves, and her base with a micro-mini ripped denim shorts. Also, she kept her denim base unzipped for a more sexy vibe.


Spaghetti Top and Denim Base

While Hwasa often wants to look extra, she also slays and look chic even with a simpler staples. Below, she wears a spaghetti strap top embellished with few flowers. Then, she paired this with a low-rise denim to highlight her belly and waist.



Light Blue Silky Midi Dress

Hwasa could also slay dresses and often loves to look quiet edgy. In the photo below, she wears a light blue silky midi dress which she paired with a flat converse shoes creating a chic polished look.


Powder Blue Spaghetti Strap Mini Dress

Meanwhile in the image below, she wears this spaghetti strap mini dress in the shade of powder blue which is also embellished with flowers that gave a more feminine touch. She specifically had worn this during her photo shoot with Cosmopolitan Korea. Wearing this dress on your date or weekend wonder will help you accentuate your feminine side.


White Spaghetti Strap Floral Mini Dress

Here, she wears another spaghetti strap mini dress with floral embellishment. However, this time she specifically opt for the shade of white that gave her a more neat and clean look. Also, as seen below she wears this while she’s relaxing at home. Needless to say, this dress could both be an outerwear and a loungewear.



Zebra Print Blazer Coat

Spicing your outfit or elevating it onto the next level never goes wrong with animal prints. They’re very classic and quiet lavish. In this image, Hwasa actually worn a coordinates with zebra print for her album cover. But the zebra coat alone can be worn and layered with almost any staple as long as you’re confident enough to play your fashion game.

Get the similar style of Hwasa inspired zebra print coat to make your outfit look extra.


White Knitted Cardigan

While coats gives a more stylish touch, cardigans on the other hand also offer it but it has an additional function of providing comfort especially during cooler months. Below, Hwasa layered her floral dress with this white knitted coat to provide herself enough warmth while strolling around the city.


Denim Jacket

But if we were to talk about the king of jackets, surely denim leads. These type of jackets are not only stylish. They are also timeless and can be layered with any outfit or staples even dress to name one. For instance, Hwasa layered her white dress with this denim jacket to add more details and style.



White Fabric Tommy Hilfiger Bucket Hat

Bucket hat are essential accessories when achieving a street style fashion. However, Hwasa definitely aimed for an expensive street style look by specifically wearing an all Tommy Hilfiger staples. But what completed the look is the white Tommy bucket hat. It’s a minimalist hat yet it still provide you a style.


Fur Bucket Hat

But for a more feminine touch, opting for fur type is a great alternative. Also, this type are in vogue nowadays which is why Hwasa herself joins the trend by pairing her chic street fit with a light brown fur bucket hat.


Black Baseball Cap

Meanwhile when she loves to look casual, she opts for a baseball cap or brim hat which is a very basic hat yet classic. As seen below, she add casual touch to her polished chic fit, by wearing this minimalist print black baseball cap.



Black Stiletto Heels

Saying Hwasa loves heel type footwear is an understatement. Hence, let these photos speak for that, and see for yourself on her Instagram of how often she wears this type of footwear. In this first photo, she completed her sexy look by specifically wearing this black stiletto heels. However, she loves to look a bit edgy too and opts to add more details by pairing the stilettos with a white knee-high stockings.


Clear Stiletto Heels

Meanwhile in this photo, she definitely brought Cinderella in the modern world by wearing a pair of crystal clear stiletto heels to finished off her pink chic ensemble.


Cream Half Shoe Pointed High Heels

Here, she definitely loves to look extra as she completed her all white and cream fit with this half shoe pointed high heels which surely gave her more height. Thus, elongating her legs more.



Louis Vitton Oversized Square Sunglasses

Hwasa wouldn’t be a queen of fashion for nothing. In truth, she even caught the attention of big brands where she does promotion, advertisements, or endorsements for them. For instance in the image below she easily gave LV a promotion by wearing the oversized square sunglasses that they’ve sent her. If you scroll right, you’ll see that this pair of sunglasses are meant for her as her name is printed on the card. Above all, oversized square sunglasses are perfect to spice up your summer look.


Louis Vitton Cateye Sunglasses

On the image below, she actually wears another LV sunglasses in the cateye frame for an ad. However, we can’t argue that this pair of cateye LV sunglasses didn’t only gave her an expensive touch, but also a sleek and ubercool look. Whether you’re on a yacht, relaxing like Hwasa or just want to elevate your outerwear, opting for cateye frame is great as they flatter any face type.


Prada Square Sunglasses

Meanwhile, in her post below she endorsed another big brand—Prada. Surely, being a queen of fashion and a talented idol is an advantage as these features of her were certainly noticed by many famous brands across the world. Below, she wears a Prada square sunglasses that didn’t only provided an expensive touch. In fact, it flattered her short hair look. Thus, making her fit more cool and iconic.


Hwasa once said, "If I don’t fit into this generation’s standard of beauty, then I will have to become a different standard." and she definitely did as she set her own standard that makes her unique and beautiful in her own and original ways. Her featured outfit definitely spoke for that. We're sure that after reading her fashion guide, you didn't only learn how to dress like her, but rather gained enough confidence to slay sexy staples. Check out her co-members articles –  Solar, Wheein, and Moonbyul – as well to learn other styles as well

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