Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Irene From Red Velvet

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Irene From Red Velvet

RED VELVET is a group of talented women with outstanding vocals and dancing skills, but another thing they are known for are their top tier visuals. However Irene, as the group's leader, leads not only her group members, but the whole K-pop industry and always lands on the first places thanks to her perfect features.

Let's see what fashion choices she makes to compliment that perfect face and how all the beautiful Reveluvs - RED VELVET's fans - can be like their idol.

With Red Velvet's recent comeback with a song "Feel my rhytm", each girl shined with her beauty and reached great success, attracting people to both their talent and visuals, and Irene is definitely the one who always gets praise for her looks.

She has an amazing figure that's perfect for being a model, and she knows how to express herself through fashion. She was recently featured in the annual fashion magazine "Vogue Korea", making her one of the most recognized faces in the industry. However, some people still call Irene a cold queen. But Bae Joohyun's beauty is not only about her face but also about her personality. People who know her well say that she is very friendly and polite. She is smart, elegant, but humble, and so is her style.

Crop Tops

Despite her cold aura and serious face expressions, Irene is a softie and it's obvious just by looking at her in her adorable outfits and soft smile! In her recent posts on Instagram she is wearing a milky white buttoned top with a modest neckline and cloud-like short sleeves. 


On the second pic taken right before her performance with RED VELVET for their comeback stage, she continues cute bubblegum saga with a pastel pink checkered crop top, white miniskirt with a huge baby pink ribbon as a belt, and a couple of fluffy hairclips to complete the girly look.


But Irene is not just a soft girl, she is a powerful and classy woman, and it's obvious when she chooses an oversized shirt, and adds nothing more but a red lipstick and a high bun to finish the look.


On the more relaxed days free from her idol agenda, Renebaebae goes all simple and prefers comfortable tops like this black one. Or a big white hoodie for colder days, still looking like the original visual she is. That way, when she has a less stressful day ahead of her and is just chilling with friends or watching TV, she can still look great without having to worry about making a fashion faux pas in public.


Having a more elegant and classy style, Irene usually chooses classic jackets in basic colors. On the first example, she is wearing a dark tweed jacket on a white turtleneck, and on the second one, she is in a simple black jacket. Simple, but stylish! 


For the pants to wear, when she is not in flirty miniskirts for her performances or fancy dressess for the red carpet, Irene is a walking word Comfort. Forgetting about her flawless idol image, she likes to wear breathing, light, wide cloth pants, and we are here for it. 

And for the more casual fits, Irene likes to wear white high waist jeans that go perfect with any outfit.


Irene's height is just 163 centimeters or 5"4' and being as petite as her, heels are an essential part of her closet. On her trip to Paris, she wore black velvet shoes on a medium heel, all happy and festive.

But on the normal day out, Joohyun values comfort, and her usual choice is a pair of comfortable footwear like these classic checkered Vans.



You have already got this classy feeling all over out fashion guide on Irene, haven't you? Yes, and being the classy and feminine girl she is, Irene can be most oftern found wearing cute berets, just look at her Instagram posts!

But once again, we cannot mention idols hats section without caps, and this pink one is just one of dozen times the celebrity chose to wear regularly.



For the accessories, Irene prefers to keep them rather cute or classic. On the first pic, one of her recents, she blesses Reveluvs with her bare face beauty smiling like a happy kid, with a pair of black sunglasses on her head.

On another hand, she looks cute and quirky in her summer dress and transparent glasses framing her face.


Overall, there is no doubt Irene's visuals are phenomenal, and so is her style. It has two features that stand out most. Or better say sides: the cute one when she can look like the maknae of the group despite peing the oldest, and the classy and feminine one. Or also a third side of not Irene, but real Bae Joohyun. And we think every fan will find an Irene look that is perfect for them!


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I loved how there are paragraphs of different type of clothes and many adjectives in there to make it a bit more enjoyable to read also I am quite alike as her.


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