Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like IU / Lee Ji-Eun

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like IU / Lee Ji-Eun

Dress like South Korea's "Nation's Sweetheart" IU

By Julianne Babaran

Debuting at such a young age and growing up in the spotlight, the pop princess has a lot of eyes looking at her and has very early on cemented her spot in people's hearts. With such a wild success in music, the star also dabbled into acting. She's remained busy as ever working on music with other fellow K-pop stars. Her light and pop filled music is soothing to anyone, accompanied by her soft spoken and delicate aura, her looks are definitely worth the look out. Mostly pegged as the 'girl next door', Ji-Eun's fashion style seems to be transcendent to that of her music. 

Her doll like features and figure becomes a standard for many fans but going beyond the physical, her style and fashion sense is definitely worth emulating. As a mostly conservative style, there's definitely room to breathe as she knows how to dress for an occasion. We'll breakdown her most common go-to styles that make up that signature 'IU look' to help you navigate elements to incorporate in your own style. 

Let's look into her style and start without introductions! 

Tops : Button ups and Layered Tops 

Plain White Button Up Polo 

Button ups in light fabrics and plain colored ones are a staple for the star. Wearing ones in lighter fabrics and a bigger size is refreshing but also warm. It gives a smart casual style and is very popular in Korea. 

Neutral Color Button Up Polo

Layering them over t-shirts and tees are also super common for IU. This was of styling is very common for her casual looks and you can carry over for formal looks. Wearing it this way with cardigans is super casual and chic especially if you use complimenting colors like how she styled it below.

Outline Style Polos or minimally designed ones elevate the look on another level. 

Purple Long sleeve Blouse 

Long sleeves with cut outs are also an option! Feeling warm but also refreshed with exposed shoulders is great. You may want to consider this for the layered look as well if the weather is a bit uncertain.  

Bottoms : Slim fit and Flowy skirts 

Light Wash Slim Fit Jeans 

Unlike other celebrities and idols, IU likes slim fit jeans. Lights ones like these compliment her figure beautifully and doesn't drown her slim figure especially since she's wearing a long sleeve top so there is balance. 

Dark Wash Loose Denim 

Denims are her go-tos even when out and about in different countries. Layering them with different fabrics is very easy and not a super hard task for the star. Anything goes its a refreshing way for celebrities to style.  

Corduroy Midi Skirt 

Styling Midi skirts and layering clothes is very common for K-idols. Mix matching fabrics make the outfit super cozy and having different textures add to the warm there is in layering. 

Dresses : Midi and Full length 

Sleeveless Red Midi Dress

Lady in red! The star looked glowing wearing this bright red midi dress. She let the bold color shine as the star leaves her hair nice and simple in a cap. Don't over do bold pieces, instead just add small accessories. 

Full length and sleeved Dress

In contrast, wearing a full long sleeve dress and full length dress is also very fitting for the star. Having shiny but small details add up to making something more dainty and delicate as oppose to something too extravagant. 

Minimally designed dresses have an aura that is classic and simple, much like IU's energy and personality. 


Jackets : Printed Trench coats and Knitted Sweaters

Printed Trench Coats 

It's no surprise by now that the singer loves the opulent fashion store Gucci, but losing the brand name and just finding printed trench coats are super underrated. If you live in a colder climate, having one is for sure gonna help you stand out. 

Classic designed and colored style blazers are almost a must have for a lot millennials and now Gen z, the style is also very popular in East Asian fashion. 

Trench Blazer Style Coat with Buttons 

If wearing a printed coat, leaving your hair a little more on the simpler side will make the whole look more dainty and soft. Also remember how we said she loves button ups? Try this style next time if you need to layer something.  

Knitted Long Sleeves 

If coats don't suit your lifestyle, having knitted pieces or long sleeves are so up her alley. Styling it with a sleeveless blouse is a great way to add shape as well. You can play with texture without sacrificing warmth. 

If adding and layering is too much work, a lone cardigan or knit piece is also very much her alley. 

Hats : Caps and Ivy Hats

Red Colored Caps 

Colored caps are a crowd fave for K-idols including IU, so don't worry about jumping the gun and getting one. Adding a cap to solid colored looks adds a nice pop of color, see how the singer styled it below. 

Ivy Style Hat 

If you're looking for something different, the Lilac singer loves this Ivy style hat. She wears it for fashion shoots or casually. The style is very vintage but it easily matches with other outfits to elevate the look differently.

Black Velvet Ivy Style Hat 

Exhibit B is seen below. The fitted style makes it less hassle and it won't cover your view or obstruct your face. The style is very European and one most people don't wear often.

Shoes : Sneakers and Sandals  

Multicolored Sneakers 

Multicolored sneakers are rare to come by but if you have a simple style and pair it solid color pieces, they'll match perfectly. Here she wears them out and about while sight seeing. 

Printed or Designed Sneakers

Here's a similar kind but different style. These are almost running shoes but look how intricately its designed. The uniqueness was put as center as she matched it with solid color clothes, the shoes become a statement piece looking like art. 

Slip ons 

IU loves showing her gratitude by posing behind coffee trucks and other support gifts as seen in her Instagram. If you've seen it, she's probably rocking some chunky slippers or sandals. Probably in between shooting, the pair is a great break from uncomfortable shoes she might have to wear on set. 


Don't think IU's style is the one for you? Don't say no just yet, her closet has a lot of options you may be missing, find it here. But if not, maybe you'll find luck with Bae Suzy.

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