Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jennie from BLACKPINK

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jennie from BLACKPINK

Jennie Kim, aka one of the most famous Chanel Global Ambassadors and sought out brand partner is the standard for any girl who loves fashion 

By Julianne Babaran

It would be much easier to be envious of a girl who seemingly has it all but it's no doubt Jennie's way of styling is what attracted big name brands to partner with her in the first place. What she wore before, what she wears now and the way she continues to style herself may seem unfamiliar. You might even think you could never dress that way just because of costs, but nothing can be further from the truth. Styling is free, the clothes are not. Just the same, it's not as impossible as it may seem. 

As a normal person outside of the biggest band in the world, Jennie just like anyone else and likes to be casual. There are certain styles she like to repeat, like high crop tops and low waist pants, top and cardigan paired with mini skirts. It's easy to spot her very girly and carefree style as she tries to look good even in casual wear. These little elements can help you navigate and emulate her style in a way that complements you. 

In this article we'll breakdown the most common elements she wears in the different article of clothing she wears. 

Tops : Crop Tops 

Crop Button Up 

Unlike other BLACKPINK members, Jennie in particular likes to show a lot of skin. When styling super high crop tops such as these, she likes to balance it by either having sleeves or pairing it with pants. 

Ribbed Black Crop Top 

The kind of crop top she wears varies a lot in style, but the elements of having balance remains. Here she wore a black long sleeve crop top with cut out in the back but she paired it with pants, showing just enough and not too much. 

You can get one in this style here, what we love about it is the cut out design at the back. If you don't want it seen, you can easily cover it with a jacket or cardigan.  

Crop tops & Matching Cardigan 

Sequin Top with Black Cardigan 

Another example is pairing tops with cardigans. It would obviously depend on the weather but the power pair seems to be a staple for Jennie. You can find she wears it for big events or even in casual wear just like this. 

Green Crop Top 

Instead of styling crop tops alone, they can be playful way to add shape by matching it with jackets and cardigans. Here she styles it with a cardigan to create a unique look. Get this cardigan here, if you'd like to style in mind similar to this one. 

Beige Checkered Top Set 

We love a good warm fabric style top but is also very cropped, the mixed signals look is what we're after. She wore this argyle style top on the airport and matched it high waisted jeans for a perfect casual look. 

It's still timeless and there's always time to catch up to her style as she always 10 steps ahead. This set is one of those that are so easy to style with plain tops and solid colored bottoms. It's the accessory piece you can tailor add to your existing outfits. Get this top from our top picks here

Bottoms : Wide leg low waist pants 

Oversized Low Waist Jeans 

Just like any other Korean or Gen Z person, she loves to rock wide leg pants particularly low waist ones. It shows off her small waist, gives a nice shape when she's rocking a crop top emitting a Y2k vibe with the baggy silhouette. 


                              Photo Credit : KpopStarz 

Brown Baggy Cargo Pants 

They can also be styled in a laid back way without looking too informal. It's known wide leg pants are much more comfortable and versatile. There are many different kinds even in high fashion looks such as these.          

Get these pants here! The loose low cut aesthetic is definitely worth the try, perfect for showing off your waist or just to get that boujee silhouette in a different approach. The off-work vibes from this outfit is immaculate especially when mixed with layers and neutral colors.                         

Oversized Jeans with Graphic Detail 

Performance outfits can be a whole other avenue Jennie can show off her style, it would highly depend on the theme of the song and the overall mood. Styling pop bordering girl crush is a lot easier. She styled with a sassy yet cute persona that balances both extremes. 

This baggy silhouette pants for example looks more cute than gangster, with a crop top you can really elevate this look. Get these pair here to style it in your own way. We think tighter fitted tops and cropped long sleeves are a great way to go. 

Tie Up Black Pants 

Jennie also doesn't limit herself to one style of pants, she wore these tie up style black pants when she hung out with Dua Lipa. The stylish pair is comfortable to wear but stylish enough to not be too casual. 

Speaking of low waist, if you're not the type to rock them luckily it's okay because with fashion techniques you can get the same kind of effect using string illusion. These wide leg pants with string detail that go around the waist create a shape and flow that targets creating a slimmer and more flattering illusion, don't believe us? Get a pair here and find out for yourself. 

Gray Wide Leg Slacks 

If you're the type to resist all types of low waist or design then a wide leg pair of slacks will be your best bet. These are a classic for the high fashion look Jennie rocks, sometimes it looks high fashion though it is meant to be stylish. 

This look for example is for comfort travelling. But the formal design make it appear off the runway or almost like she just walked out of a meeting. This look can be for everyone also, you just need the right pair to help you get it. Our best pick can be found here and it's similar to what Jennie is wearing, get yours here



Skirts : Mini and Midi 

Beige Mini Skirt 

The star in some occasion also rocks skirts but not too often. Her go to silhouette is one that is particularly shorter in length and simpler in fit. Not limited to A-line or midi or even pleated for casual outfits. Again following the balanced look.                                                 

Black Pleated Skirt 

One particular example of a famous skirt and silhouette style in K-pop is the pleated mini skirt, these can be found in a lot of outfits varying in whether its for high end events of just casual wear. 

These pleated bottoms with the pin stripe design look particularly beautiful with a back top like how Jennie styled it below. Or it can be paired with neutral structured tops to create a distinct type shape. It looks good on anyone and if you style a lot of blouses, these might just be the kind of bottoms you're missing. Get it here

Photo Credit : Inf News 

Blue Midi Skirt 

Although photos of her in mini skirts are very popular, Jennie loves midi skirts just as much. In casual style, she wears it very casually, usually layering it with something. Midi skirts are very refreshing and will help stand out as opposed to mini ones which may be uncomfortable at times. 

Photo Credit : IU Hama via Pinterest 

White Ruffled Layered Skirt 

We think that Jennie in midi skirts are the epitome of the "that girl" aesthetic for K-pop idols. She rocks the flowy bottoms when strolling around or when she's just on her days off. We love to see the skirt give comfort and character. The skirt makes the outfit seem more high fashion and though out than reality. 

White skirts in particular give a cottage core and free living aesthetic that is so effortless and chic. It looks especially beautiful under the sun or against outdoor backgrounds. If you agree and think you need one of your own, get it here.  


Dresses : Full Length or Mini 

Sage Midi Dress 

Dresses are gonna be quite hard to narrow down as she wears many different kinds. But the ones she wears casually and probably ones we can afford (let's be real) include those in midi or full body length. 

We think this mint colored one can be fitting for anyone. It looks especially beautiful against an outdoor backdrop. The color green is natural to the eye and is therefore more comfortable, it can match any purse without much fear of clashing colors. Flip the switch on mini dresses and rock this style. Get it here

Black Body Con Midi Dress

Not considering stage outfits and other high profile events, Jennie actually styles dresses pretty casually. Conservative when she has to be just like in the photo, she uses the dress as a canvas for other accessories such as those for layering. 

Mini dresses 

Floral Bustier Dress

Like we said, dresses are hard to pin down but one commonality is the clean cut shape and short length. Nothing too crazy in style, no deep necklines or anything of that sort. Think PG but still playful and flirty. Find a similar type of dress here

Blue Button Up Tweed Dress

It's important to follow details that go along with your dress. If the style is formal, that's your sign to dress up you hair and makeup as well. Jennie's style always seems put together this way. You can find a dress that gives the similar theme here

Jackets : Bold Blazers 

Black and White Gingham Blazer 

Jackets or coats are staple if you travel as much as Jennie. A bold patterned one is crucial for that high end look as it shows you find importance in looks over practicality, of course we'd leave that in between up to you. 

Green Velvet Jacket 

Did we say bold? We also meant to include playful. Y2k or simply bright colors are making a comeback, you don't need to go full on. Having bright pieces like a lounge jacket helps you stand out from all grays and blacks out there. 

Find this style of jacket right here. Having a trendy piece is so nice to look back on, vintage is always a good idea but getting one that fits the trend perfectly is always helpful down the line. 

Knitted Sweaters 

Colorful Sweaters 

When she's not in high end cable knit sweaters, she rocks playful styles such as these. Printed or designed cable knit adds life to your look creating a friendly and cozier feel. It makes it more unique as it can show off your personality as well. 

Check out our pick for this adorable sweater that almost looks identical, find it here. When you see these sweaters, do you also think of sun-lit rooms, books, and a perfect cup of coffee? If this is up your alley, cop this style and live this aesthetic now! 

Basic Ribbed Sweater

Focus more on getting ones that make feel you the most confident. Having ones with designs won't matter if you don't like them. Like how Jennie wears them, find the balance of design and simplicity. 

This style may be boring to some, so if you're fan of fading multi color dye, check out this cardigan here. The delicateness and 'soft girl feel' this sweater gives is too good to gate keep. 

Hats : Bucket Hats 

Basic Black Bucket Hat 

If you're a bit shy to explore the world of hats, Jennie loves black bucket hats. It's a great place to start as it matches anything, it's a great sneaky way to be more private or to just simply hide your face if you're in not the mood. 

If you ever wanted to feel like a low-key celeb, cop one for yourself here. Although bucket hats are everywhere, we know its there for good reason. This tasseled style is one she wore in the airport and we feel you could rock this look as well! 

Bucket Hat with Fur Lining 

There's even floppy ones with fur lining for warmth. It's the perfect accessory for a celeb or just about anyone. They're ubiquitous to any occasion and weather it's just simply hard to go wrong. 


Beige Beanie 

How could we ever forget about beanies? This accessory is peppered in her feed if you can spot them but beanies shoot two birds in one stone. They're warm and also make you look adorable, no one will double take a beanie. You can get yours here.  

Pastel Patterned Beanie

 A patterned one makes a look more adorable and you, approachable. Styling multi colored neutral ones like these won't ruin your outfit at all.  

Shoes : Sneakers

White Sneakers 

We wonder when white sneakers will ever be out of style, but apparently Jennie wants them to stay. One way to elevate the boring pair though is to get ones with a slight color detail to compliment the colors in your outfit. It's thought out but not overkill. 

Platform Sneakers 

Getting plain ones with a bit more platform style such as these are great too. It's more trendy and can elevate not only your height but your outfit as well. She styles it here with baggy pants again very y2k but subtle. 

Leather Loafers 

Loafers can be a hit or miss, but they aren't worn by everyone and that is the point. In high fashion, some things are alien to everyday people. But loafers can be for everyone as it gives a high fashion feel as not everyone styles and wears them the same way. 


Sunglasses : Black Tinted Staples

Basic Black Sunnies 

If you think you need sunnies with the Gentle Monster price tag, you're wrong. Small frame black ones like these are super duper versatile, as demonstrated, you can just use them as a head accessory if wearing them properly is too flashy.

Metal Framed Sun Glasses

Straying away from the masses, lightly tinted ones with metal frames are more unique and classy. They can be edgy and elegant as the thin frame doesn't disrupt the look. 


Pretty simple right? We'd hope so.  If it's still confusing, here's our collection for the 'Jennie Closet' find it here. We made the same guide for her bandmate Jisoo. Maybe you've heard of her, her fashion guide is up. Check it out here

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