Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jihyo from TWICE

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jihyo from TWICE

If we talk about biggest girl groups in the world, TWICE is the one to come up! And it's fair, with each member's charms and talents fans can't help but adore them. And try to be like them! So if you wish to learn how to dress like Jihyo from TWICE, we are here to help.

We are all aware of TWICE's versatility when it comes to group's concepts, song genres, and sophisticated choreography. But to gain a sense of their individual personalities, it's also fascinating to see their distinctive fashion tastes and how they present themselves for various occasions. They are fantastic suppliers of the youthful, vivacious, and varied styles. 

And Park Jihyo is not just a powerful vocalist and an amazing dancer, she is also a big-eyed sunshine of TWICE and God Jihyo on Instagram. Her fashion is definitely a big inspiration for ONCEs outfits. To spoil a bit, her style is mostly girly and elegant, but let's look at it in detail!

Crop Tops

On the very first picture - an adorable mirror selfie - Jihyo shared on Instagram, you can see the top part of her outfit. She wore a white tank top and a trendy cropped shirt, a combination idols love to wear for their dance practice videos. With almost no make up and a reddish tint on her pouty lips in a legendary idol peace sign pose, she looks adorable, and her fun braided pigtails add to the cuteness points. So don't look just for the separate clothing pieces and pay attention to such little details of Jihyo's style: everything from her soft smile to natural make up and hair play a huge role in creating her personal style!

And you can always add or remove things from your outfit depending on your own preferences or even simpler - weather. On the hot summer days, you can wear a cropped tee just as it is and look perfectly stylish. To be exactly like Jihyo, choose classic denim jeans with a minimalistic belt, a thin golden necklace, and sunglasses to complete the simple white crop top look.

Another vibe to get from a wide choice of crop tops is the sweet girly one! To be like Jihyo on the picture below, look for cute crop tops with short sleeves and bright patterns on it. For example, with tiny red lips like on Jihyo's white top. You can easily get yourself a dark blue denim skirt that goes just well with red details of the top, or go in any direction and choose high waist jeans, dark or light pants, or whatever bottom part you prefer the most.


With Jihyo's elegant visuals, big eyes, and high nose bridge, she looks like a doll! To add to this aesthetic and point out her slim physique with a baggy piece of clothing - and obviously stay warm - Jihyo usually wears big pastel knitted cardigans like this beige one. You can wear anything underneath it: from crop tops, shirts, to literally anything that doesn't appear baggy and will not hinder the bagginess of the cardigan. Most Jihyo way to do it is to choose light colored clothing with no prints, slim fit, and high waisted jeans.


Jihyo's love to pastel, light, and brownish colors continues in her choice of jackets too! Again with flowers you might have noticed on the photo above, she has them placed on her head on the pic below. A real flower Jihyo is. But let's not forget about jackets - to dress like Jihyo, get yourself a classic checkered jacket in greyish brown. A white minimalistic tee under it keeps the look simple and casual, and you can complete the look by going more formal and finding a pair of pants made of the same checkered material, or stay casual with jeans. 

Another light color choice jacket like the one Jihyo wore for her vacation. And see the sunglasses she has, we'll mention them in a minute.


Jihyo's style is very feminine and elegant, and her being a part of the girliest K-pop groups out there seems very natural for us! She was definitely made for TWICE and… for miniskirts! They go in all colors, materials, vibes, the hardest thing is to choose one. Or maybe you don't want to deal with it and will get yourself everything - we don't blame you (and own a number of skirts too).

The first option you might consider to add to your shopping list is this checkered black and white skirt that went perfectly with Jihyo's look on the picture. She looks adorable posing shyly with hands on her cheeks during TWICE's fan event

The second type of skirts Jihyo as well as a bunch of idols are always wearing, is a plain pleated tennis skirt. Holding a tennis ball for the pic says everything, but you can wear it anywhere and for any kind of aesthetic, and be like Jihyo.

And most of TWICE members if you check our other fashion guides!


However, no one can live without a nice pair of jeans, and Jihyo is not an exception. Especially for her trips and walks with friends, she chooses comfortable wide jeans that can be paired with any kind of tops like the ones we mentioned above, a jacket, and any footwear of your choice. With a big tote bag to carry your belongings while you do your business in the city or explore a new one, you'll look stylish and feel comfortable just like Jihyo. 

Joggers and Sneakers

These is the perfect combination for any idol and regular person, for the former it's the pair to go for for a comfy airport look, dance practice day, or any time just like for the latter. To dress like Jihyo, get yourself light grey joggers and a pair of beige sneakers. Go for the lighter palette as this is the one to be worn by so many idols including Jihyo, and its not just about sneakers: sweatshirts, joggers, beanies, in basic light colors like grey, white, or any of the pastel ones, will do the job of keeping you in fashion and comfort.


You have already noticed on two other photos in our fashion guide, but Jihyo loves sunglasses and wayfarer sunglasses is her favorite form! She owns a number of them and has these glasses everywhere she goes. They are perfect for both fancy girly looks, casual ones, and even add spice to the more athletic looks, making you look chic and stylish. Like on the pic below, where she looks like a rich mom ready to scold her kids for something:

Or on this adorable selfie, Jihyo really brings her glasses with her almost anywhere! They look great with any style and any face shape, so definitely invest in sunglasses like Jihyo's ones.

Now, you know about the basics of Jihyo's style, her preferred colors, and the most favorite clothing pieces. We bet you're on your way to getting something from our guide on how to dress like Jihyo, aren't you? And we are here to help again, you can visit our shop with most of the things found for you already!

And if you want to learn about other TWICE or other K-pop groups fashion, check out our other articles too!


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