Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Joshua From SEVENTEEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Joshua From SEVENTEEN


SEVENTEEN Joshua serving us his boyfriend material look with his very own outfits.


Jisoo Hong, or more popularly, Joshua, is a Korean-American from the United States who debuted as a member of the popular boy band SEVENTEEN. Joshua usually wears more casual outfits and that really suits his visuals. 

the is also known as one of the vocalist of the group and also a fashion icon, having a great sense of fashion makes him look more attractive and interesting. He has his boyfriend material thing that every girls loves to. His beauty is no joke as well as his style. 

With this kinds of outfits he has let us know more on how to dress up like hime and also have that kind of boyfriend material look thing.


Top: Long Sleeves, Shirts

Black Zipper Down long sleeves

On his Instagram post, Joshua shared a photo of himself wearing this polo shirt, and this is one of his simple yet charming outfit. It really smells like a luxury- old rich vibes, to be honest.



Button-Down Long Sleeves

A refreshing day partnered with a refreshing top, Joshua looks great with his blue button-down long sleeves in his Instagram post.



White Shirt

Joshua enjoys wearing white shirts. This is by far one of everyone's favorite outfit combinations: simple, neat, and casual.




Red and Black Flannel

A casual look from Joshua once again with his tucked-in flannel on his Instagram post when he had a night walk in Han river . 



BOTTOMS: Denim Pants

Straight-Cut Black Denim Jeans

Joshua appears to be going for an aesthetic look here, as he wore an all-black outfit from head to toe. He paired his black long sleeve with straight-cut jeans, a classic look for the colder seasons.



Simple Faded Ripped Denim Jeans

As his concert outfit, Joshua opted for some simple faded denim ripped jeans that he paired with his favorite tops.




Black Trousers

Well no one can beat the supremacy of wearing a black trousers like Joshua.



Jacket: Bomber, Hoodie

Collared Bomber Jacket

On his Instagram post, Joshua looks so fine with his collared bomber jacket.  



Satin Bomber Jacket

Another bomber jacket for another outfit from Joshua. Another option is to wear ones with a different finish to spice up boring outfits. The bomber style is heavily influenced by celebrities, but his wearing it makes it more casual and relatable. 

A varsity bomber jacket is a timeless style that is also appropriate for casual occasions. The style is youthful and stylish, drawing second glances; dress it down simply with black pants or skirt.



Blue Hoodie

Well having blue hoodie as your outfit hits different. it gives you an young and youthful vibe. 



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