Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Joy From Red Velvet

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Joy From Red Velvet

Park Sooyoung or Joy is the sunshine of RED VELVET, a talented soloist, fashionista, and the IT GIRL of the whole K-pop industry.

Park Sooyoung or Joy of girl group Red Velvet is currently the most popular member of the group. Joy is the main vocalist and she is known for her bright personality, vocal talent, and fashion sense.

What also makes her stand out among the petite female idols and even her groupmates? Her height! Any fan who watched their performances or group photos has noticed how she sometimes towers near her members, or doesn't wear heels. But we got something interesting for you… Joy is actually not that tall! As she revealed during her interview with Cosmopolitan, she is actually average height and simply makes fashion choices that will accentuate on her height and make her look taller. What she said exactly is:

"Actually, I'm not over 170cm tall, unlike people usually though. I say I'm around 167cm, but that's also rounded up. Actually, I'm a little over 166cm. I guess I look taller." But honestly, heights doesn't matter much nowadays, right? And we glad that both shorter and taller idols, as well as each of us, is comfortable in their own body. Sooyoung herself said "When I was young, I hated looking tall, but after I became interested in fashion, I wanted to look taller."

And she did herself justice, because she really looks tall! So before we jump into our fashion guide, note her advice "If you want to look over 170cm, you will look really slim if you wear black stockings partnered with dress in vertical details/pattern." And we hear you, Joy! That's definitely a nice hack, and you'll naturally get all the others while looking at Sooyoung's style closely.

Crop Tops

Joy has appeared on many popular fashion magazines such as VOGUE, ELLE, W Korea, Marie Claire etc. But to dress like Joy you don't need to model or be a face of big fashion brands. First, you need to get yourself a white crop top!


Joy styles her outfits simply, but smartly, and on the pic above you can see her wearing a snow-white crop top, milky-white short shoulder bag, and light high waisted jeans. The best thing about crop tops, especially in white, is that they go perfectly with every color to exist, so seeing the same top below, she chose blue as the main color to complete the look: from blue fluffy cardigan to a blue Jacquemus shoulder bag, some modest necklaces, and darker jeans.
Blue story continues again! With another combination of a sweet baby blue crop top and a cropped cardigan, with jeans again, Joy looks simply fabulous.
There are many ways to style and we couldn't help but add another outfit idea she shared on her social media, with another crop top and cardigan combination in a more moody darker blue color, and leopard bucket hat.

Oversized Sweatshirts

Joy's fashion style has unique taste, but we personally prefer her simple stylish look that is not too loud or too ostentatious. Long long ago in an interview with Joy she said that she does not care about fashion or brand name stuff, but she just wants to feel comfortable in what she wears; I think this quote perfectly reflects her personality and fashion style.
She often wears comfortable, but bright and cute sweatshirts in pastel colors like peachy pink, or bright blue with raspberry pink details as you can see on the second photo of hers. Adding a pearl necklace is never a bad idea too.

Oversized Hoodies

Joy is a simple girl and just like any of us, she loves being cute and comfy, and nothing beats a baggy hoodie when it somes to a clothing piece that will satisfy these needs. Moreover, Sooyoung looks great in a black oversized hoodie which may be the best piece of casual wear for a wide range of ages. Lovers of trendy fashion are particularly fond of this piece, and so are we!
With a smiley face on the hoodie itself and a smile on Joy's face, this is the daily look to go for on any day.

Pleated Miniskirts

Pleated miniskirts are the must-have of any female K-pop idol. They go in a variety of designs and materials from simpler ones to preppy checkered skirts, and this feature is exactly what makes them so appealing to both idols and their stylists! But Joy really does a great job in styling herself. In the first OOTD picture she styled a bluish checkered miniskirt with a simple cropped shirt, a choker, black beret, and trendy long boots.
On another occassion, she styled similar pleated skirt with long socks, black boots, and a tee under a classic white unbuttoned shirt.
Another idea and another skirt design Joy wears regularly, a straight black and white checkered miniskirt! This time with an elegant cropped black shirt, chain leather shoulder bag, Chanel necklace, and a sweet black ribbon headband.

Slim Fit Dresses

Joy is not only famous for her soothing voice, bubbly personality, and stunning visuals, but her physique is another charming point of her look! Curvy lines of her body are often accentuated by the stylists during her performances with RED VELVET, and even on fancy events she attends on a regular basis, Joy chooses slim fitting short dresses. They look elegant and show off her long legs. And we have black and white options for you today depending on what vibe you want to have. The first is the little black dress that revealed her shoulders and neck with a diamond necklace on. With red lipstick, tiny black shoulder bag, and transparent black stockings, Joy looked like a true diva.

But if you wish to have a more natural, pure look, go for a similar, but white long sleeve dress with a wide neckline that reveals collarbones and neck with no accessories besides Sooyoung's long silky hair.

High Rise Jeans

Although jeans like these are frequently thought of as "vintage," they are actually classic and always come back to our wardrobes just as they did couple of years ago. Any fit with high waisted wide jeans will look great on athletic body types with smaller waists, and actually anu body type thanks to it's versatility and power to hide what we need and show off what we want e.g. long legs. And slender hourglass figure like Joy's looks amazing in high rise jeans.


These classic items will keep you dry and warm in any weather or situation - and those are jackets! Add a blazer to any clothing to transform it into a polished, business-casual ensemble. Choose a traditional hue like black or navy, or go bold and unusual. In either case, everyone will recognize your seriousness.
But of course you don't have to be serious at all and Joy is also on the fun fun side. With a brown oversized jacket, turtleneck checkered dress in mil-tea color, and high heel boots, she looks cute and playful and so can you!
To dress like Joy from RED VELVET go for the pastel brown, beige, or light grey jackets - those are the colors she loves.
Or if you like something more casual, go for a black leather jacket, especially baggy and big ones. It's one of the few clothing items that can go from the office to the club or wherever you go. For Sooyoung, it's an essential piece to keep her warm and stylish, and even sporty if you have a bright red hoodie under it like Joy here, smiling wide on the rooftop of Seoul.
Or having a walk with a vivid greenish yellow shoulder bag, and a NY black cap on her head.


With a soft pretty face like Joy's you don't need heels or any typical girly footwear, and that's great since when it comes to shoes, she always chooses athletic sneakers over anything else! To keep the look casual and stylish, you can get yourself a pair of black keds that look cool with everything. Here she wore them with white high waist jeans, simple black polo tee, and orange sweatshirt tied above everything as a colorful accent.

Or you can go all black and enjoy the comfort of the classic sneakers she also caught wearing regularly like on the pictures below. She wears them all the time and owns a number of similar sneakers in different colors, but they are usually black and white.


And finally, if you're looking for an accessory - or have an eyesight that has to be corrected - definitely get yourself some nerdy specs. Joy really likes wearing them in her free time with some simple make up, a jacket e.g. when ordering fastfood on her day off:

Or going for the rich smart girl aesthetic and wearing thin frame golden glasses with no other accessories besides her cute flower earrings and minimalistic watches. To complete the look, she chose a white sweatshirt tied on her shoulderline, and a navy blue tee.

Joy is considered one of the best fashion model among many other kpop female idols, her high-street style with bright colors and stylish detailing has made many fans following her every step. Moreover, it's obvious that fans would like to watch her fashion sense more than any other kpop idol group because of her unique outfits and personal taste in fashion, and we hope our article gave you lots of insights and ideas on how to dress like Joy from RED  VELVET!


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