Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Karina From aespa

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Karina From aespa

If you're like me, who's a K-pop fan but at the same time a Fashion enthusiast, well, you are lucky today as we are going to dive deeper into some of our favorite rising K-pop idols.

As one of the biggest 4th gen K-pop idols, Karina rose to fame when she was announced as a member of K-pop's first Metaverse Group. She was reported to be the Main Dancer of the group and the leader, but what caught the attention of the netizens was her visual that fits their AI concept. Netizens love her unique face and perfect body composition that make her known for being compatible with almost every outfit.

      Karina In A Graphic Handkerchief Turned Into A Tube Top Paired With Black Distressed Denim Jeans.


If you're curious about how K-Pop's Queen of Gen-Z style styles herself, tune in as we are about to dive deeper into her fashion sense - including her favorite garments to what she mostly wears daily.

Karina is well-known to many even before she debuted in aespa. She's known to be an ullzang- ullzang in Korea means good-looking; in fact, she got casted through DMs. Even before, she was already famous for looking good, not just for her visuals but also her style. Present Karina likes to wear simple garments like she was before. Her style mainly consists of oversized tees, fuzzy jackets, denim pants, and of course, her favorite, the hats

      Karina in a pink floral-themed high-low dress


If you're still wondering how she manages to experiment these garments into a complete casual but classy-looking look, scroll down for how.



If you're not a fan of sleeved tops, sleeveless tops might be for you. Especially during summers, sleeveless tops make you more relaxed since they allow potential airflow, unlike sleeved tops. Karina likes to wear hers still in fashion. Although sleeveless tops are simple, she still finds ways to make them classier.

Black Sleeveless Top With Opaque Design

In this example, she can be seen wearing an all-black outfit with sleeveless top and sweat pants. What makes this classier is the design. It has small details that are not loud to see but still make an impact.


Gray Tube Top

Tube tops are also suitable for layering. As shown in the picture below, Karina put a cream-colored button-down shirt in her gray tube.


White Sleeveless Top With Hem Details

Of course, you could wear it simply as it is. But in this example, the sleeveless top has hem details, giving it a more elegant-looking feel.



Oversized shirts are quite one of Karina's favorite items to wear. She likes wearing them on different occasions and locations. It's simple to wear and suitable for quick trips and wear during your chill days. You pop some denim shorts on, and you're good to go.

Oversized White Shirt With Black Hem Details

She once wears her oversized white shirt with black denim jeans on one of her night dates. She partnered it with a white baseball cap, and she looks good on it already.


Oversized White Shirt 

She also wears oversized shirts in her pilates classes. In a video she posted in lysn, she was seen wearing an oversized white shirt with her pilates teacher's cat, saebok.


Oversized White Graphic Tee

She also likes to wear them in the practice room, just like this oversized white graphic tee she is wearing. It must be easier for her to move with them since it provides so much free space and allows her to move her body freely.



Sleeved tops are also one of the pieces she likes to wear when she's going out or just when she's doing something at the company. She usually wears something elegant in design but not too over the top.

White Cropped-Sleeved Top

This photo of hers wearing a cropped-sleeved top with black sweat pants in the dancing room became famous in the lysn community. It was just a simple garment put together but still looks classy.


Sweetheart-Cut Textured Sleeved Top

She also wears sleeved tops on dinner dates. She's wearing a sweetheart-cut textured sleeved top with a pair of denim jeans.


Cream-Colored Long-Sleeved Top

A very simple cream-colored long-sleeved top for comfy and chillax dates.



Turtle necks are one of the essential pieces of clothing you need in your closet, especially if you live in areas that experience cold weather. It is easy to layer and has a wide variety of choices in terms of color and types. Karina has many of them in her closet since South Korea experiences cold weather. She usually wears them as an underneath piece, just as if she's just at their dorm. 

Textured Cream-Colored Turtle Neck

In her advertisement post with Givenchy, she can be seen wearing a textured cream-colored turtle neck. She then partnered it with a pair of washed denim jeans.


Textured Black Turtle Neck

She also once used a textured black turtle neck when she was invited to watch an NBA game when they went to New York.


Plain Black Turtle Neck

She is also wearing a plain black turtle neck and a plaided coat overneat for a classier look.




Denim pants are a must-have if you don't like wearing shorts that expose your skin so much. You could wear them anywhere and anytime as long as you know how to style them. You can choose between denim pants with a sleeveless top and heels or denim pants with a sleeved top and sneakers.


Floor-Length High-Waisted Boyfriend Jeans Pants

Karina in her floor-length high-waisted boyfriend pants when they went to New York. The weather was a little cold during that time, so she partnered with them with a jacket. 



Summer is not complete without a pair of denim shorts. Almost every girl has a pair of denim shorts in the closet, which they often use during the blazing heat of summer- It could be high-waisted, tattered, or the boyfriend ones, anything as long as you're comfortable with them. Karina surely knows how to style hers. (Scroll down for more examples)

Black Denim Shorts With Distressed Hem

Another picture of her wearing black shorts to pair with her tank top in the same color. This picture was taken around during Summer when they had an activity to do nearby the company.


Black Denim Shorts 

She also wears denim shorts when she goes on zoo dates. She styles hers simply by pairing it with a white basic button-down shirt for a more casual look.


Black Sweatpants

Sweatpants are essential for dancers like Karina since sweatpants trap heat close to your body, causing them to warm-up faster- a proper warm-up is needed to reduce the risk of injuries while practicing. Karina wears her sweatpants at the company, dancing, or just having fun lounging around.



Karina loves wearing casual dresses when she's just lounging around or just going for late-night walks. However, she mostly goes with dark-colored ones since it compliments her skin well. She mostly goes for sleeveless ones and just uses jackets if she wants to cover some skin.

Body-Con Semi-Backless Dress

In one of the outfits Karina used at Coachella 2020, she can be seen wearing a body-con semi-backless dress with a leather jacket for a much more powerful look.


Apron-Style Brown Dress

She can also be seen in an apron-style brown dress with a tan-colored cover cardigan while lounging in a hotel.




Karina indeed has a thing for knitted pullovers. She loves wearing them on her trips countryside or just for an everyday item- I mean, comfort means everything, so why not go for it.

Striped Black And White Knitted Pullover

In a photo she shared with her fans, she can be seen wearing a striped black and white knitted pullover paired with black denim jeans and white shoes beside greeneries. 


White Knitted Pullovers

She also wore these White knitted pullover when she has a schedule at the office- may be probably for light matters like studio recordings or meetings.



Hooded Jackets

Karina also loves wearing hooded jackets- If you're following her updates on bubble, she usually sends pictures of herself in a hooded jacket. She wears them when at home, going out for work, or even when meeting her Pilates teacher.

Hooded Grey Jacket

In a photo shared by her Pilates teacher, she can be seen wearing a hooded grey jacket with a teddy bear-like jacket over it for an extra heat source.


Gray Hooded Jacket

She also wear this gray hooded jacket when she's at their dorm, probably hanging out with the rest of the members.



What is Karina without a hat? A hat is one of her favorites to wear whenever she can. If also she could wear the too at formal events, she probably has done it. She likes to wear them daily- from dance practices to hanging out with the member, in different types but always black.

Black Beanie

She once wore a black beanie during their promotion with CLIO.


Black Baseball Hat

Karina also wore these black baseball hat paired with blazers during their trip from Los Angeles


Black Beanie

She also wore this black beanie while hanging out with the members in the dancing room (I can't explain the filters tho...)



Dainty jewelry pieces are one thing she likes to add to her outfit to have a complete look. She mostly goes in silver ones with more minimalistic designs.

Cross Ring

The cross ring she usually puts on her index finger is the jewelry she uses as her everyday ring.


Dainty Chain Necklace With Minimalist Pendant

This Dainty Chain Necklace with minimalist pendant is also an example of the pieces she usually wears on a daily basis.



Black boots really are a game-changer. It is diverse in style and could usually go well with almost everything- dresses, shorts, pants, and skirts. Karina usually pairs her black boots with her simple outfit.

Knee-Length Black Boots

In this photo, she wore black boots for his simple white pullover and black pants- a very classy and casual look.


Ankle-Length Black Boots

Karina also wore her ankle-length black boots during the cold winter with her fuzzy pullover and black leggings.



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