Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Kazuha From LE SSERAFIM

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Kazuha From LE SSERAFIM

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The Ballerina of Le Sserafim drew massive attention due to her gorgeous visuals which was perfectly accentuated with her fashion styles.

Nakamura Kazuha, better known as Kazuha is one of the Japanese members of Le Sserafim. Besides debuting under the group, she already earned popularity with her great ballerina skills. But what caught the eyes of many is the ethereal visuals she has which she effortlessly highlights in her various outfits. Below features the different outfits she has which you can surely emulate.


White Ralph Lauren Knitted Shirt

Kazuha pulled a simple chic look in her post below by simply wearing a white knitted shirt from the luxurious brand, Ralph Lauren. She paired it with denim base to create a perfect balance. A bag is essential to upgrade a simple style, and Kazuha only showed us that it works.


Black Asymmetrical Crop Top

Meanwhile she pulled a chic look instantly below as she flaunts her angular shoulder with black asymmetrical crop top which she paired with a cream base. As for an extra detail, a bag would do magic.


Navy Green Crop Knitted Tee

Kazuha looked lit in her army-like ensemble but with a chic twist. She elevated it by wearing a crop and fitted knitted tee which has perfect silhouette. Then, she paired it with a low-rise shorts and thigh belt for extra details.



Tweed Micro-miniskirt

As a queen of fashion, Kazuha knows how to flaunt her sexy frame. Here, she had worn a tweed coordinates. But what the look more eye-popping is her micro-miniskirt that has cut-out on both sides, adding a hot flare in her overall fit.


Navy Green Micro-miniskirt

Below she mix and matched styles a boyish look on the tops which is a shirt layered with polo blazer. As for her base that shouts for chic feels, she pulled this navy green micro-miniskirt.


Denim Micro-miniskirt

Kazuha wowed her fans as she traversed her way to music bank with her edgy but sexy style. Here, she had worn a cropped sleeveless polo and paired it with her fire denim micro-miniskirt.



White A-Line Mini Dress

Kazuha unveiled her dainty side as she hit the stage with her white A-line wide strap mini dress. The dress is simple, but is crystal embellishments made it sparkly enough to get one's attention.


Blue Tweed Coordinates

Here, she looked like a soft chic girl in her blue tweed coordinates. Specifically, she had worn a micro-mini top with wide straps and a high-rise fitted tweed jeans. Of course, Kazuha loves detail so she embellished her fit with a neck and belt necklace.


Black Chic Ensemble

Meanwhile in her attire below, she blew the fans away as she look sexy and sleek. Here, she had worn a black crop top paired with a high wait shorts with a bow belt, creating a black chic ensemble while looking like an IT girl.



Black Checkered Wide Strap Mini Dress

Kazuha know what style she wants to pull and below she pulled a feminine style as she flaunt her curvy frame and long legs in her black checkered wide strap mini dress. Also, to highlight her beauty more, she curled her hair as well.


Off Shoulder Dress

Kazuha went for an elegant look by wearing this A-line off shoulder dress that gave her an expensive aura. A drop earrings are her key to highlight that ethereal look.


Black Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress

In her Weverse magazine, she had worn this black spaghetti strap midi dress with lace hemline. Also, to keep her natural charms alive, she only wore a simple peach makeup.



Cropped Button Down Jacket

Kazuha layered her midi dress with a teal cropped button down jacket, and had also worn a denim base, creating an edgy yet fashion forward style .


White Oversized Jacket

Meanwhile, below she styled a sporty look as she paired her oversize jacket with an Adidas trouser while she's out in public.


Black Coat

Kazuha knows how to create a good layering, and below she showed us how it's done. Here, she layered her Celine sports bra with a black coat, leaving it unbuttoned for a sexy yet formal touch.



Red Beret Hat

Kazuha accentuated her curly hairstyle using a red beret hat that gave it a more volume and details. Also, it helped elevate the overall look as well.


Black Beret Hat

Meanwhile below, she pulled another beret hat but in a different style and shade. Here, she looked like a gorgeous soldier who’s ready to shoot your heart.


Straw hat

In her tropical v-live, she brought the ocean with her as she matched her polo with beach print design, with a straw hat. Hence, achieving a more tropical look and feels.



Black Preppy Girl Shoes

Kazuha paired her gothic style mini dress with a black preppy girl shoes. To highlight them, she wore a white crew cut socks.


Chunky Black Shoes

Kazuha sported her awarding look with a fitted crop top and a high-rise cargo pants. To make the look outstanding, she let her chunky shoes do magic.


White Sneakers

As she practice a dance, she made sure to feel comfortable without the need to sacrifice style. So she wore a white sneakers that perfectly matched her cropped long sleeves and tattered jeans.



Round Sunglasses

Kazuha pulled a motor look that shouts for sporty style. In making the style more iconic, she paired her fit with these round sunglasses that added a classic touch.


Round Clear Glasses

Meanwhile, below she wears the same frame but in a clear type. Here, she looked innocent and dainty as she took her mirror selfie while wearing the glasses.


Oval Sunglasses

However, if we want to look more iconic, oval sunglasses are perfect. Below, Kazuha showed us how it’s done.


It's not hard to dress like Kazuha, right? Confidence is the main ingredient to perfectly emulate one of her look.

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