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Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Lia From ITZY

If you're like me, who's a K-pop fan but at the same time a Fashion enthusiast, well, you are lucky today as we are going to dive deeper into some of our favorite rising K-pop idols.

Itzy's Main Vocalist is constantly gaining followers worldwide for her heavenly vocals with unique tones that also reflect her visual. She's known for being someone who has a unique voice among the K-Pop singers in the industry. Aside from this, she's also known to her fans for having a sophisticated and elegant lifestyle and fashion sense even before she debuted as a K-Pop Idol. She loves going for luxurious looks but also knows how to have casual styles while still looking classy.

Today, as part of the 4th Generation Queens Fashion Style series, we'll dive deeper into Lia's luxurious and sophisticated fashion.


     Lia In A Navy Green Tube Top Paired With A Green Skirt And A Light-Green Ribbed Cover-Up


Lia's fashion sense includes halter tops, corduroy pants, or retro styles in general. The halter top highlights her 90o collar bone, which is one of Korean's Beauty Standard if you're wondering. She loves wearing knitwear or a jacket, which gives her the comfort she needs. She loves opting for elegant and classy looks without serious effort - I guess that comes naturally from within.

If you're still wondering how she styles herself, scroll down for a more detailed explanation and where to source them *winks*



White Cute Graphic Tees

Cute tees are one way to go if you want to be youthful. It's a piece you could play with- you could wear it with a pair of denim shorts, skirt, or pants. Lia shared this photo and she is wearing a white cute graphic tee and a denim jumpsuit. It reminds me of how I was dressed when I was still young. These types of outfits look to go when you're going on picnic dates or going to do some fun activities. 


Colorful Halter Top

I think that Lia loves to wear halter tops just like this colorful halter top she is wearing, and honestly, it fits her so much as it defines her collar bones well - she's known as someone with a perfect 90-degree collar bone. She wears them with colored shorts or athletic pants for a casual chick look. You could try wearing them with dress pants for a classy style, but instead of using cotton, used silk ones.


Orange Sleeveless Top

Lia loves to wear sleeveless tops but with a variety of twists. She likes to wear them over and as an undergarment. She once wore her orange tank-top over an orange sleeveless. She loves experimenting with them, and you could too! Sleeveless are diverse in style; it is a perfect example if you're still starting with fashion.



Denim Skirt

Skirts are an all-time favorite- you could style them in all ways if you just wanted to be cute or look classy at some point. It has diverse designs - high-low, bubble, or asymmetrical like what Lia wore. She got a cardigan over her denim skirt for an effortless look, and I would love to create this look too. Just remember to balance the proportions well! 


Lightning Blue Athletic Pants

Who would have thought that athletic pants could turn into style? Itzy has partnerships with Adidas; honestly, I could not get over how they would style themselves using athletic clothes. Lia styled lightning blue athletic pants with a halter body suit, which looks so good. The key in her styling is choosing fitted athletic pants over baggy ones to define your height even more.


Brown Corduroy Pants

Corduroy pants have become popular again in the 21st century- fashion is a cycle, after all. For those who are unfamiliar with corduroy pants, it is made from threads woven together in a vertical line creating a texture called wales. It is cozy to wear, thick, and perfect for those who love retro design. You could wear it in a classic way by using white tees as a top, just like Lia did in the picture.



Denim Dress

Denim Dresses are classic staples that you could have in your closet. It is easy to wear, and most importantly, you could wear it on different occasions as long you have styled it properly. In this picture, Lia wore a slip dress with a halter neck, and honestly, Who would have thought that denim dresses could look this cute? The wash compliments her skin so much as well as the cuts. You could wear something like this too and add cute pieces of jewelry for more style.


White Puff-Sleeved Elegant Dress

Elegant Dresses are Lia's thing- it suits her personality so much. The vibe gives so much of a luxurious feel. She usually wears a sophisticated and classy look like puff-sleeved dresses or those with ample details. She then pairs them with color-matching bottoms as the dress, like a pair of ankle-length boots for an edgier look or a pair of heels.



Cream-Colored Knitted Vest With Blue Edging

Knitwears are extremely comfortable if you have long activities for the day. It's also a good layering piece; you could wear them over a simple tee, just like what Lia did in the picture. Just a tip, wear something underneath it with the same color as your knitwear for a more preppy look.


Black Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a great addition to your closet. It's flexible to wear in-between seasons - winter, autumn and till summer. It gives a classier look, a sense of toughness, and an edgier feeling when that's what you're opting for. You could wear it over a dress just like what Lia did here.



Black Tinted Rectangular-Shaped Glasses

Lia's been pretty obsessed with sunnies. Rectangular-looking ones, oval-shaped, tinted colors, and the simplest, the clear ones. Honestly, it makes so much difference in the aura when she wears one. For example, she is wearing these black tinted rectangular-shaped glasses over her tank top. You could try experimenting with them, too; it gives an extra boost to your confidence.


Pink Fuzzy Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are way too underrated not to be included in this list. It serves so many purposes - you could wear it in winter, summer to protect your head from the heat of the sun, rain when you don't have an umbrella to cover your head, or just to be unknown by the world when you don't feel like meeting people. Lia likes to wear hers to make a pop of color into her outfit. A pop of color makes everything fun like these pink fuzzy bucket hats she wore.


Hoops And Dainty Earrings

Dainty earrings are one of the pieces of jewelry to be obsessed with. The cute minimalist design makes it look fresh and refreshing to see. Lia herself likes to wear hers with a pattern- hoops and dainty earrings. It's a good combination and balance between medium-noisy jewelry and a little muted ones. You could only try this one by wearing the ones you already have in your jewelry.



Black Boots

Black Boots are one of the things you could have in your closet that is multi-functional. You could wear it in summer with a pair of shorts in winter to provide extra heat in the midst of cold - you could never run ideas on how to style it. Lia likes to wear hers with a knit pullover and denim shorts; honestly, it looks so good. It looks classy but simple and elegant at the same time.


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