Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Lisa Manobal from BLACKPINK

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Lisa Manobal from BLACKPINK

As the most followed member on Instagram and arguably the most popular, Lisa seems to set the trend for what's cool in fashion

By: Julianne Babaran

The main rapper and her stylists sure have a lot of pressure on their shoulders when dealing with the audience. Everyone has their eyes on the star to see just what she wears and how she wears it. Of course with the hounding of fashion brands, their work is half done. That star's fit physique and long legs makes the possibilities endless in styles. It makes it so much easier as anything can look great. Though you may notice, Lisa's outfits have a reoccurring style and reoccurring silhouette. 

But her style is not limited to those who have the same body shape as her, you may find some elements and style that you can emulate for yourself, regardless of price and brands. The singer says in a few occasion that she leans more on boyish styles, prioritizing comfort and fit. Who doesn't love that? While still in the semi conservative realm, Lisa is not a stranger to trying new things, as we are well aware of her lifestyle and what that entails. 

Nevertheless, let's dive into the 'Lisa look' and see if there's some elements and tricks worth emulating.

Tops : Crop Tops 

Muscle Baby Tee Crop Top 

With such a strong and fit built, it would be obvious to show it off. Crop tops are her go-to especially when its paired with long wide leg pants. They compliment her slim upper body and elongate her legs. Peep the smallest and cutest Celine pink hair clasp. 

Asymmetrical Ribbed Crop Top 

Here she wears an asymmetrical crop top, the shape flatters her again slim figure and shows off that envy worthy '90 degree shoulder'. However, even without having such figure asymmetrical tops are flattering on almost anyone. Would you have guessed this basic top was from Celine? 

Button Downs 

Sleek Fitted Button Down 

If you're on the more conservative side, styling button downs can be a true hack. Lisa wears these often, just in different styles but a plain black one such as these are a staple although any color in any fabric will do. Here she styles them with a scarf to add color and elegance, you can get the look without the Mugler price tag. 

Furry Pink Button Up 

If button down in neutrals seem too basic, opting for a textured and bright colored one such as these are perfect. Button down jackets, tops or cardigans are more elegant and classic than zip up ones.

Bottoms : Wide leg high waist pants

Basic Wide Leg Pants 

Anyone who has seen Lisa's outfits before knows her rocks these almost daily. If Rosé has her mini dress with stocking and high cut boots look, Lisa has crop top and high waisted wide leg pants. The crop top is not mandatory but variations of a wide leg pants is almost a necessity for our current fashion era. 

We only like recommending the best, find our top pick here. Wide leg pants of any color is a good indicator of a person who cares about style and trend of today. The baggy look is now more accessible, these pair can easily be tailored for any length and can be dressed down and up all depending on your top.  

Light wash denim and White blouses 

Particular to Lisa, she likes her denim to be a lighter wash. She styles it with blouses and more elegant tops to retain the balance of casual and chic as seen in the photo. Lighter wash denim is best for daytime activities. 

Find the perfect pair of light weight jeans. This is such a classic piece and looks great for a mid-century photoshoot just like how she did below. To take a different approach the white button up style, we love the contrast of eyelets style blouses, we think you will too. Find it here

Slim Fit Mom Jeans

However, we'd be doing an injustice if we only mention wide leg pants. With legs so long, slim fit mom jeans such as these are equally as timeless and beautiful. See what we were saying with the crop tops? She loves them! Of course paired with an appropriate Celine bag of choice. 

Dresses : Midi and Full Length

White Midi dress with floral design 

Floral, puff sleeves and square neck is still very much in! Though the trend is a lot bigger in Asia, dresses like these are perfect for outdoor events and vacation wear. We've included this look for Lisa's top 10 outfits

Romantic Beige Picnic midi dress with floral detail 

In a different style but same feel, midi puff sleeve dresses are still very in. If you haven't tried it, this is the sign to do so. The romantic style sets you apart and makes the look more delicate and elegant. 

Get yours here, what we love about midi dresses in particular is how the elegant style is almost saying no to all the conventional mini dresses out there (tho we do love them!). 

Brown and gold midi dress with lace detail 

If puff sleeves isn't you thing, opting for a clean cut button down long dress is the next best thing. We should remind you, you don't need to copy the exact same style, the silhouettes and elements are the most important thing. Button down dresses are a classic, opting for a lighter and flowy-er fabric is best. The Celine and Bvlgari combo is chef's kiss. 

Jackets : Oversized Jackets 

Jersey Bomber Jackets 

We're guessing this is what Lisa means with 'boyish style', top with pants is basic, but pairing it with a bold jacket such as this makes it all the more expensive. Forget the inner, people will be too focused on the jacket. 

Classic Combo Jersey Style bomber jacket 

She wears Jersey Bomber style jackets on more relaxed days as opposed to the blazer and blouse looks on more dressier days. This style of jacket, we think, is only for the cool kids.  

White and Blue Flannel 

But if you're the type whose grown out the jersey-bomber look, opting for flannels is a great second choice. It's lighter and it's bold enough to compliment your outfit if it falls on the simpler side. 

Hats : Caps

Black snapback

Weather you haven't done your hair or you're avoiding the sun, no one will know if you cover it with a cap. Lisa in particular wears them when she's out somewhere presumably sunny. 

Black caps 

Caps aren't only a styling accessory for casual looks. High end ones such as these can still be dressed down with the help of a cap. Giving it more of a relaxed and 'boyish' feel.

Mixed fabric knit beanie 

If you've got the cap look down, wearing a mix fabric beanie such as these gives a higher end look that can elevate the average beanie. It makes you look more expensive and stylish as not everyone has it. 

Shoes : Sneakers

Basic High cut white sneakers 

White high cut sneakers give a more upscale feel, strolling around in different cities, we're sure style might not be number one on Lisa's list. 

Basic High cut white sneakers 

Exhibit B. It's the perfect default pair for city looks, or when you're out and about. No one likes to be uncomfortable so these are obviously everyone's go to.

Leather low cut boots

Another option which also Jisoo's favorite, are these leather low cut shoes. Almost the opposite of white sneaker, these boots give a grungier and more though out look.

Sunglasses : Bold Frames

Metallic frame sunnies 

Metallic frame sunglasses are criminally underrated. They're a classic everyone should come back to. Lisa styles these gold frame ones and they look perfect against the sun filled background.

Colored Frames 

However if you're not in a sunny area, bold colored ones like these have an editorial and edgy look that can be great for the city.


That doesn't seem too hard, right? Shop Lisa's closet if you need backup! You got this, if you're in beast mode, check out Jennie's, Jisoo'sRosé's fashion guide. 

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