Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Mina from TWICE

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Mina from TWICE


TWICE members each have their own charm and aesthetic whether on stage, in their dancing style, and even fashion! No surprise fans are eager to learn more about their style to get inspired or be just like their idols. Today, let's take a close look into TWICE Mina's style!

Mina Sharon Myoi is known to be TWICE's calmest member because of her timid character and royal beauty. But she is not like that all the time and ONCEs know what sweet and kind funny girl she is! Now, let's dive into how she chooses her outfits and what are her favorite pieces you can also look at to dress like Mina. Mina's style is versatile but it always has this feminine vibe to it, whether she is wearing a fancy dress, a big cozy hoodie, or dances in sporty joggers. 

What makes Mina's style so special? It's not just that she can pull off anything -it's that she does it with confidence and poise! Her style isn't about trends or labels; it's about expressing who you are through your clothes, and making sure you feel beautiful while doing it.


To begin with, blue is Mina's favorite color, especially when it comes to elegant blouses! Definitely, with her elegant visuals, nothing compliments them more than her elegant looks. Like this one, where she wears polka dot blouse with a big decorated collar, perfect for a coffee date.

Or another one that she wore for a multiple occassions: long sky blue blouse with delicate white floral pattern and decorative folds on the shoulders that also appear in the lower part of the dress. So if you want to go for Mina's look, defiinitely choose clean blue colors, elegant light dresses with interesting collars, and a white pattern like dots or flowers. With it, it's the best to have your hair down and maybe styled in soft waves just like Mina's whether you have lighter or darker hair: light blue dress suits everyone. And especially ONCEs - TWICE's fans - who are also on the elegant side of fashion.


However, Mina is not just a lady, she loves comfort just like any other girl! And here again, we start with a bright blue hoodie she has and got on one of group's Instagram page posts, holding her little friend that also wore a matching scarf. Together with her bleached blonde hair, trendy but simple violet manicure, Mina even made sure - or it happened naturally - so even her phone charm made of colorful beads complimented her look perfectly.

On even more chill days, having no make up but still remaining our visual Mina, she chose an oversized black hoodie. Whatever color palette you like more, the colorful vivid one or basic colors like black, brown, or white, you can choose yourself and dress like Mina either way, thanks to her openness to different colors and ways to style hoodies.


An oversized story doesn't end here and Mina is a big fan of big comfy sweatshirts! Another point is that they are usually very simple, monochrome, and in base colors like this grey one she was wearing constantly during TWICE's world tour. And here, you don't even have to purchase limited TWICE merch, just look for any baggy sweatshirt in your or Mina's favorite color, and you're good. But if you wish to take pics for ONCE selca day and be Mina's twin, dark velvety grey sweatshirt is the one to really consider:

Or this white one. Hair down, little make up, and a drop of red tint on the lips and you're ready to go, just like Mina. You can wear it with anything from the idol's favorite pleated miniskirt and look cute and cozy, or go for a fully comfy and sporty look, choosing joggers; or maybe you'd like to make it classy, so a pair of high waisted jeans or wide pants will go just well, just don't forget to tuck your big sweatshirt in and add some accessories.


These type of bottoms is a must have of every person and we don't know anyone who doesn't own them. Of course, those are jeans! But if you want to dress like Mina, choose wide high waist jeans, any kind of top, some accessories like medium size shoulder bag, and you're good to go!

And we also love this raspberry knitted crop top she wore on her trip to New York, it really complimented the jeans, so take notes ONCEs!


There is no female idol who doesn't wear dresses, and Mina is no exception! Especially knowing about her feminine style. But with her hair up, a punky cut cropped shirt, and a pleated dress with chain details, she looks both cute and badass. As you see, to get this look straight from TWICE music videos, you don't have to purchase extravagant clothing or expensive brands, just go for the trendy short checkered dress and add cut out cropped shirt or any other fancy detail to complete the look.

However, we didn't forget about our Lady Mina agenda, right? Showing off her elegant vibes to the fullest, she wears a checkered midi dress and has a tweed jacket laying on her shoulders to hide a little skin.

But if we talk about the true Mina look, expensive yet simple, this black dress is the choice. With strong shouldere line, v-neck, long slim sleeves, her long black hair and a wine red lipstick, she looks fabulous. To dress like Mina and be ready for any formal or fancy event, we advice you to have a piece like this.


If contemplating of what to wear with the dress, take a look at Mina's usual choice - delicate open high heels! These are perfect with both dresses and jeans or other bottoms, add length to the legs, and are immediate +1000 to the look if you wish to be fancier in your fashion choice. So elegant heels are a must-have for a chic dinner with friends or your partner, any event, or a photoshoot even if you only take pics with your phone - nothing beats a pair of delicate medium height heels that make you taller, but don't hurt your feet after a day in them.


But we never give up the comfort of flat footwear and obviously can't always wear heels, and on the regular days as well as for the choreo practices with TWICE, she prefers classic white sneakers. From day one since her early idol years like on the photo below (She changed so much and was such a soft baby back then! But we think she still is a baby, even with her style changing together with trends and fashion).

And till today, on a pic in the JYP practice room she is always loyal to a pair of good old white sneakers. She often wears them with cropped shirts, tops, and designer cut shirts to cover her slim toned dancer arms.

Overall, Mina's fashion preferences can be divided into three sections: her glamorous lady looks, stylish city girl look, and a classic idol-in-her-practice-room look! With her versatile style with predominance of feminine enegry, every fan will find inspiration for their own wardrobe and we hope our fashion guide on how to dress like Mina helped! 

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