Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Mingyu From SEVENTEEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Mingyu From SEVENTEEN



SEVENTEEN Mingyu showing off his Charismatic visuals with his outstanding outfits


Mingyu, who has Prince-like qualities, is the visual, lead rapper, sub-vocalist, and the moment. With his genuine and approachable personality, he has won the hearts of many fans. Not to add to his already perfect mix of idols, the SEVENTEEN member is also skilled at styling himself.

Mingyu, who is well-known for his abilities, dresses the part. His style is adaptable to the environment. Casual enough to be comfortable, but fashionable enough to be photographed at any time. His celebrity has also resulted in luxury fashion houses sponsoring his very fit. However, in this article, we'll concentrate on what he wears and how he wears it.


Tops: Oversized

Black Muscle Tee

Mingyu is frequently seen wearing oversized tees with sweat shorts, which is ideal for his basketball outfit. The overall look is basic and straightforward.



Blue Knit Vest

Mingyu wore a knit vest top with casual wide leg jeans with acid wash detail to the Italian fashion house known for their paisley patterns. The look's simplicity was balanced by the addition of jewelry.



Black Oversized Polo Shirt

Back at home also means fewer flashy outfits for casual wear, he favors black shirts, particularly polo shirts. His outfit, on the other hand, gives Mingyu a manly appearance.



Bottoms: Denim

Blue Denim Pants

Denim pants are mostly used by Korean idols like Mingyu to be partnered with their tops to complete their outfits. This is also more convenient to use and easy to have. 


Straight Cut Denim Pants

This kind of pants is perfect for you if you wanted to look tall like Mingyu while having a perfect combo outfit of paring Muscle tee and Wide leg denim pants.



Jogger Pants

As a dancer, Mingyu used to wear jogger pants everywhere because it gives him comfort feeling every time he moves and also it is so fashionable to pair on any shirts you have. 



Beige Short

Well this kind of short can be paired on any tops you have but Mingyu used to pair it in his black muscle tee that made him look really cool.



Graphic Short

Well this short is so perfect for your summer outing like Mingyu.



Jackets: Denim, Hoodie, Trench Coat

Light Denim Shirt Jacket

Mingyu rarely wears a jacket, including the classic and ever-present among all idols, the button-up denim shirt. Mix matching white tones and fabrics with his top and bottoms; the shirt jacket's white and oversized fit makes it more relaxed and breaks up the monotony of white.


Leather Jacket

In Western countries, the classic leather jacket look may be overdone, but Mingyu gives it new meaning.



Wool Hoodie + Leather Jacket

A unique combo from Mingyu will always be a trend.


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