Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Momo from TWICE

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Momo from TWICE

TWICE being one of the most popular girl groups in the world attract millions of people with their outstanding talents, visuals, and… style! No surprise fans are eager to be closer to their idols or simply get inspired by their looks, so let's dive into the fashion guide on how to dress like Momo from TWICE!

The song "Cheer Up" by TWICE, which peaked at number one on the Gaon Digital Chart, became the best-performing single of the year, and won "Song of the Year" at the Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards, catapulted the group to domestic prominence in 2016. Since then, TWICE only rose in popularity and are still one of the biggest names in the industry, not just as a group, but each member herself. And one of the very loved members, the one who have thousands of fans hairstyle inspiration with her iconic rough cut bangs, and the one who always amazes us with her perfect dance moves and visuals, is Hirai Momo.

As one of the Japanese members of TWICE besides Mina and Sana, Momo is definitely one of the idols to get inspiration from when it comes to style! Especially with her versatile choice of clothing and aesthetics.

To begin with, Momo has excellent fashion sense going for both elegant and simple looks. She likes wearing cotton tops in black or white, or faded lightened or darkened colors that take various forms and colors, and when she has tightly fitting tops, she styles them with cool jackets in different designs when. The design stands out due to its color, making it the focal point of her outfit. And for the bottoms, she likes jeans or wide pants that make it comfortable and easy to move - we don't forget what an amazing dancer she is, right? But there are so many things to mention, from girly dresses to hair accessories, so we won't take any more time for introduction, let's dive in!


To start with the most loved and comfortable piece of clothing, and not only by idols, we present you - oversized t-shirts! Momo likes them and prefers basic white tees or mostly pastel and faded ones. They go just well with make up and a fun photoshoot for Instagram:

And for running daily errands and looking cute even with messy after shower hair and bare face, literally cutting onions (and making ONCEs cry out of love to Momo):

We mentioned faded color ones, right? So to have a tee like Momo's, you can go for the piece like this blue one with an interesting print on it. Dusty blue base and faded red accent really make a plain tee 2x more stylish, but we don't want to go overboard or play fashionistas, so a messy bun, wide sand color pants, a backpack, are the parts of Momo's outfit. But we have to admit, she still is a fashionista, and so are you. 

Another example of oversized tees Momo loves is this camel beige one with tigers on it, baggy and stylish. The look is simple and comfortable, and it's definitely well completed with wavy short hair, big blue pants, and a mischievous smile on a pretty face:

Crop Tops

However, Momo is famous for her soft and feminine features, and a delicate, simple crop top in creme color is just right for any bottom you choose and any ocassion you go to. And with soft natural make up, you'll look as pretty as Momo, but we think you're pretty just the way you are.

On the next picture, find another crop top option - the black one! Being one of the best colors that matches everything and gives you this bolder vibe, this definitely is a must-have piece for your wardrobe.

And don't forget the classic white crop tops! With a phrase or brand name on it, a beret, Momo looks cool and playful, not mentioning her pretty smile here. Just add some accessories, hats like this delicate black beret Momo wore, and add any kind of botton from dark denim skirt or jeans to actually anything, because black and white tops are perfect with everything.


No idol lives without hoodies in their closets, and Momo is no exception! She is a hard worker, but also a big goofball, and she doesn't need to always be this perfect girly girl, bold diva, or any kind of fancy lady on a daily basis. She loves baggy clothes and comfort of a hoodie just like any of us, and owns a number of them, mostly in light, especially white color. Even in this legendary pic of her jokingly hanging like a part her own wardrobe, she wears a simple white hoodie:

And here once again, her choice goes to the white one with some light grey joggers to really call this look comfortable, and we bet you look like that at home or most of the time (and honestly same, those are classics!):


Another top piece you can wear with almost anything underneath, Momo gives us this city girl aesthetic and always goes for classic checkered jackets. They are usually grey, continuing Momo's love for basic and lighter colors:

Or brown, where she is twinning with Nayeon looking cute and a bit formal. You can add a crop top, slim fitting shirt, a button-down shirt underneath it, and complete the outfit with anything from whatever type of jeans, pants, or skirts, and will look casually formal and ready to go almost anywhere and look great. So jacket is definitely a piece of clothing for years, we would say.


When choosing dresses, Momo has two main styles to go for. One is a long button-down dress with floral patterns on the light material she wore for a day in the amusement park during TWICE world tour. With a shoulder bag to keep her most needed belongings, her hair up so she doesn't get in trouble with it being stuck while riding a roller coaster, Momo is all ready for fun and taking pictures.

With sandals as the perfect pair of flat shoes, this is the perfect dress and overall look for a hot summer day.

Or another type of dress Momo seems to love is even simpler. With her iconic short dark hair and bangs, she wore a short white dress that looks just like an oversized button-down shirt. It reminds us of her look in TWICE's "What is Love?" scene where she wore an oversized shirt like this while recreating the scene from Pulp Fiction, even with the same short hair; but of course, this time this is a dress, and the one to definitely add to your shopping list!

And if you're afraid of its shortness, add some white shorts underneath and you're all set for a day at the beach or any other adventure, even if it's just meeting friends or going on a date.

Pleated Skirts

What girl group member doesn't wear and like pleated skirts? Looking like a sporty cheerleader and being a part of TWICE, this skirt is a must have, and once again Momo goes for the white ones. You can style them with simple cropped shirts like on the picture, crop tops, hoodies, and everything, whether you want to look cute in cozy in oversize, or like a real K-pop idol ready to perform.


However, it's unnecessary to always wear skirts, and Momo's style is versatile, so for pants, she likes to wear comfy wide striped pants. Sitting in the same wardrobe from our Hoodie section, looking cutely gloomy for the pic, she mixes casual vibes of the pants with the cozy feeling of a hoodie. We love how well they match each other, and love how Momo proves that you can be versatile and comfy, and stylish at the same time.


Miss Minatozaki is a dancer and actually one of the top ones! So the classic choice for group practice and a piece you can usually see in her pics taken within JYP walls are with these white joggers on. Even if you don't consider dancing or jogging, those are just too good and popular among idols to not have in your wardrobe.


We just talked about joggers, and the footwear that was made for them, is definitely white sneakers, you can even see them in the pic above. But you can go even further and get yourself a pair of sneakers with open back that are so popular in Korea! Slip into them and you're good to go.


For the colder season or actually whenever you feel like wearing something bold and comfortable, another footwear to consider are those long black leather boots. Paired with a dress, skirt, or shorts and a crop top like Momo, they look good and edgy. Therefore, is you're out with friends or maybe want to film another K-pop dance cover? - this look is the one to be inspired by.

Hair accessories

Just like on the picture we chose for the header of our fashion guide, stylists love to give Momo an extra thing to point out her cute and girly side. Therefore, you can get yourself some hairclips or other accessories with ribbons and we bet you will look as cute or even cuter than Momo! You can style them with braids:

Or put on as hairclips with your hair down, just like Momo. With pearl earrings, dark gray lenses, and a dusty brown soft make up, these look just perfect, almost doll-like, and we love it.

Overall, Momo's style is very pleasant for the eyes - and her overall visuals we can't stop praising. She is both humble, wearing simple tees on her off duty days, and elegant in dresses, just like a beautiful Japanese princess she is.

To learn more about styles and fashion of other TWICE members, don't forget about our fashion guides and articles!


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