Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Na-Eun From Apink

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Na-Eun From Apink

Two in one Actress and Idol Naeun has the perfect 'City girl' vibe and look 

By Julianne Babaran

Even as a starlet, Nauen's first love was acting, she was a teenage actress who starred in dramas, then films, then variety shows and other more important roles later on. Specializing in dancing, acting and singing, she went on to join and try her luck as an idol too. In 2011, she debuted as an idol in Apink as a seven-member group. She left the company in 2021, but still remains part of the group even as she is focused on her acting career. 

Being an idol and actress is a sign someone's got the face for it. Naeun's fashion sense reflects that as well as she's got the perfect balance of casual, chic and relaxed style. 

Tops: Basic White Tops, Printed Long sleeves, Denim Shirts 

White Ribbed Tank 

A basic white top is essential for any city girl look. Naeun styles her top with beige cargo pants and block slippers. Another style tip is to fold it multiple times for a grunge and loose style. 

White Tank Top

White tanks can be perfect way to style your bralette top and joggers if it has the similar color. The delicate top adds a simplicity, that 'off-duty' look best used for layering. 

Blue Checkered Flannel

Flannels need commitment in order to pull it off, she styled it with jogger style ripped jeans and Tim-style loafers. In addition she matched the color of her cap with the cuff detail adds cohesiveness. 

Cheetah Print Cardigan Top

Printed cardigan tops are a staple for any cool weather, they're great to throw on with any type of bottoms. Accentuating it with minimal jewelry and loose style hair. 

Fitted Denim Top

Fitted Denim Tops are a staple for city looks, they look great and high fashion when styled with other fabrics, like how Naeun styled it with leather pants. Doing so adds dimension and flow to the eye. 

Casual Fit Denim Top

Denim on denim look especially well for sunny cool days. She styled similar color denim jacket and pants, with a blue toned top and classic white sneakers. The colors look beautiful against the sun with its timeless charm.  

Jackets: Blazer Coats, Thick Knit Pullovers, Zip Jackets 

Cropped Blazer Coat 

Masculine silhouettes with a feminine edge is all the rage. A black majority outfit calls for a pop of color, Naeun added an orange crop flannel button down over a loose black top and velvet pants. Little pops of casual wear is not noticeable in these style of outfits. 

Long Denim Coat 

Every working girl needs that fashion blazer coat that is just impeccably chic, Naeun has blue denim one. One with a structured shoulder and prominent shape creates a silhouette for you, so a simple outfit is all you need. 

Beige Knit Coat 

Knit coats are stylisticly cozy, you can even make it street style by matching printed bottoms, colored cap and loafers like Naeun. Dressing cozy can be stylish and doesn't have to be boring and safe. 

Floral Print Sweater 

Floral print sweaters or printed sweaters are a necessity for the holidays especially if you take lots of pictures. Boxer braids and joggers compliment her look, but choose any sweater that you feel confident in. 

Gray Zip Jacket

Dark and muted zip jackets give that 'Ariana Grande' look especially when loosely styled exposing the shoulder. It's perfect to throw on after aa workout of over tank and other active wear. 

White Crop Zip Jacket

White crop zip jackets are better for lounging, the crop effect allows for showing off the midriff and is much better to style with lounge tops. 

Bottoms: Jogger Pants, Slim Fit Jeans, Wide Leg Slacks 

Nike Joggers 

Naeun's style may seem basic, but the small elements and basics she styles are timeless and chic, the metallic effect of the Nike joggers compliment the color palette of the outfit. 

Gray Joggers

Joggers specifically with a cinched angle looks great with crew socks. Adding only on the same top and shoe color makes it look cleaner and less messy on the eye.

Slim Fit Jeans 

Although wide leg jeans are comfortable, slim fit jeans are easier to style with blazers and give a more 'city' girl vibe. Its an easier to choice when styling fitted blazers and loafers. 

Dark Wash Jeans

These are a great example of wide leg jeans that aren't too comical, they're easy to style with fitted tops and are quintessentially for the everyday person.  

Wide Leg Slacks with Orange Stripe

Outfits curated for events are a great way to go the road less taken and dress simply. With a simple orange ribbed top, the orange stripe of her pants instantly made if look custom. Color matching game is seriously important. 

Military Green Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants should more or less, shouldn't be overpowered. Styling them with fitted tops give it more attention and balance. 

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